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Frens -

You may remember about two months ago we were talking about chlorine dioxide and it's ability to help the body heal itself. Anons recommended getting Jim Humble's books on the subject, and offered suggestions regarding where to purchase reputable ingredients for use in making your own. I purchased his books and read them several times. I purchased ingredients to make MMS. Then, I put the items away saving them for a rainy day. Guess what? The rainy day came.

My kids are grown. We get together once a week to have dinner and catch up. We met last week and had a good time. No one was sick either last week or the week before. My spouse wasn't (and isn't) sick. I was off work, so I haven't been around anyone who was sick. That's been the puzzling part. Trying to figure out where I could have been exposed to whatever I got. I did go to the dentist, so that's a possible source.

I started feeling I was coming down with something last Saturday morning. I thought it was your basic flu. I never had a fever. Only a headache, a couple of sneezes, and sudden congestion that kept building in my head and lungs, then coughing. It didn't seem bad at the start so I was just going to ride it out. I have a supply of horse paste, hydroxy, vitamins, and so on, but I've been saving them for the next round of bullshit these maniacs try.

Sunday arrived and I could see I was going to be sicker than I thought. Within a day (from Saturday to Sunday) my nose was stuffed up, I was wheezing and having trouble breathing. I couldn't lay flat. I woke up gasping for air a couple of times and decided to sleep in our recliner instead. My ears were plugged up. I was coughing enough to make my throat hurt, but not coughing up anything.

I decided to start dipping into my supplies. Throughout this past week I took a full regimen of hydroxychloroquine including vitamins C, D3, and Zinc. I kept getting sicker. I started stacking ivermectin with it, but alternating the time I'd take them. Then, I doubled the dose of ivermectin I took everyday. For example, I'd take hydroxy in the mornings and ivm in the evening. I think they may have stopped whatever bug I have from getting worse but I was not getting better.

I decided it was time to try MMS. (What I should have done was make a batch and put it up for a rainy day when I got it. That way I'd have it when I needed it instead of having to make it while I'm sick, and then wait a day, and then use it. So, if you take anything from this post that would be my advice: if you get it, make it when you're well and then store it.) Regarding making MMS it wasn't hard to make at all.

Last night it was finally time to try my MMS. Although I had originally planned to start out using it as a topical and ease into ingesting it I'm glad I ended up being sick enough and desperate enough to just do it.

Dr. Humble recommends starting with 1 drop for your first dose to test your tolerance and working up to the appropriate dosage for your particular ailment. I took a 1 drop dose at 9:30 pm; a 2 drop dose at 10:30 pm; a 3 drop dose at 11:30 pm and 12:30 am. The first two doses felt a little tingley/burn when I drank them, but just barely to notice. Similar to putting peroxide on a cut, but way less intense. It was perceptible, but not uncomfortable. About 25 minutes after the second dose I could feel my congestion clearing. By the 3rd dose I got my voice back, and my ears unplugged. By the 4th dose a significant amount of improvement in my congestion. I mean, almost gone. If I hadn't gone to bed or if I would have started earlier in the day I'd probably be completely healed now. I'd say I'm 90% of the way there right now. My plan is to restart my regimen this afternoon at the 3 drop level so I have a full day's dosage. I think if I would have just started with the 3 drops I would have been back to normal last night, but it is good to go slow too.

My spouse watched me take each dose and said it stunk up the kitchen each time I mixed it. I couldn't smell it unless I had the glass in my hand while I was swirling it and before I added the water. When I was able to smell it MMS does smell like chlorine - like a swimming pool. So, I can see why some people would react to the taste. I added a little bit of sprite to it like Dr. Humble recommends (after the water) and then chugged it immediately and did not notice a bad taste that way. (It's possible I was too congested to be able to taste it too. We'll see after I take more today now that I'm mostly cleared up.) When I got up this morning I could breathe out of my nose and when I blew my nose for the first time I could see there was some infection that is now almost gone. I can't thank you all enough.