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Nah retard, there’s literal books written about Tzvi. Knew about it for about half a decade now. Youre pushing forced ignorance and insisting that anyone who learns history is a racist.

Did you miss the part where i posted videos of RABBIS discussing the apostasy of Tzvi? Of course you did because your goal here is to bury the subject and deflect it.

I named all the current bad guys that exist today. I invited anyone to suggest anyone I didn't name.

Ie: I deflected the subject and when you provided actual expert testimony (RABBIS) talking about Tzvi I didn’t acknowledge it. If you had opened the video, you’d have seen he was born in Ukraine, a Khazarian. Instead you sourced some erroneous comment on the board you yourself probably made from a sock puppet.

Last reply from me. Youre a shill.

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At this point it’s clear youre a total faggot who’s only goal is to deflect the conversation away from the crucial subject. Look at the info I posted, he was born in Ukraine. Instead of linking to some random, incorrect comment. Youre an obvious shill at this point.

I completely nuked your bullshit criticism about Nazis by posting actual Rabbis discussing the apostasy of the Sabbatean cult and now you shift to other points of distraction & deflection.

Almost like youre following a playbook. I’m not here to write a treatise for you, faggot. Do your own research. Even if he had been mentioned on the board, I’m sure you and the rest of your ilk would’ve swarmed the thread.

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Sabbatea Tzvi was born in Khazaria.

Here you go faggot: an hour long presentation given by a Rabbi on Sabbatea Tzvi and how he founded an embedded and twisted cult within Judaism.


If you get over your self righteous faggotry to further research the subject; you’ll see this false Messiah is actually the antichrist of Revelation and most of the modern cabal has its genesis in his apostasy.

If you actually look into the subject most of the Drs who give presentations on this individual are Rabbis. Not “muh stormfag hitler apologists”

Your ignorance isn’t impressing anybody


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Because there’s underground cities and an entire parallel society under our feet. They’re fighting a war down there. There’s no disclosure until those battles are fought.

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Youre clearly proud of your ignorance and self righteous in your assumptions. Enjoy that. Historical facts are what they are. Sabbatea Tzvi > Frankist Cult > Marxism and the Frankfurt School > Bolshevism

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Fair points. I’m not zealously committed to the idea, but as you point out there has been recognized and verifiable instances of geoengineering; allowing people to examine the subject critically and find the arguments for or against it is more healthy long term than characterizing it as tin foil, imo.

The counter argument you give has merit, and I can understand not wanting people to clutter up the board with zealotry and doctrinal type thinking. That being said I’m not a mod here and don’t see all the posts that get removed, but it doesn’t seem like chemtrails get spammed here enough that it’s crossed the “shut the fuck up about this shit” line; but maybe it looks different from the mod perspective.

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It was a huge festival event. People smuggle shit into these all the time. All you have to do is jump a fence around the back of the venue. The guys involved probably hadnt even purchased tickets.

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These people are brain dead. When you have thousands of people at an event and the police are narrowly focused on their respective posts, it’s not that hard for someone to jump the fence away from where the designated entries are. Fucking morons.

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I agree. Restricting discussion on flat earth/moon subjects due to their unpalatable flavor is one thing; but chem trails can be verified left right and center. The subject of mass poisoning of the population is certainly Q related. Ie: the post with the baby on the floor that suggested household cleaning products are intentionally made toxic in order to harm children. Mods are revealing their own bias.

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You have no idea what youre even talking about at this point. Sabbatea Tzvi. A real person who started a cult embedded with Judaism. A real historical incident. The Rothschild family are direct descendants of this cult. There’s plenty here to be brought to the table but it’s clear you have some agenda to make sure this information isn’t seen.

So no, you fucking idiot. The Sabbatean cult isn’t about the Sabbath. It’s about the followers of a man who was born in Ukraine in the 1600s named Sabbatea Tzvi.

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Everything youre claiming to be against began with the Cult of Sabbatea Tzvi in the 1600s and the fact youre having a fit about people finding the real historical root of the cabal is suspect.

There’s a reason why Marx’s ideas fell into such fertile soil for the Bolsheviks to uptake them and it’s not because they were disgruntled farmers.

The cabal begins with the Sabbatean cult and that’s simply historical fact.

Why don’t you virtue signal harder about how youre so much better than the tards because you refuse to look at history that may be considered hateful

No guys! Don’t research this area of history because it may contain wrongthink about stereotyping an ethnicity!!


Most everyone here should be well versed in the ideas of individualism enough not to stereotype entire peoples. Everyone should be encouraged to research any subject they please.

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Okay, and youre rebranding having an accurate historical picture as “embracing nazism.”

Understanding that most of the modern leftist philosophies have an ancient foundation in the Talmud isn’t saying hitler was a good guy.

Youre putting words in other people’s mouths.

You can simultaneously realize that Hitler was crazy while also understanding the ideological roots of Bolshevism.

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You need to read into Sabbatea Tzvi, the Frankfurt school, and the Bolsheviks.

There’s a reason people talk about it. Knowing the ideological genesis of the cabal is important

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Frazzledrip is intensely fucked up, but I’m telling you dude, the brief glimpse of the baby milling I found by accident was far more disturbing.

How do you think they source the subjects for their experimentation?

Kidnapping from miles away on the surface world, or just baby mill on site?

All I’m gonna say dude is I’ve seen photos of the baby mill operation that is still burned into my eyes.

I’m a hardened vet of 4chan and I’ve never seen anything as fucking awful except in my darkest nightmares. That’s how I know it’s real.

The only people who need to see such things are those who make the choice to know.

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Dude, the 60% is the genetic experiments the greys and reptillian aliens were running down in the DUMBS on the people and kids they kidnapped.

Splicing people with pigs and dogs and shit. Torture doesn't even begin to describe it. It is cruelty beyond imagination.

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There's not clear photos of "who what when where why" -- but there is absolutely photos of cadavers, torture victims, mutilation, kill rooms and chambers, etc. The photos are out floating around and like snowmaker says you usually see them by accident. Build up a tele following of about 50-75 of the central disclosure accounts and youre bound to stumble across this shit. It's like the cattle mutilation photos from the midwest ufo phenomenon, but people.

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Dude... it's absolute fucking nightmare fuel. Shit beyond the most sick and fucked up horror movie you'v ever seen. Releasing it to the public would not have the desired effect, it would just send people in to catatonic shock and they'd crawl up under their bed and shut the fuck down.

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Did you mean to say can’t agree more? Your comment is confusing with what reads as a typo?

But yes, the story of Christ and our natural, biological understanding of love and right and wrong usually sounds alarm bells and “what the actual fuck” when you read passages in the OT about “God” vaporizing people for messing up a ceremony or etc.

Further, the modern understanding of the crucifixion as being redemption by for our sins and etc is firmly rooted in OT themes. There are ways to grok and understand the story of Christ without the “blood for filthy sinners” perspective.

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Don’t confuse using the Catholic Church as a straw man with critical examination of your beliefs, where they come from, and who was responsible for drawing them up.

The point stands that you’d do well to really sit back and examine the Bible critically in light of the fact that there is a 6,000 year old death cult that is at the center of government, academia, and religion.

Fundamentalism is a step backwards into their trap, not a way out.

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There’s certainly a lot of passages that feel they are written about a Nephilim overlord and tyrant more so than the divine Love that was embodied and demonstrated through Christ, 100% agree

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