Has anyone used Ivermectin or hydroxichloriquin or anything like these to treat chronic ear infections in a toddler?


I have had the feeling for a long time now that Trump messed up the 16 year plan 8 years in...so if Killary was supposed to be the second half, then Trump and team took over and started their own 8 year plan. Long story short...we are 6 years in and 2 to go. I know drops seem to line up close on certain dates, but....we shall see i guess.


If Comey was changed to Corney has anyone checked BIDEN vs BlDEN? The first being normal the second replacing the uppercase I with a lower case L. Looks the same but very different.


Can someone explain to me how BUD stock keeps going up when no one is drinking their product anymore?

If i didn't think it before, HULU is woke. Have a 1619 project show or series..WTF. Who signed off on that being a good idea?


Where are all the state police, county sheriffs and other law enforcement (besides the feds) to start arresting all the people that Elon is exposing that have went against the Constitution. Arent the Sheriffs supposed to uphold the Constitution?


Is the Department of Education using the same set up as the voting machines if the two systems use the same set up of counting dots? If the voting machines changed votes, are the standardized testing tally machines making our test scores lower so we can usher in new systems like Common Core and others?


I'm 100% pure blood from birth..no vaxx ever. Wife wants to vax our new born, not covid just all the other poison. Looking for good documentation, peer reviewed, on why not to vaxx. Time is running out- please help!


How is it that Dems always have a huge lead when counting starts then the GOP always has to come from behind...smh

Illinois already called (media.greatawakening.win) 🚔 Voting Cheater Candidate 💸
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Is dark to light refering to the dark pope of the Jesuits and bringing that to light to wake up more people of the back dealings of the pope/church amd the back door deals that have ran the world?


Physicsl silver and gold? Or should i be looking at other metals options?

Whos getting in on the nft's Usamemorabilia.com


I work for a large utility company in Michigan and were told we are a federal contractor and have to comply with the death jab EO. Rally to come next week but there is alot of us that need help, union not doing a thing for them either- as expected.