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Are you watching closely?


“Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts. The first part is called “The Pledge.” The magician shows you something ordinary: a deck of cards, a bird or a man. He shows you this object. Perhaps he asks you to inspect it to see if it is indeed real, unaltered, normal. But of course . . . It probably isn’t!

On June 16th of 2015 a world renowned billionaire, businessman, entrepreneur, television personality, and philanthropist announced that he would be running for the office of President of the United States. Up until this moment, this man was seen as the epitome of The American Dream. A man who had it all, who lived at the top of the world, and whom everyone loved for his generosity, his personality, and his wisdom in how best to conduct business.

When President Donald J. Trump announced that he would be running for the office of The President of the United States of America, the world of Main Stream personalities did not take him seriously. They saw President Trump as an ordinary business man, and television personality; a crass individual with poor manners who couldn’t possibly rise to the highest office in the world. The Main Stream Media believed their own lies and deceit to such an extent that they believed the best strategy to defeat Donald J. Trump was to give him the limelight and allow him to destroy himself. They fell pray to the first stage of the Magicians Trick! They believed President Trump to be merely an ordinary man running for President in a field of who they perceived as extraordinary men.

Of course the reason why the Main Stream Media believed that Donald J. Trump could not rise to the office of POTUS was because they were part of the rigged game. Their masters in the Deep State and Cabal made sure that the game was rigged so that no outsider could ever enter the arena and disturb their carefully laid plans. They could not see that behind the curtain of Donald J. Trump’s campaign there was a team of Wizards and Warlocks working against the dark and demented forces of the Cabalists and Deep Staters, and these Wizards and Warlocks were about to make President Donald J. Trump do something extraordinary!


The second act is called “The Turn,” The magician takes the ordinary something and makes it do something extraordinary. Now you’re looking for the secret . . . But you won’t find it, because of course you’re not really looking. You don’t really want to know. You want to be fooled.

On November 8th of 2016, Donald J. Trump did something truly extraordinary; impossible some would have said. Donald J. Trump, against all odds and best laid contingency plans, became The President of the United States of America. He beat the system that had been built to subjugate the American people for generations. In order to truly appreciate this magicians trick, one must understand what President Donald J. Trump was up against, and why his rise to the office of POTUS was truly extraordinary.

The first obstacle that stood in President Donald J. Trump’s path was the power of the Main Stream Media Propaganda Apparatus. President Trump was the first President to harness the power of 5th Generational Warfare against the very government that created it in the first place! Meme magic is very, very real, and a potent and dangerous form of warfare. President Trump dumbfounded the media and establishment politicians with his deft use of the social media application known as Twitter. Through Twitter, President Trump was able to spread countless viral memes that sliced and cut through the Main Stream Media propaganda like a hot knife through butter. His use of Twitter was revolutionary, and it changed the political landscape forever.

The second obstacle that stood in President Donald J. Trump’s path was the carefully tuned machine fraud that was intended to render a result of 51-49 in every election so that the illusion of choice and democracy could be maintained perpetually. President Donald J. Trump was able to overcome this fraud through the galvanization of millions of downtrodden Anons and Patriots. He started the America First and Make America Great Again movements which gathered a force of voters like nothing the United States had seen since perhaps Abraham Lincoln himself ran as the first Republican. With this legion of voters turning out to the polls, the Deep State would have to rely on their one true fail safe; the mechanism of control they believed to be impenetrable, for who could gain access to their cyber command centers?

The third and greatest obstacle that stood in President Donald J. Trump’s path to the Presidency was the cyber fraud that existed only in the digital cloud. For this obstacle, President Trump needed the help of the Wizards and Warlocks. President Trump needed the Q Team’s assistance to shut down the satellite communications that would be used to intercept votes from Trump, and give them to Hillary. Of course the Mainstream Media were aware of these apparatuses of fraud, hence why none of them were panicking in the months and weeks leading up to the election of 2016. They believed no force on Earth would dare to interfere with their networked cyber fraud. They were dead wrong!

