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Hello truthers,

As many of you may not know, there is a small group of individuals observing the biblical feast of Passover this weekend (one full month earlier than the rest of the world). Passover represents many things - freedom from slavery via the lamb’s blood on the door posts and lintel, Jesus Christ the true fulfillment of the Passover lamb, giving His life for all mankind to forgive all our sins, freeing us from the penalty of eternal death and slavery to sin, and interceding on our behalf to give us access to and make us righteous before the Father.

I am led to believe that GME is going to be short squeezed tomorrow as well as into next week into thousands of dollars per share.

NCSWIC - no earthly power could stop the death angel or the destroyer on Passover night avenging the deaths of the thousands of infants who were mercilessly murdered by the Egyptians. Likewise nothing can stop the Justice that is to come tomorrow in the financial markets.

We could see a suicide weekend coming up this weekend when it comes to HFs.

Also regarding President Trump, he is scheduled to appear and speak this weekend at the CPAC.


Was their president inaugurated first and only AFTER did the military take action?

I decided to cash out January 19th. Most of my portfolio was related to coronavirus screening and vaccine companies. Due to the new administration’s electric vehicle friendly policies, I have decided to invest in electric vehicle companies. New startups long the lines of TSLA. I think this is the most promising area even if Trump were in office. Biden will make this even more friendly to this industry. One of the few positive things to come out of yesterday.

We still have an infestation here so I will drop by less frequently from now on.


-January 20th was NEVER a goal post or date given by Q. That was created by outside comms and our own “Hollywood” influenced expectations.

Most likely this is the correct and actual plan to victory as spoken by Q+:

“The 25th Amendment is of zero risk to me, but will come back to haunt Joe Biden and the Biden administration,” “As the expression goes, be careful of what you wish for.”

Ask yourself: How can the 25th Amendment “haunt” Biden if he was NOT inaugurated today? Biden being inaugurated is KEY to this quote turning into reality.

The key to victory seems to be using the law in tandem with the military.


We should expect something within the next 4 days. After that the military and NG will probably leave.

“President Donald J. Trump declared that an emergency exists in the District of Columbia and ordered Federal assistance to supplement the District's response efforts due to the emergency conditions resulting from the 59th Presidential Inauguration from January 11 to January 24, 2021.”

Could the emergency conditions relate to treason?

1700 hours. That would be 4 and a half hours from now. Do we wait until then? Is it all about numbers? If we go past midnight without anything happening that will be a bad sign.


To do something. After that I am done.



-Be the clueless incompetent Trump the mainstream media paints you to be.

-organize rally on January 6 give speech and tell everyone to go home.

-In preparation for Biden’s Inauguration:

-Plan to Install >35,000 troops at Capitol Hill and surround it with walls with barbed wire.

-DS see through it and request is rejected


-Be Chessmaster Trump

  • mobilize massive numbers of your supporters to rally, give speech, tell all to march to Capitol Hill.

-let Antifa fall for the bait they stage false flag event

-MSM And the DS both take the bait comparing it to 9/11

-justify InstallIng >35,000 troops at Capitol Hill and surround it with walls with barbed wire.

-Pray and let God’s will be done

Do you think they will apprehend him? Before he arrives or during the ceremonies? Time is of the essence.

Hard evidence must be revealed ASAP to calm the masses in the midst of the hysteria

I think no matter what happens we will see a steep decline in the stock markets tomorrow as a result of one or a combination of the following;

  1. False Flag Event
  2. Inauguration Postponed Indefinitely
  3. Obamagate/Evidence of Treason revealed
  4. Mass Arrests
  5. Military Takes Over/Martial Law
  6. Biden Will Never Be President
  7. Worst Case Scenario SHTF

As you can see there is hardly any scenario which implies long term stability and as a result the stock market will invariably drop dramatically. Since the stock market moves primarily on emotion and logic and facts secondarily. I have decided to put my money where mouth is in preparation for whatever scenario takes place and the ensuing fallout we will undoubtedly see.


