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Digital Soldiers,


Here’s our battle plan to activate and Make X-22 get to National #1 🇺🇸 on Twitter!!!

-Step 1 to joining the fight & fighting to win.

  1. Recognize that your first duty required as a Digital Warrior is to exercise that duty. Thank you Mr. President, for allowing us to battle alongside you. The honor is truly ours. On behalf of everyone who believes: WWG1WGA

+We beat the enemy using its own weapon against them: ADVERTISING!!

+A simple call out, short message, etc. which is eye-catching and easily digestible. Let’s just say I’m the top of my industry & great marketing is what got me there. Great marketing/advertising is needed to winning the war with the Deep State

  1. Develop a simple and engaging message that has a STRONG 💪🏼 call to action.

  2. Here’s our message to get others awakened and further educated:

    -We are living in The Matrix- -Take the Red Pill- -Go here: www.x22Report.com -Use: #X22

+Then post them on your VEHICLE!!!! 🚗💨 . Right out of college I paid people to drive my silly little painting company’s logo wrapped around their car: 🔥 especially the back windows. And it works.

  1. Draw message on back window. Take pic and post it on Twitter and Truth Social and anywhere you want.

  2. Drive through America, since enlisted in the Frog army, holding on to a rocket fueled fire hose filled with PAIN blasting truth for your whole community to see. 💯

    -We need to have a website/landing spot of someone who is well-trusted. You need someone who is consistent. Someone who can deliver excellent insight and newcomers can easily catch up. And you need someone who has a broad reach (650k+ Rumble subscribers alone). He is getting more viewers per eve f’ing then CNN & Fox!!! We need….. X 22. We need to blast his content to the moon and back 🌙!

Here’s a model for all your social media warfare! Spread this far and wide.

✅We Are All In The Matrix… 🔴Take The Red Pill… 🐇Go Here: www.X22Report.com 🧨Use this tag: #X22

Let’s Make X-22 get to USA #1 🇺🇸on Twitter!!!

Guys, if we can get X to trend on Twitter Global Top 10 then X would become the NUMBER ONE RATED evening news show in the country. Suck it Deep State.

  1. Turn the message phrasing you used for your back window and meme the CRAP out of it. Put it on all memes. ALL OF THEM. Boys and girls, that is PRECIOUS advertising real estate we are getting $0 off of so the least we can do is sponsor ourselves 🤷‍♂️
  2. SEND IN THE MEMES 💣 💥 . Broadcast wwwX22Report.com far and wide.

PS: Digital War History Tidbit:

You guys remember what happened on Sunday, May 10, 2010?
A) OBAMAGATE almost ended Twitter. They had to feverishly suppress the majority; and unfortunately it worked. Or did it? That was but a single second of the epic fire-hose level of what we call PAIN awaits them.


Be bold. Don’t be ashamed to have this message on your vehicle. This is the fight for truth. We must all sacrifice. Grow stronger in your desire for you mission. The war’s afoot. We are all soldiers in this 5D, Messed Up, Psycho, Informational…….WAR!!!

-It’s about to get BIBLICAL: Jesus offers true hope.

  • We Are All In The Matrix
  • Take The Red Pill
  • Go Here: www.X22Report.com

I am going to post a pic of my truck window message tomorrow. I’m going to use window chalk once it arrives. Bright and bold.