To an onlooker of this series of events, Donald J. Trump’s rise to the President of the United States of America might have seemed like a grand magic show in and of itself. After all, the Wizards and the Warlocks took a seemingly ordinary businessman and transformed him into The Greatest President of the United States of America. We in The Great Awakening know better though! After years of observing the plans of the Q Team, we understand that this magicians show has many layers. Indeed we have not witnessed only one Pledge and one Turn, but many layered upon themselves in an intricate web of deception and showmanship.

In the months and years following President Donald J. Trump’s inauguration we witnessed him doing the impossible. First he visited Saudi Arabia where, with the help of the deception of the Q team suggesting Hillary would be arrested, saw to it that the Saudi Royalty were rounded up for their Crimes Against Humanity. In the aftermath of this secretive mission, the Saudis welcomed President Trump like royalty into their inner circle. Of course only a certain few open eyed citizens saw this event for what it really was. The Mainstream Media downplayed this event, as they would downplay many more after.

President Trump continued his visits to foreign lands and racked up an impressive resume of peaceful negotiations. His visits to Israel, China, and North Korea were just as monumental as that of Saudi Arabia, and they each cemented President Donald J. Trump as the greatest President America has ever seen, and likely will ever see. President Trump is the only President to have ever crossed the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea, and the only President to be welcomed into the Forbidden City in China. President Trump’s accomplishments should have set him on the path to a clear victory for reelection in 2020. At this point, the extraordinary had become the ordinary. It was expected by millions of Americans that President Trump would slide into his second term with ease. If not for the second Turn of the magicians show, he might have done so, but President Trump does so love his showmanship and theatrics.

In the winter of 2020 the second Turn was beginning to develop. The release of COVID-19 upon the world changed the political landscape, and opened the playing field up to new methods of fraud that had not been presented in 2016. Before COVID-19, nobody could have predicted that Joe Biden would rise to the office of President of the United States of America over the most popular President the Nation has ever seen. It would indeed be extraordinary if such a legendary POTUS as Trump were to lose to the bumbling and babbling Biden who sniffed women and children, and was clearly compromised by his foreign money laundering.

On January 6th of 2021 the impossible occurred. President Donald J. Trump, the Greatest President of the United States, was superseded by Joe Biden, and removed from Twitter. Overnight, President Trump seemingly vanished; disappeared, ceased to exist even! Just as he had ridden onto the political scene in a sudden fiery wind, so too did he abruptly and unceremoniously bow out.

Many in the America First, Make America Great Again, and Great Awakening community were dumbfounded, speechless, and left confused as to what went wrong. They were waiting for the great reveal, the pulling back of the curtain, The Storm that was promised, but it never came. The time was not right for the final act of this Greatest Show on Earth. The time was not right for The Prestigious President Donald J. Trump to reveal his Trump card, and return to the stage.


But you wouldn’t clap yet. Because making something disappear isn’t enough; you have to bring it back. That’s why every magic trick has a third act, the hardest part, the part we call “The Prestige.”

The time is nigh for the Great Reveal; The Prestige! On November 16th of 2022, President Donald J. Trump hosted a meeting at which he stated a great and important announcement would be made. Many believed this announcement to be of monumental importance and impact on the scale of The Storm. Even the Main Stream Media and their Cabalist and Deep State overlords were drawn in by the theatrics of President Trump, so much so that they were willing to start a war between Russia and Poland should President Trump indeed bring the goods and begin the Disclosure Phase of the Q Operation. What President Donald J. Trump instead signaled was the beginning of the third act of the Magicians Show we have all been privileged to have front row seats to. President Trump announced on 11/16/22 that he would be once again running for the Office of the President of the United States of America in 2024.

Two days after President Donald J. Trump’s 2024 candidacy announcement, Elon Musk started a Twitter Poll asking the user base of the social media platform if President Trump should be reactivated on Twitter or not. This of course was another charade; a magicians trick of its own, as the entire poll functioned as a honey pot for the collection of bot data. Elon Musk was always going to readmit President Trump to the Twitter platform, as he is undoubtedly and irrefutably a part of the great Q plan.

In the late hours of November 19th of 2022, Elon Musk reactivated President Donald J. Trump’s Twitter account; an account that had been banned on January 8th of 2020 in the aftermath the great coup d'etat of Resident Biden. This reactivation signals the end of an era, and an end to the second act of the magic show that the Wizards and Warlocks have been presenting the world.

Continued in Part II . . .