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And so what?

Your ignorance is showing. Look up what "rolling shutter" is. A speeding bullet can absolutely be photographed at this speed albeit a lucky snap. Given the number of bullets being fired and the abundance of photogs in the area I would be more suspicious if a bullet DIDN'T show up on a photo. All professional cameras and most semi-pro camera are capable of doing this.

Go and check out what the Sony A9iii can do and that isnt even the flagship model.

You're going down a habbit hole that leads absolutely nowhere. Feel free to be distracted and waste your time, I'm not.

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Photog here - this shutter speed is perfectly reasonable.

Remember the photog is against the brightness of the clear blue, sunny sky behind the subjects and needs to expose for the foreground too. A fast shutter speed helps do that.

If the camera is set to Aperture priority or indeed any setting which applies auto shutter-speed, this is not even slightly suspect.

Nothing here except wild, uninformed speculation.

*edit to add: the OP talks about 30fps - this is just utterly irrelevant for a still image

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Well it's my nam fuck face

My mouth is already full with all this delicious irony! Kek

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Someone's triggeredddd they now have a faggot name. You're sure living up to it 😂

P.S. Q has typos also, retards too? Kek

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Getting your knickers in a twist about the spelling of a retard wannabe assassins name? Must his name be immorialised by making sure is spelt correctly? Seth Rich, yes. This faggot? Hell no.

Whose side are you on?

Pull yourself together anon. You fucking tard.


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Check this guy's post history.

HIGH EFFORT, HIGH-INFO participation only!

There's a time and a place for personal drama. Here is not it. Though apparently it has become that, much to our detriment.

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Is this entire post constructive? How is it related in any way to Q?

This place is a faint echo of what it once was. A bunch of wimps and we're fighting a fucking war here. JFC

Look at this guy's post history here. More than half about his personal drama. I mean, what the fuck?!

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This getting stickied is why I gave up on this place. Operators have died and this fellas personal drama is front-page stickied. What a joke

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Gold is the keystone. Time is the map.

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What? u/catsfive, sorry but WHAT?

OP says:

Perhaps you do not realize that Q said

Russia is working against Trump and on the side of Obama/Clinton (#1538)

Make that make sense. Why stickied???!

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I agree. This post and the fact it has been stickied by mods is bullshit. This place is not what anons think. It's a shame, I used to frequent here a lot but now it's full of shills and the mods wouldn't know a Q post if it slapped them in the face.

Russia is working against Trump and on the side of Obama/Clinton

How the fuck do you come out with that? The only thing OP needs expanding is their anus to remove their head.

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Why try to do everything in your power with your words to wake someone up if you can just let them see for themselves how bad a leftist-run country is?


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Right?! Dark to light is even depicted (the glow bugs), the chorus and frog-army applause at the end. In my book it's perfect

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Apes assemble!!

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Holy shit. You beautiful autist, you. I had completely forgotten about this.

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Top kek. This is brilliant!

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Post the source of the announcement too please.

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After posting these for a long time, I'm glad to see them getting pinned! Ty

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