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Why does my title say that above!? Because ANTIFA’s new Slingshot Winter Issue has handed their own a MAGA-Lobotomy hahaha! An article from one of their own writers is telling them to realize their own DemoLib party is truly bought/paid for by the Elites. And all this time MAGA has hated the Elites too, focusing on crushing the Elites. All the while ANTIFA/BLM have been stupidly swindled into focusing on crushing the MAGA Patriots, when Patriots actually want what most “socialists” would usually attempt, to crush the Elites hahaha! This article alone will divinely lobotomize a significant amount of their MAGA hating frontal lobe! Kekety Kek Kek!


Then for more dreary fun, read the rest of their winter plans in the link below. So y’all can see what else these idiots will attempt to assault. Texas is certainly on their future menu too.