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Your input is welcome. This is a theory in progress.

The Globos have been around a long time, and have been planning a total world dictatorship, including a permanent lockdown.

For many years, life seemed pretty normal to most of us. We didn't understand how we spent most of our waking hours making the Globos rich and powerful. We believed what the three networks said. If Walter Cronkite said it, it must be true.

The internet came along, and suddenly there was a freedom of the press that wasn't there before. The Globos weren't really aware of this until 2016.

Trump and others knew about the ever-creeping dictatorship and created a counter plan. They made sure that Trump got into office the first time despite voter fraud.

The Globos tried to shut down freedom of the press on the internet, but they were only partially successful. They were trying to catch a horse that was already out of the corral.

Trump totally flipped out the Globos, and they went after him, revealing themselves as the creator of Fake News, bioweapons, and so much more.

The Globos sped up their dictatorship plan, including messing with kids' minds with the trans thing, and creating chaos with massive crime and a screwed-up economy. However, that plan backfired, because it was too quick and too obvious and too stupid.

BUT the Globos had a Plan B: The RINOs. They could put the RINOs "in charge," and return things to "normal," so regular people would ignore once again that they spend most of their waking hours making the Globos rich and powerful. Back to Walter Cronkite.

SO, they spread a rumor about the big "Red Wave" coming, so that the MAGA crowd would get their hopes up.

THEN, after the "election," they spread, very quickly, and check out the exact quotes from the RINOs, the narrative that there was no red wave because of, check this, Donald Trump. So we would get on our knees to Cheney, Ryan, Romney, etc. and beg forgiveness and plead for the RINOS to take over the party and the country.

BUT THE FACTS STOOD IN THEIR WAY. 95% of Trump's endorsed candidates won. The races for the House and Senate aren't settled yet. Arizona isn't settled yet.

Go look at the bullshit they are spreading right now on Fox News and Breitbart.

They promote DeSantis as the new Republican leader. Whether DeSantis is MAGA or RINO I don't know, but I lean MAGA because he has great management skills, and Globo puppets can barely tie their shoes. DeSantis may be playing along with the whole thing, and he and Trump are laughing like shit.

The RINOs ignore the fact that Trump had launched a new social media, TruthSocial, that is well established now, and can tell people the truth.

The voter fraud is horrendous. Any MAGA wins are truly amazing.

Also, the RINOs know where the MAGA sites are, and send trolls out in large quantities with the narrative "Trump ruined the red wave. Boo-hoo." I remember a mod saying it happened here all of a sudden, no doubt because we are the Cool Kids.

And then, this morning, we couldn't get into the site. Wonder why?

Their problem is that they are too obvious. And pulling Paul Ryan out of the freezer was way stupid.

What is Trump's announcement going to be? Maybe what I have outlined here. Maybe something else.

What think you?