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Never forget that it was our government that persecuted us for keeping the sanctity of our bodies and refusing to get vax☠xed.

So many of us recognized the jab as a real certainty for gravely harming us and our loved ones. I will never forget the tears and fears of my wife losing her job because of her refusal to succumb to the coercion. The Lord told her to be steadfast in keeping the sanctity of her body. I was that earthly encouraging factor that comforted her that God will provide us with a path to survive. We were fortunate enough to overcome. Others were not do fortunate though. The government tried in earnest to force us through coercion and demanded us to prove our health innocence by imposing a modern day version of swimming. More on this later. There is no time in history, in which so many people have been deceived in taking an injection that genetically modifies those individuals. Genetically modified crops are made in the same manner. The implications of this cannot be under-estimated. Many of these people have become spike protein factories and may suffer an early death. If they ever figure out what they did, many of them will blame all of those who have retained their marvelous and sound-functioning immune systems; the unvax☠xed. What God has provided from the beginning is pure unadulterated blood, the vax☠xed encouraged by the government have slandered and cursed God Himself. We are made in the image of God. That image is held in the sanctity of each individual. The sanctity of individual is holy.

All too many people who elected to be vax☠xed have become plagued, enslaved by the mad science causing all their infliction and troubles. Their end may come all too early. As more people succumb to the damage, more people will figure out that the injection itself caused their troubles. Already, 17 million deaths worldwide has been determined from the modRNA jab. The real toll may be one hundred times this number.

Salem witch trials

The Modern Practice of ‘Swimming’.

One might have thought that, after the last woman was burned to death as a witch in 1722, the suffering was over. Not so, for the practice of  'Swimming' was inflicted of many of those who were accused of Witchcraft after that date.

Although the belief in trial by water can be traced back to the 3rd millenium BC, the official use of 'swimming' in English law dates back to King Athelstan (928-930), where trial by water, termed 'indicium aquae', was a general test for all crimes. It ceased to be an official Law in 1219 under Henry III's reforms. For the next 600 years it was popularly, but unofficially, supposed to be infallible in discovering the guilt of witches and those suspected of subscribing to the black arts.

It was believed that water rejected servants of the devil and that if a suspected person floated and refused to sink when placed in water it was proof of guilt.

The ordeal of 'swimming' was endorsed by James I of England, who stated in Daemonologie (1597) "that God hath appointed ... that the water shall refuse to receive them in her bosome, that have shaken off them the sacred Water of Baptisme, and wilfully refused the benefite thereof."

It was believed that water rejected servants of the devil and that if a suspected person floated and refused to sink when placed in water it was proof of guilt.

The unvax☠xed are being blamed for the spread of SARS-CoV2 and the solution is to force all of them to take the clot shot. In other words, the unvax☠xed are evil doers because they float and the vax☠xed are innocent because they sink and are drowned. Do you see the parallel?

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