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Trump was visibly on the verge of tears. He made a very clear nod to us when he said "I didn't need this" and proceeded to get choked up. This is a reference to the Q post he retruthed that starts with "Ask yourself an honest question, why would a billionaire who has it all..."

He does not want to run again. He is old. Running means he surrenders the rest of his life to rallying and getting attacked by the media and half the country, with no guarantee he will even survive to see the Golden Age that he created.

Trump reposted a lot of memes suggesting he is the only person who can save us. When he attacked Youngkin and DeSantis I believed he was being genuine. I no longer believe everything is a psy-op or part of 3D chess. If Trump attacks DeSantis it's because DeSantis betrayed him. I think Trump lashing out especially hard on DeSantis is because he had lots of hope in DeSantis being his protégé. I remember when people said Trump DeSantis 2024 was a closed deal. It is possible Trump no longer trusts DeSantis and worries even more about our future.

A lot of people hyped Trump 2024 without taking Trump as a human into account. Trump is not like evil, corrupt politicians that enjoy staying in office until they're 80 and get dementia. He wants to retire and enjoy the rest of his life with his family.

Most of us are upset because "the military is the only way" is not happening. Trump hinted that we, including the normies, will have to push for action ourselves...

I am not upset with Trump. I am upset with the military. I blame the normies for being dumb. If anything, the Q operation backfired and placated us so that we wouldn't fight the government earlier like Brazil. None of it is Trump's fault and we need to recognize he is forced into this role, and that it's probably true that he's the only one who can do it.