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If true, they should drop all the lawsuits and go after him for this.

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You also had RFK now calling out the rigged primary and talking about running as an independent.

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I smoke some of your hopium. Needed some.

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They're playing on the name and getting humor/nostalgia sales. Probably a good marketing decision.

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There is a primary in December?

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That's a rather disgusting steal of TaraBull's post.

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Impeachment will only make the Republicans look bad. The media won't cover the story honestly. And you remove Biden, so what? You get Harris. It's like Hydra.

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You can check out open theism as a concept if this is the hangup with being a Christian. I'm an open theist.

It's the idea that the future hasn't happened. God's "foeeknowledge" in Scripture isn't knowledge of what will happen but a commitment to make certain things happen. Free will people and angels like Lucifer are given the ability to willingly follow.

Very short version of a complex subject.

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Imaginary voters don't buy products.

I love that idea.

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I watch a lot of baseball streams. They sing America the Beautiful in the 7th inning. The racial divides the world throw ar us don't exist. They may have made a blunder here and with the Dodgers, but they generally hit the right notes for me.

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The privileged people probably didn't stop receiving organs even though there is an organ transplant list. To discover how they get their organs would be a story.

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Never clearly addresses.

Did they pay Dylan (or a company who then paid Dylan) money to make that post?

"Not an advertisement." No joke. It seems to have been an attempt at viral marketing.

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