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Another 5,068 sealed indictments were just added to the Federal Criminal Database bringing the total to 383,881 cases. To make a comparison the number of sealed indictments has grown by 235,921 cases since January 2020.




What Is the Difference Between an Indictment and a Conviction or Charge?

The difference between indictments, convictions, and charges can be confusing.

Indictment: A serious criminal charge at the Federal or state level.

Multiple people can be accused in an indictment.

Conviction: A conviction occurs at the end of your criminal trial if you are found guilty. Those found not guilty are “acquitted.”

Charge: To be charged with a crime means a prosecutor has filed charges against the accused.

Indictment vs. charge: An indictment is similar to a charge. The difference is in who files the accusation. Indictments are filed by grand juries, while prosecutors file charges.

What Happens After a Grand Jury Indictment?

After a grand jury has indicted someone, a criminal trial will be arranged to review the evidence and determine the involvement of the accused.

Ask yourself, what other reason would there be that this many criminals are still free and haven’t been arrested? What insane country would we live in if we let standard, drug trafficking, weapons trafficking, rico conspiracy, money laundering, and murderers, sit for years and years without arrest. I’m telling you right now it’s unprecedented, there has never been an event like this before in history. All I can say boys and girls is… Enjoy the show