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This new film might be the turning point to convince the people we love to finally take it seriously.

Just wanted to know from my only friends in the world, what are the best detox methods? I can search but wondering if anyone has updated info on the best practices/supplements?

Im guessing ivermectin, but who knows since they've gotten the vax such a long time ago.

My plan is to show them the film, and then tell them what I've researched to help detox. That's all I can do.

Trying to follow God's path rather than my selfish anger towards those who called me crazy, mentally ill, and conspiracy theorist.

Following this film, I knew the info in there already but could never deliver it as well as this film did. This may be the opportunity for us to finally show that this "conspiracy theory" was actually fact. Then convince them to do something about it.

I wasn't happy because I was right. I am fuckin sad that my whole family took this thing. I'm the only one who didn't out of like 50 relatives. I tried to convince them all.Not one listened to me.

I find fault in myself for not being able to deliver it in a way to convince at least one person not to get it. I failed in that aspect. I feel immense guilt.

I think God is showing us, all we have is him. This is completely apparent to me now. We are being stripped from every aspect. Economy, Govt, Country, Family, Jobs, food. The only place we will be able to turn is through Christ. These events are lessons from God. I think we can all agree on that.

You guys truly were the only friends I had during these years. I am very grateful for you guys. This was such a tough time for all of us.

Isolated, mocked, hurt, thrown away. We faced all of those with the power of God behind us. And we never backed down from the truth. In that, without trying to prideful, is something we can be happy about. God gave me that courage to look like a lunatic. It definitely wasn't me.

'In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act'- Orwell

Thanks in advance friends. The Great Awakening. What a time to be alive.