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I always thought Reddit was full of faggots.

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It’s a start. Don’t forget, the Deep State runs very deep!!! We are still only seeing the sock puppets feeling pain.

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Has an opening which functions as a mouth, an anus, a vagina. Sounds like Nancy Pelosi is a Jellyfish.

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The Gematria decode is clear... 322 Skull and Bones put up the Georgia Guidestones... and brought them down in a ritual...

We only see their puppets on TV. The real enemy are the rich ‘elite’ families. Our slavery is entirely based on their fiat currency.


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When does Castro’s faggot son get the hook???

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Maybe try doing 1 minute worth of your own research. It is more reliable than, I heard it’s good.., sheesh

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I’m not into prophesy per se... but I like it!

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Never too weak to be thrown down a set of stairs. Or to shoot yourself in the chest before you hang yourself... or too weak to kill yourself with a nail gun.

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Thanks!!! I just came off being banned for 7 days. kek kek kek

(I don’t think the moderator ‘got it’. I got into a ‘debate’ with this clearly Glowie faggot snowflake. Anyways...

Time outs are good, I do get a bit carried away - ha!


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Too bad Pencil Neck isn’t already gone. That Bastard can rot in hell. Sick F n Pedo murderers must die!!!

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It’s the best thing you’ll ever do. I’ve seen it first hand over many years. Just go to the meetings :)

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  1. This is an empty court room, and a federal protective witness who testified in many court rooms such as this one alleges that a California congressmember raped a drugged African American male child.

(Continues) 2) The witness is anonymously identified as JohnHereToHelp, and he said in 2017 California Rep. Adam #Schiff Schiff dressed up in drag and went to the Chateau Marmont, near The Standard Hotel, in Los Angeles.

  1. A handler plied “a ten or 11-year-old African American male child” with methamphetamine, or crystal meth. The handler allegedly took the child to Schiff’s room. The black kid was unconscious. He died of an overdose. Schiff allegedly raped him for an hour,

  2. thinking the black kid is just unconscious. When Schiff discovered the child is dead “he freaks out,” the anonymous federal protective witness said. A witness who was one door down saw everything that happened. This witness saw the crew, who was sent to clean everything up.

  3. Months later, JohnHereToHelp said #Schiff had that well known witness killed. JohnHereToHelp said the room was wired. Consequently everything that happened in that hotel room was video recorded. #Schiff knows he was video recorded. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a copy

  4. of the video, which is why she’s letting Schiff take the forefront on the impeachment “The video is out there,” said JohnHereToHelp “I have not seen it. I have been told by people who have seen it, what’s on it, and that’s what I’ve described, but of course, much more graphic.

  5. “And then they’ve cleaned it up and they have since cleaned up that room,” he said. “[They’ve] taken everything out because they panicked and they thought this was going to be it; and they didn’t want to have any problems in the middle of the Mueller Report, because

  6. the [House Intelligence Committee Chairman Schiff] was one of the loudest, you know, loud mouths.“The person who was one door away, or one bungalow away, was Anthony Bourdain,” JohnHereToHelp shockingly revealed. He added that Bourdain saw everything and knows the Chateau

  7. Marmont staff. #Bourdain, a celebrity chef, author and travel documentarian, wanted to expose what happened that night. He reportedly contacted the LAPD. The LAPD knew who Schiff was. On June 8, 2018, Bourdain reportedly committed suicide, in Kaysersberg-Vignoble, Haut-Rhin,

  8. France. He was 61. But according to a French intelligence contact who has known JohnHereTo Help for about 30 years the French police identified “two Asian men” seen on the video leaving Bourdain’s apartment an hour before Bourdain’s body was discovered. The two men

  9. on that video were Muslims. French law enforcement officials didn’t want to offend the Muslim community, so they identified the men as Asian. “I believe Bourdain actually said that he was stalked or something, harassed by Hillary Clinton’s people,” JohnHereToHelp said.

12)“It wasn’t Clinton’s, it was Schiff’s [people].” JohnHereToHelp said he has a background in the sciences. He served in the military. He later infiltrated the Islamic terrorist network post 9/11. He was passing information to Justice Department officials, but after Barack Obama 13) was elected President high-ranking federal intelligence and law enforcement officials viewed JohnHereToHelp as a threat, because Obama Administration officials enriched themselves by their associations with the terrorists. In a hard to listen video produced this past summer

  1. JohnHereToHelp described how he and his wife were mercilessly tortured. JohnHereToHelp was tortured so bad (i.e., they water boarded him with liquid detergent) his respiratory and digestive systems are permanently injured. That’s why it’s hard for him to breathe and talk.

  2. In that video JohnHereToHelp said former CIA Director John #Brennan laughed when it was described how JohnHereToHelp was tortured. If you open the link of that < https://youtu.be/qkmGIUWCw7s > video it now displays “This video is private.”

  3. In the first 20 minutes of this < https://youtu.be/uLSrBl_RiwE > current video, (which was just recorded this past weekend and posted yesterday [November 17]), JohnHereToHelp shares his background, you’ll see that he is a credible federal protective witness. Ronald F Owens Jr

  4. Interview with #JohnHereToHelp http://Youtube.com = https://youtu.be/uLSrBl_RiwE Like I said earlier — show the videos! I knew there were some out there — Schiff is being used and he is about USED UP!!

  5. I predict #Schiff will be said to have committed suicide due to the stress of the impeachment But #Brennan & #HRC will see to it he is #Arkancided! Mark my words – it is going to be 30 days or less! Most likely over the Holidays! Suicide or a plane crash?

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I have been to AA meetings with family members... it works. Just find the strength to get to the meetings... good people there, they can help.

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The skinny little faggot should at least have his colours done... he looks terrible in blue. kek

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HCQ, Ivermectin, Zinc, and D3 for sure. Not sure about seed oils but definitely NOT Pine Needle Tea. Look into the Zelenko Protocol. RIP Zev.

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