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Something very odd has happened over at p.win. There is very little talk about Trump, it’s basically a news aggregator now. I feel as if the site has been taken over by bad actors. If it can happen there, it can happen here. I know I am a handshake account, but my last account had a Pepe and I’ve been around since the T_D days. I came to GA in 2020 after the election was stolen and I was just in shock at what I saw. Be vigilant patriots!

Edit: after reviewing all comments, including mod input, I am not alone. Something has happened to patriots.win. My takeaway is that we need to really work as a team to help the mods manage this place by deporting all suspected shills, trolls, and bots. Let’s go patriots! THIS TRAIN HAS NO BRAKES!!!!!! NCSWISC!!!!!!!!