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Children’s Health Defense email, to get this book onto the NYT best seller list:


Dear friend,

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This is the book that once you start reading, you won’t be able to put it down.

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Help us by promoting this book so that people in every country, on every continent, can read the book and learn the truth from Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., to ensure that freedom of speech is still a protected right in the United States.

Let’s ensure the truth is revealed. Thank you for your support of this book!

Thank you,

The Children’s Health Defense Team

P.S. You can purchase the hardcover book at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, IndieBound, Bookshop.org, Target, Walmart, Books-A-Million and independent booksellers.

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Also, many little whirlwinds of dissension seem to be getting stirred up lately. All spontaneously, of course.

As Q said, they want us divided.

Like the toxic vax, maybe we shouldn't get drawn into them either.

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Undoing their language psyop, intended to alter & degrade people's consciousness, does seem kind of big.

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Looked it up, and found that (in addition to resonating with human depth psychology), holy water has Old/Hebrew Testament Biblical (& maybe even pre-Christian - like i.e., why people seek to bathe in the Ganges) roots:

http://www.catholiceducation.org/en/culture/catholic-contributions/holy-water.html Holy Water

Q. ‘A friend … asked about the Holy Water fonts and why we make the sign of the cross with it when we enter and leave the Church. What answer would you give to her?’

A. ‘Traditionally, we have placed fonts of holy water near the entrances of our churches. This placement and usage corresponds actually to Old Testament Jewish practices of purification:

The Book of Leviticus prescribed various ritual purifications using water to remove the "uncleanness" … (cf. Leviticus 12-15).

A person also purified themself with water before entering the Temple precincts, offering prayer and sacrifice, and eating.

For this reason, in the Courtyard of the Priests (the area before the actual Temple building) was the Laver, an immense bronze basin filled with water.

Here the priests purified their hands and feet before offering sacrifices at the nearby altar, bathed before entering the Temple itself, and also drew water for other purifications prescribed in Jewish rituals.

Interestingly, the Qumran community, located near the Dead Sea and responsible for producing the Dead Sea scrolls, also had purification pools for the cleansing not only of external "uncleanness" but also of sin.

We too have fonts filled with holy water for blessings for three reasons: as a sign of repentance of sin, for protection from evil, and as a reminder of our Baptism.

The repentance of sin symbolized in the washing with water is reflected in Psalm 50:

"Have mercy on me, O God, in your goodness; in the greatness of your compassion wipe out my offense. Thoroughly wash me from my guilt and of my sin cleanse me. Cleanse me of sin with hyssop that I may be purified; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow" (3-4, 9). (Hyssop is a small bush used for sprinkling water).

Remember too how St. John the Baptizer called all to conversion using a ritual washing of water to signify the repentance of sin and purification…’

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This interpretation is yours? It's brilliant.

This has to be one of the most insightful film analyses ever - essentially a (worthy-of-Q like) decode of the filmmaker's multidimensional 'comms'.

Like the moment of a lightning flash, its inspired pattern recognition outlines the structure of one very key intrinsic 'seed thought' at the heart of this wonderfully complex film, (whose artistry itself also embodies a kind of self-reflecting, recursive quality within consciousness/perception/reality).

As to the 'water hole' - gradually more and more, the human 'simians' around our planet seem to be getting wise to the crude weapons and tricks of their would-be oppressors - as you've just so perceptively revealed. Hopefully where one or more can go, we can go all.

And in people's emerging perception of this weaponization of screen/psyche - maybe even begin to transcend it? And so swiftly evolve beyond their primitive/devolved reach.

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And he may just have said a whole lot more! :)

Like, in using this gathering as a major national/world platform — is President Trump also affirming major Q comms here, in a context of plausible deniability?


2021 America First Experience & Gala Keynote Remarks by President Donald J. Trump - YouTube


FIRST, are his remarks here (especially his apparent verbal mistakes) - possibly an extraordinary ‘4th term’ confirmatory comm? (…starting @ 38:28 )

And we had, as you know, ah

We were gonna go in with the fourth term.

