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  • Yesterday I called up an uncle of mine. Guy has led a strange life to put it mildly. He is going on 70 and has literally lived with his parents (my grandparents who are both deceased) his ENTIRE life. I’m talking, he disappeared for a couple of years in his 20s, hitchhiked to Alaska, probably met up with some Charles Manson folk, then came back home never to leave again. He’s never held a job for more than a few months. Needless to say, he is not well respected amongst the rest of the family.

  • Anyway, I got the urge to check up on him yesterday. It was one of the crazier conversations I had because it immediately went down the rabbit holes of conspiracy. But not just that, this dude started talking about transcendence, consciousness, world depop agendas….. basically all of the things I am interested in.

  • He told me he didn’t know why, but a couple of years ago he got very interested in all of this. This is the Deep South mind you, and at no point did I ever expect a guy like him to be talking about shifts in timelines and the evolution of human consciousness. . He lives in squalor on a few hundred dollars a month, and has never known anything else (mostly of his own doing).

  • To me it was clear as day proof that the Great Awakening isn’t some viral internet fad. It is a very real force enveloping everyone! My uncle truly sounded upset about what kind of world he is leaving because it used to be so great. It’s my belief that these are growing pains of someone who has been blind for nearly 70 years and only has a very short time to “get caught up.”