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If you look into the history of the Jews, you will notice one thing that no other people in the history of mankind have- a pattern

What pattern do these people have?

  1. Welcomed into healthy, naive society

  2. Immediately change names to blend into said society

  3. Commit acts of murder, assassination and corruption to seal positions of power

  4. Spread corruption, filth and usury throughout the land.

  5. Get exposed, exiled, restart elsewhere

Over and over you see this happening throughout their history.

The question is why?

Why did the Khazars choose Judaism as their choice religion when the Persians and Russians gave them two (Christianity and Islam) other options?

Who were the original slave owners and who taught the Arabs and Europeans how to enslave a people? Who taught us that it was the White man and Arab who were the slave owners?

You can go to jail in Europe for simply questioning the "facts" around the "Holocaust". The truth does not fear investigation.

What is rooted at the center of this religion that causes this type of pattern? Is it a physical issue? Is it in their DNA? What does Gods Chosen really mean? Who is their god (lower case for a reason). IMO the original Jews were wiped out.

You see this pattern no where else within no other ethnicity. Zero.

Why are the Muslims so weary of them? What do they know?

Why were early Christians so weary of them? What did they know?

Just look at the way dems and republicans praise Israel and pledge their allegiance to the "Jewish State".

Communism, Marxism, Feminism, LGBTQ movement, banking, porn, hollywood are all Jewish exploits. Every single one of them.

Why is Kanye screaming at the top of a mountain about these people?

Because history is repeating itself.

4) Spread corruption, filth and usury throughout the land.

5) Get exposed, exiled, restart elsewhere <---- We are entering this zone right here.