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Oh the irony

On her way to the protest

So, here is NZ’s Minister responsible for Prevention of Family Violence and Sexual Assault on her way to support mentally ill men protesting against a woman’s right to have her say on Sexual Assault by mentally-ill men. The mentally ill men want to take away the woman’s right to speak up on how women are being denied the right to express an opinion regarding their safety from sexual assault from mentally ill men in “woman face”.

As you can see from the clip, she blames all violence on white men (ignoring the fact that the majority of the violent trannies are white men), she says nothing about the protest (which consists overwhelmingly of mentally-ill men, violently assaulting the females supporting the female Parker Posie).

This is the state of the mentally-ill form of fascism that is tearing New Zealand apart. I know we are a long way away from everywhere, but we have always been a test-tube for all sorts of things, this is what is coming to your part of the world.

Also Minister for Homelessness More fun facts about this ridiculous moron who gets paid $250k per year of taxpayers hard-earned cash to be this stupid. She is also an Associate Minister of Housing with particular responsibilities for Homelessness. Here is the absolute cherry – she lives in a state-subsidised, state-owned house (ie the sort of housing that is provided by the state to help homeless people). So the Minister responsible for helping the homeless is literally causing homelessness – who the fuck needs state subsidised housing when they get paid $¼ million a year.

Female Minister who supports violent protest against females, got injured at the violent protest While this cretin was celebrating with the crowd (on her way home) how successful the violent protest against women was, she got injured. While we of course wish her well and a speedy recovery – it is hard not to think that there was some divine intervention speaking truth to power. Newsclip reporting her injury

I’m sure somehow this idiotic hypocrite (from the Green Party – but I repeat myself) will have somehow transformed this into her being on the end of a violent assault by an alt-right, white supremacist, anti-Trans feminist.