What is Spirit Cooking? Well, I have more than an idea... 🤢 These people are sick! 🤮
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As I said, I'd do two "cooking" posts. The first was about cooking in general, and how the Cabal view us as Feeders and Livestock for use in labor and for meat.

This one is gonna be about Spirit Cooking, what it signifies spiritually, and how to know if you're being cooked right now...

Cooking the Spirit

Like I said yesterday, Cooking is the act of acquiring a base, adding ingredients, heating things up, and then consuming the product.

Chefs and Cooks do this. Cooks are influencers, while Chefs are personalities.

Which is to say, Cooks follow recipes while Chefs make recipes. That's the primary distinction. Cooks know what tastes good but Chefs can bend flavors to their whim. Chefs can take things that shouldn't be able to coexist in a single dish and have it somehow magically work out.

So, while there is Spirit Cooking, there's also a step above -- those who don't just Cook the Spirit, but go a step beyond and write the recipes.

If we're gonna get Biblical -- Lucifer is a Chef and all his minions are his Cooks. He crafts the recipes, and authors the Sins, while his Cooks go forth and source the ingredients, heat them up, and disseminate them to his Legions.

Again, YOU are the base. You are the livestock which is sacrificed to this end. These demons take your body, heat it up, carve it up, and graft upon it all sorts of "delectable" spices and herbs to make your ultimate end all the more savory.

Stress, depression, anxiety, nepotism, nihilism, narcissism...

Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, and Pride...

These are but a few of the herbs and spices for turning you into something more than just sustains these fiends. It turns you into their "Works of Art."

Like Jeffery Dahmer posing his "models"...


They cook your spirit and render you out until you're worthy to be served at their dinner table in hell.

Emulating the Process

Humans, too, can emulate this process, but our method requires a bit of tact. Like a family cooking in a hotel which prohibits it, you have to get crafty in how to cook things up. You can't have a stove, so grilled cheese sandwiches on using a clothes iron it is!

But what exactly do these "Spirit Cooks" do at these big get-togethers?

Well, what we see in their photo-shoots are just placeholders for the "main event." Photographic evidence of who was there and how great of a time they had to celebrate a "hard-earned" feast.

It's not just a cannibalism thing. They believe they are devouring another person's spirit. They believe they are consuming their life force, and that they can use that life force to emulate God's ability to create -- an ability they cast off when they adopted Evil into their own black hearts.

Let's take an aside for a moment and talk about Kobe Beef.


Kobe beef and Wagyu are terms that are too often used interchangeably. Although all Kobe beef can be classified as Wagyu, the term Wagyu itself can be used for a variety of different types of beef. Wagyu literally translates to mean “Japanese Cow”. However, Kobe beef must be of Tajima gyu genetics, born in the Hyogo prefecture, fed to a minimum of 26 months, and meet strict grading requirements.

Kobe beef is a brand of Wagyu, and the standards this brand follows are amazingly strict and precise. In order to qualify as Kobe Beef: The steer must be of the Tajima cattle breed, meaning a Japanese Black raised in the Hyogo prefecture in Japan. Cattle must be born, fed, and processed in the Hyogo prefecture. When graded, the score must be A4 or higher, with a BMS 6 or higher. The gross weight of beef produced from one animal must be 470 kgs, (~1,036 lbs) or less. Beef must be marked with a Japanese Chrysanthemum as part of their security system. Beef must have fine meat texture and excellent firmness.

When creating the crème de la crème of beef, you have to meet some very strict standards. To get the perfect marbling of fat and meat, you need to go above and beyond the standard. You need to monitor and rear the cattle like a first-born son, being there every step of the way to ensure it's the perfect offering for the Art of Cooking.

Beef so perfect that it can levitate a Chef's abilities and achieve even greater heights not thought possible by mere mortals.

So too is all this applicable to humans.

To be a Spirit Cook, you need to do the same as with Kobe Beef.

You need to raise a child to be a prince. To teach him how to rule, how to carry himself, how to be the perfect specimen. You build trust and offer a counterfeit love to convince them that they are cherished and prized. You teach them they are above reproach, that they are the few among Humanity destined to rule.

There are several ways to find this unblemished lamb. One is to take an orphan and promise it they will never feel so abandoned and betrayed again. You make good on that promise. Another is to sacrifice your own flesh and blood -- which is an even greater offering.

Finally, once they have been judged worthy, you take them high up to the top of the cliff, let them gaze upon all which they have been promised, and violently slit their throat.

Their blood is poured out and fertilizes the land. A burnt offering to the False Idols.

Children of Cain

This is what's done in Spirit Cooking. Their victims aren't just bums dragged off the street. They have access to those every day of the week. These offerings are above and beyond the norm, hence the pomp and circumstance of the events.

These events are times where they honor their false gods and offer up their prized, fattened calves.

They emulate the acts of Cain.

Cain and Abel offered their fruits to God. Cain offered wheat from his surplus, while Abel offered his firstborn flock.

God deemed Abel's sacrifice as the better of the two, not because it was living flesh but because Cain had offered up his surplus. His excess, and not the best of his yield.

Abel offered up his first-born, showing full faith that God would continue to bless him with a healthy and numerous flock.


That's why God refused Cain's offering. He wasn't bringing his best. He wasn't demonstrating Faith.

Out of spite, Cain then offered up Abel, his brother, as a sacrifice.

10 Again he said, What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood crieth unto me, from the earth. - Genesis 4:10

Cain fed the blood to the earth, not to God, and so, the Children of Cain emulate this process in their Spirit Cooking. They make Abel's to sacrifice to false idols and false gods -- demons who revel in our hostility and malice towards one another. Offerings to that which is below, not above.

"Abort they Neighbor", so say the Enemy of Man

What's really being offered up is the potential of the individual. A potential cut down before its time.

That's why Abortion is so important to these assholes.

Spirit Cooking, Abortion, Usury...

They're all the same form of slavery. They're all the same form of sacrifice.

Demons love the scent of things being destroyed before their time. Things being reared into a trap and lustfully murdered. Whether it's a first born son, a prince, being sacrificed to Moloch like Anderson Cooper's brother...


Or millions of aborted children from Planned Parenthood's "clinics"...


They are offerings of things slain before their time...

With Spirit Cooking in particular, they rely on the energy and terror of one being brought up with great promises being cut short. As they stand there thinking they are about to be ordained a King or Queen, they are hastily tortured and viciously murdered at the Altar of Betrayal.

These monsters adore that pungent scent of confusion and horror as a mass of fiends tear at the "Golden Child" which was supposed to inherit the world. The thoughts going through that person's mind as they see their body being carved and eaten by wild mongrels... It's beyond comprehension...

That's what these filth work so tirelessly to build up...

That's the face of Pure Evil.

And we must not turn a blind eye when they eagerly flaunt their deeds...

Now... where do you think the red shoes come from?