It would be immediately paved over by all the news that is happening and will be happening in the next 48. This news would simply be overshadowed by everything else it will be microscopic.

If the rumor is true that Assange and Trump are related this would only confirm their blood relation in my mind

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Daily reminder that one of our roles in these next days and weeks is to do nothing - meaning do NOT attend or participate or encourage others to attend or participate in any violence or rallies. THIS IS OUR RALLY on GAW. Our weapons are the truth and the Word of God. We are here to spread the knowledge of the truth, to encourage those in this movement, to help bring calm and sense into the tumultuous STORM that is to come, and to heal those who have been/ and will be broken by the lies (from big tech and mainstream media) not coming to pass.

If we can achieve this, we will have accomplished our part in the mission, ordered by the President himself, and have helped Q to be successful.


“I felt as if I were walking with destiny, and that all my past life had been but a preparation for this hour and for this trial... I thought I knew a good deal about it all, I was sure I should not fail.” - Winston Churchill during World War II


If you had to pick a winning side which would you choose? Thankfully, it seems that the intelligence agencies are cleaning house. Now if you were to take back the country and rid it of corruption which of the three branches of government do you select?

Not only does military intelligence along with the intelligence agencies have a capable ally, but arguably one of the greatest strategists in American History. President Donald John Trump, nephew of the brilliant scientist John Trump (a contemporary of Nikola Tesla), was destined for this moment we are about to witness unfold in the next 3 days.

What a time to be alive.


Q told us to expect false flags. Since DC looks like a prison and they have >20k troops all I can think of are politicians harming themselves or each other.

We could hear of politicians trying to grab the rifle of a soldier and subsequently being shot. Or taking cyanide. Hopefully that doesn’t happen but if one of them has a death wish do you think that is a realistic scenarios? Would a soldier have the calmness and self control to prevent this?


They wanted to gain control over us. But giving us more free time and uninterrupted internet access to Various red pills and Q only awakened millions more people. Without these shutdowns I wouldn’t know half the stuff I do today.

And now we can spread it and make it go viral. Knowledge is power. Preparedness makes us powerful. The truth sets us free from the shackles and we refuse to consume anymore lies from the MOCKlNGBlRD media.

Without these lockdowns perhaps there would have been more people attending False flag event fake trump rallies. But the memo has been sent out. None of us will be there and you DS agents will be exposed as the frauds you are.


Many of you are well aware of the 2020 presidential election targeted voter fraud - in Biden’s words: the largest, most complex voter fraud organization in history.

However, I believe this isn’t the first time Dominion machines and these various methods of cheating were used.

I submit to you they have been done for years INCLUDING IN THE 2016 ELECTION. I believe Trump broke their algorithm in 2016 as well and his vote numbers were so overwhelming that his supporters was able to break the Dominion machines in 2016.

Fast forward to 2020, the Dems were more vengeful and took it up a notch. Going to desperate lengths to steal the election. I am led to believe that Trump and Military Intelligence were monitoring these illegal activities back in 2016 and even in previous election years so they would know what to look for and what possible countermeasures to take.


Some thoughts I had after listening to the Steve Pieczenik interview with IW:

  • why are the troops there and why so many?
  • perhaps the alphabet soup agencies which are compromised will retaliate. How else could you effectively counter that? By the power of the military of course.
  • won’t some of the DS abandon ship and hide in the tunnels under DC? Yes and how else would you navigate those tunnels? Night vision, thermal, etc. What is waiting for them don there and how do you prepare for the worst case scenario? Send the military.
  • what if some of the DS leave by air? Possibly the USAF would intercept. There are mIllions of ways to track them
  • why else are the military there? Remember [email protected]? Perhaps the military will rescue any children they find who have been kidnapped. Remember many things are done to rescue the children including the wall for example.


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