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This post is primarily for our international pedes.

All the Aussies will know what it means that Daniel Andrews has resigned, but I want to let our International Crew understand a little bit what this means and a bit of the background.

Daniel Andrews became Premier of Victoria (that's like a bit like a Governor of a State in the US) in 2014, right towards the end of the Obama era.

Under Andrews the destruction of the family and the children of Victoria accelerated massively. His government was responsible for putting in place the "Safe Schools" program that was developed by pedophiles and Marxists at a cesspool (opinion) of an academic unit in the Latrobe University in Melbourne.

Key developers of the Safe Schools program include "proud gay communist" Roz Ward and pro-pedophilia professor Gary Dowsett.

The program was rolled out as an 'anti-bullying program' but the entire focus was on LGBTQ students and on indoctrinating the students with the idea that persecution of such students should take priority over every other form of problem or bullying, etc.

(Disclaimer: The core issue with this program AND its developers is the weaponization of LGBTQP etc, by fusing it with atheistic anti-Christian Marxist ideology. The issue of being heterosexual or homosexual is not the issue here, imo.)


Andrews himself and his government have had extremely close ties with the CCP and Communist Regime in China. Andrews signed agreements with the CCP Regime to implement the Silk Road program in Victoria. This was nixed on the Federal Level by the then "conservative" Federal Government, but the ties of Communist China with Victoria are deep and problematic.

Andrews has really been the most vocal and active government figure working to being communist control over Australia.

Not to mention the close ties with the Swamp in the USA, including a chief Medical Officer overseeing Victoria during the scandemic having ties with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, etc.

BattleGround Melbourne

Fast forward to 2020 when the Scamdemic started. Under Andrews, the state of Victoria was subject to the most draconian and destructive covid measures on the planet. Over a period of 19 months 570 days), Victorians were subject to 6 lockdowns, totaling 263 days.

The nature of the lockdowns varied, but generally, these were some of the key conditions:

  • No travel allowed more than 3 miles from your home, without a special permit.

  • No working allowed except in special "essential services" and then you needed a work permit to travel.

  • Maximum of 1 hour shopping per day, per home/family.

  • Maximum of 1 person allowed to do that shopping.

  • Maximum of 1 hour each day allowed for exercise outside of the home.

  • Maximum of 2 people from the same home allowed to exercise together.

  • Curfew of 9pm to 6am.

  • Must wear mask at ALL times when outside the home.

  • No public gatherings, including funerals or weddings.

  • Loved ones not able to visit sick or dying relatives, including parents or children, etc.

In addition, all "non-essential" businesses were shut down. "Essential" usually meant those businesses run by massive corporations, etc. Schools were closed.

If you thought that the COVID lunacy affected you and your family and community, be thankful you weren't living in Victoria during 2020/2021.

You can watch the award winning documentary "Battleground Melbourne" by Victoria filmmaker Topher Fields about the situation in Victoria (capital city: Melbourne) during 2020 - 2021 here.

What does Andrews' resignation mean?

Firstly, his announcement was made today at a 'snap press conference'. at this point, one can only speculate at what has driven this decision. His administration has been, as you can imagine, riddled with corruption scandals, mistakes and debacles, none of which have managed to stick and he has dodged all of the political fallout (so far).

One might hope that his resignation indicates the pressure on him increasing and heating up, or that he has been pushed out due to white hat moves in the macro timeline, but that's purely speculation.

Many who has seen the negative impact of this man will be rejoicing today, but ultimately, we know that people like Andrews are merely puppets and instruments being controlled and used by darker, more powerful forces.

So does his leaving office represent a shift in some way? A change? Time will tell. One can always hope.

For the moment, I'm just going to label this as a "local win". Meanwhile, the war rages on. Buckle up, pedes.