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So, last week anons and believers in devolution saw some good news. The ministry of smoke and mirrors (MSM) and the DNC seemed to turn on Bidan for a few weeks over garage gate. More and more classified documents were found that Biden had NO right to possess, then, even the traitor Pence was found to be in possession of classified documents he had no right to have.

We all felt like Oprah Winfrey; You get a felony and you get a felony! And we cheered Trump is in the clear!

But then anons with ridiculously short memories began speculating on how James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Big Willy Barr and others were all closet white hats all along. Stating, See this is proof Trump and the patriots are in control.

At this point point, I must smack those authors proffering those opinions in the face with a large trout.

Make no mistake, the turning of the MSM narrative was not white hat controlled; Comey, RR and the current AG are not patriot assets.

Obama made those calls to turn the party and the MSM against Biden and Obama himself is just following orders from on high.

How quickly some of you forget the sheer evil perpetrated against Trump for 6 years, the players that betrayed this nation and our president. I saw so much flip flopping last week from what we all know to be true into a perverse cyclical logic that white washed known villians just to bolster their own hopium filled narrative.

The bad guys are done with Biden and though Pence is one of them too, they don't want him in the primaries either. They have a plan and know who they want to run in 2024 and it aint Pence or Biden.