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A while back I posted a help post about my Dad who was suffering massively after lockdowns and mainly psychologically after contracting covid in early Jan 2020, lets say almost December, the first wave. I've tried my best to do what I can from a different country, but he lost the plot completely, shaking uncontrollably, crying all the time, spent a year incapable of being left for five minutes, total destruction of an IQ 160+ registered Mensa genius. I don't really want to get too sepecific into detail about who he was out of privacy & respect, but in June he hung himself and I've been dealing with the fallout ever since. Completely vaxed although Q aware, put me on to JoeM for anons out there will understand, this was early on in the digital battlefield 2017. There is a clear and present danger to anyone high IQ that contracts covid and I'm not convinced the jabs are even worse. He was kind to people and animals and known locally as The Gentleman. To those of you lurking and pushing this Marxist vax shit, your time is up. I have no weapons, no malice, no intention to do anything violent. but I will dedicate my life to tearing you apart philosophically until your mind is as tortured as what you put my father through.