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When I was growing up I got spanked by my parents and whenever it happened I almost always did something to deserve it and I knew it. My cousins got the same, and my siblings.

My grandma is Indian from Trinidad and Tobago, she had the scarriest punishment and you knew to listen to grandma and behave:

  • normally she'd give you a light knock on the crown of the head, it was like the worse ever because nothing is injured and she hardly touched you and it hurt so bad
  • "The heat for the seat" was a large wooden decorative spoon the size of a plate, she broke it on my cousin when he wouldn't stop beating me up

We laugh about it now, he knew he deserved it and it was funny in hindsight that it broke after correcting 2 generations of familly members.

Growing up I could always tell the kids that were never spanked from the ones that were. The kids who were never spanked all had these traits:

  • complete lack of fear of authority
  • complete disrespect for adult
  • bullying of others, including crybullying
  • lack of respect for the law
  • propensity to cheat
  • no respect for other people property
  • a willigness to commit petty theft for fun

I think that the modern ideals are wrong. I believe in the old wisdom of our forefathers.

Grandma was right to hit us.