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Wow is all I can say. A long time ago I posted about a fight I had with my then younger adult child who IIRC was yelling at me about Trump. In my own house. It was mystifying as we have always had a good relationship. The reaction here was "kick him out of the house" and let him grow up. I did, and he did.

Even after he left home while more respective about his views, and mine, he was hanging on to the leftist narrative. Got vaxed much to my despair. Then he and his younger brother got COVID. Then they got it AGAIN. Then they decided the vaccinations were "bullshit."

It's hard to keep this short but fast forward to 2023 and my oldest son tells me he's voting for Trump. For the first time in forever we were having dinner with my Mom and he crossed himself after she said grace. Trust me that's a HUGE deal. Probably most encouraging is that for the first time in months he agreed with me in general that while things seem really dark right now it's probably because the people who own the central banks and BlackRock and Vanguard, etc., are going to lose control of the brainwashed population when people wake up to the fact that we have ALL been lied to, for as long as anyone alive can remember, and longer than that. This didn't happen overnight, and I have to note that the earlier stage of his awakening was pure anger and frustration, "we're just fucked and there's nothing anyone can do about it."

In light of the apparent crack in his armor, took the opportunity to suggest that maybe the poison pills Trump planted on the board of the federal reserve was intentional, in order to put the treasury in first lien position so he could force a default on the 31 trillion and destroy the central banks. He knows a lot about markets and money, may be a little on the spectrum actually because his math acumen is sort of rainman. I told him I would send him that Master and Commander article that made me think this might be true. He is very interested in at least looking into it.

Anyhoo, I have had much guilt and regret about not homeschooling my kids. They were very smart and tested into the most elite public schools in the state. At the time I thought they'd be there to redpill the lefties they went to school with. Initially, it didn't work out that way AT ALL. But I am really seeing the tide start to turn with not just my kids but their friends. The D5 avalanche is the awakening, methinks. Onward and Upward!