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I have now 100% accepted that the only way is for everything to go to shit. Normies have to be brought to near annihilation. I despise a lot of normies but that is the path the white hats have taken and yes it is necessary.

Americans have had it too good for too long. America needs to be reminded what true sacrifice is. The only way is for the economy to collapse.

Our society is rotten to the core. Not just the elites but the people too. Most don’t even acknowledge or understand the sacrifice people have made for this country and treat Memorial day as a day to grill, not a day to honor the fallen. For many people Thanksgiving has been kicked to the curb in order to trample people at Best Buy to get a shitty deal on a tv they don’t need while making retail workers miss time with their families. Christmas has been turned into commercialism instead of celebrating the birth of Christ and spending time with family.

Normies have neglected their children and their country to satisfy their entertainment filled lives. So the boat has to be rocked.

The normies have to have their lives destroyed and learn that at the end of the day it was their neglect that caused this.

I know many of you will hate this process but you should be thankful. The collapse of the petro dollar is inevitable. You are WAY ahead of them though. Trump has told us how bad it will get numerous times. I truly believe if you prep hard core for the next year and stack physical gold/silver you will be rich when all is said and done. $10 a gallon gas will destroy the economy. Diesel could get to $15. You have to stop bitching and prepare for this.

I understand that we are frustrated with the elections. But you have to accept this plan is for libtards and normies not us whether you like it or not. A lot of normies piss me off but the lesson has to strike deep into their hearts and souls.

Time to prepare and cowboy up cause a storm is coming. We’re anons. Battle hardened by surviving hundreds of psyops. We’ll weather the storm.