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Anyone got that video of some other guy, who says when asked why he didnt wear a mask “it ain’t easy being a trendsetter” he also says something along the lines of “Epstein, Weinstein, we don’t exactly have a Protestant problem” it’s a savage video and I’d like to watch it again

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Sweet, suppose I should watch his cpac speech

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Haha my dads been calling me one for years lol no skin off my back other than discovering that my dad is a tard

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Got to figure out how much money the taxpayers need to give them

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YouTube hasn’t had freedom of speech in quite some time, you jabroni

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I mean he was on tv, so you know it was real

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So they arrested a ton of dudes who were trying to hire prostitutes, and there was a mention of some anti trafficking bill written by John Cronyn and Amy Klobuchar, so I imagine it does the opposite of what it claims

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