September 24th possible False Flag in the works (media.greatawakening.win) 🏳️ FALSE FLAG 👮
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I see this question or derivatives of it pop up so many times on this board, and other places TS, or in comments. In order to answer the question, you need to ask yourself this question first -- what group did Q communicate with first? The answer was everyday people, there wasn't a campaign, or 30 min infomercial(hate the word), or an interview on Larry King, or some gigantic billboard or sign hanging of a building. The first comms were on a publicly accessible message board that the rest of the world didn't take seriously, or was much less aware existed -- wasn't 4chan that hacker I heard about on the 6 o'clock news? This was a serious tactical move, it put the message right into the hands of people who already thought there was something wrong with society, people who had experience in researching for themselves, people who knew that the public explanation of 9/11, and every other false flag was utter drivel. The amount and type of information that came out in those first few weeks was incredible, in little over 3 weeks there were 158 posts alone -- crumbs of information, new directions in which to look, questions posed which elicitated thoughts in directions not considered previously. And who ran with it? Who made use of it? Who researched it?

Q posted for years and the anons were given something that was much needed, this in turn by word of mouth, email, discussion with friends, families, and neighbors brought in even MORE people. This is what the great awakening was about. Subs popped up on Reddit, Gab, and elsewhere. Anons waited everyday for another drop for just another small piece of the puzzle, or when Q would occasionally reply to a comment that thought was headed in the right direction. Occasionally, some cub reporter would try to disparage the Q posts, or it would be brought up on mockingbird media as "qanon", but as we know they never got a damn thing right, which was on purpose.

Fast forward to present day: The great awakening is world wide, Q is known about in almost every nation. The question next to be asked is this, who made that happen....we did. The movement wouldn't have had the spread it did if some conservative that was trusted started talking about it, even if it was Rush. The GA needed people to see for themselves wtf was going on, they didn't need it to be spoonfed. Most people are lazy, sorry but that's a sad fact in our modern world, if Rush had spoken about something Q posted about, ask yourself truthfully....do you think people would have researched that topic out as far, or gone digging elsewhere? No unfortunately, they would have not, people trusted Rush and would have stopped right there, waiting for the next show, and saying I am a Q dittohead. It doesn't matter who you like, Dennis Prager, Dan Bongino, Mike Lindell for example, it would not have had the impact of anons spreading the word amongst themselves. Take Mike Lindell for example, how many places stopped selling mypillow products simply because he stands with Pres Trump. One individual is an easy target, and we know how the cabal and it's minions will try to utterly destroy one person, look how many people have been utterly ruined or suicided with 43 sirloin stockade steak knives they put in their own back, while hanging themselves from a door knob, driving 93 mph through a school zone. However, millions of people worldwide is another story, recall how we are all ultra maga terrorists now as pointed out by the resident.

So take heart folks, don't worry that politicians or conservative commentators you think are based are against us. We didn't need them to get where we are, they are many weeks, and more accurately many months behind us on researching, uncovering the truth, and getting it out there via posts, memes, and word of mouth. Also stop to consider this, maybe, they were asked to not comment about it, perhaps in private they speak about the drops, or perhaps lurk our boards, or even comment. Everyone that is well known doesn't do great things, there are many people who do great things that are not well known.


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