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I watched Died Suddenly last night, and it hit me pretty hard, despite not having fallen for the covid hoax for a second right from the beginning. I knew this was a bioweapon, we read all the theories, the Q posts, the comms, etc etc.

Link if you haven't seen it yet: https://www.stewpeters.com/video/2022/11/live-world-premiere-died-suddenly/

Then it became real when they started mandating the jab. Being self-employed I was spared much of the drama but I watched friends and family have their lives upturned by the mandates, and it quickly grew to dominate conversations etc. Families were torn apart, because some would get the vax and some refused and fear could find no middle ground.

All of this successfully pitted "us" against "them", but it was the wrong "them". The Luciferian overlords are masters of social manipulation and divide and conquer is their favorite trick in the book.

I distinctly remember having conversations with friends over a year ago, explaining that love is the higher path, and that the deep state was trying to pit the unvaxxed against the vaxxed. I think to a large degree I've been able to operate that way...

But seeing Died Suddenly brought this home like a dump truck running a red light and broadsiding my car.

Suddenly we have PROOF. Knowing something because you've read it on the internet is vastly different than being SHOWN the blood clots, SHOWN the people falling over and dying mid-sentence.

It's time to drop all "us" vs "them" - vax vs unvax mentality.

It needs to start with us, because those still in fear aren't going to man up.

We need to realize we literally are all in this together, and it's only by rowing together that we're going to successfully hold those responsible who truly deserve to be held responsible. The ones in the shadows and in the sunshine who knowingly and intentionally brought this whole plan to fruition.

We need to have grace for the rank and file who were naive and fearful and used their positions to further this luciferian agenda, because they've been targeted as much as anyone else.

I know, not easy. But still.

Our guns need to be aimed at the foundations of this problem - not at the balloons flying from the ramparts.

This morning I was still feeling very heavy hearted about this, and asked God what He thought about it. He led me to Isaiah 46:13:

I am bringing my righteousness closer to you; it is not far off. My deliverance will not be delayed, for I will set my salvation in Zion for Israel my glory!

I went on to read chapter 47, which is all judgment towards Babylon. Read it.

Jesus Christ WILL be victorious over Babylon, and I believe that victory is indeed not far off. No amount of magic or sorcery or witchcraft or sacrifice or technology will prevail against him. Let's make sure we're fighting as he leads us, and not get tricked into fighting each other at times.