We were gonna go— [as if catching the apparent error]

With the se

[He doesn’t actually finish saying ‘second’; then continues on with this aside, as if riffing on his apparent misstatement… quasi-humorously and with a body language ‘presentation’ face… not to mention, a bit of 'concealing something'(?) blinking]

With our — It could be! — You know we should be entitled to a fourth term too, after what we had to put up with.

But we’re going in.

(~ ‘We were gonna go in with the fourth term(past tense) + then re-emphasizes it, but as if for the future: We’re going in’. (!!!)


SECOND, starting @ 38:12, after referring to the ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan— he makes another seeming ‘verbal mistake’. If the extra N is a comm, maybe someone can decode more?; and/or it’s a possible ‘Heads Up’ to the upcoming seeming Q comms:

But now we have a new slogan. It’s called, ‘Make AmericaN** Great Again, Again’.

And re—(ally)— It’s a great slogan. [hmm, maybe as in, ‘a GREAT Awakening/anons/patriots' slogan?]

Make America Great Again, Again.'

At this point, he emphatically makes a diagonal hand-slash gesture [kind of like his very recent/repeated football team ’tomahawk chop’ gesture?] — which looks just like what he does when finishing off an ‘air Q’….

Plus, at the same time (@38:20-21) — he nods + says emphatically:Comma — then immediately mouths a nearly silentyes’ as if in affirmation, as if re-confirming it but subtly, under his breath.

If you listen carefully, you can hear the force of this unvocalized word breathed out into the sensitive microphone.

So is all this possibly a multi-level reference to Q + COMMS (COMMa) + ‘mirror’?

THIRD — Then there are these statements (that kinda sorta but, of course, merely coincidentally) also seem to vaguely resonate with Q:

39:20-39:29 — ‘Most significantly, we have witnessed the menacing rise of Woke Left Fascism.

[Leaving the teleprompter, he looks around drily as if to emphasize] >

The Woke. The Woke people'. Then:

'These people are sick.'

As later @ 55:18, he says of Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy, who acted highly pro-Trump/MAGA when soliciting Trump’s election endorsement - but then turned his back and voted for impeachment:

He can’t even walk down a street in Louisiana, now.’

And besides Trump repeatedly saying, ‘this is not a 50:50 country’ (D5 or_?) — also possibly relevant is his emphasis on the phrase ‘Make America Great Again, Again’, i.e. if say gematria is involved in the comms. As Q people have found, it can yield coherent results for words, phrases and events, with synchronistic positive, negative (and/or trivial/nonsensical) meanings.

Whether this reflects some intrinsic ‘design’ feature of the universe, or is just an artifact of language, math and projection — what is sure is that both ‘sides’ definitely use gematria (in comms, slogans & many other ways).

This has seemingly included Q and Trump, et al (e.g. check out positive associations for ‘MAGA’, for instance + tntm) — as well as negative-valence meanings that evoke the signature of more dark hat-y/negative/esoteric ds factions (~’smélites’…)


So in case it’s relevant to possible comms, here are some of the intriguing positive gematria correlations for ’Make America Great Again, Again’:

JEWISH gematria - 484:

Make America Great Again Again

Interconnected 720 864 888 972
(looked up Q post #s out of curiosity at qalerts.app > basically, @ msm losing control & ‘end being magical’)




Good Times Coming

Its Complicated

Fight The Good Fight


Podesta Indicted

Great Usa

Aaron Rogers

Ballot Fraud

Listen To Q

ENGLISH - 1170, SIMPLE - 195 gematria:

Make America Great Again Again

The Spirit Of America

Brother And Sister

The Last President

Best Is Yet To Come

Convalescent Plasma

Nineteen Seventeen

One Nation Under God

Love Is The Answer

November Eighteenth

Klaus Martin Schwab

*The Buck Stops Here

I Won The Election Big

From The President

A Total Witch Hunt

Contaminated Vaccines

She Is In Fear Of You

Department Of Defense

Predicted Only By Me

Vires In Numeris (Latin for ‘strength in numbers’)

Mission Possible

Working Together

Elevate Our Hearts


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And interestingly, this is what ' DARPA ', Lifelog's creator, means in Sanskrit:


Sanskrit Dictionary - darpa

darpa > arrogance, pride, haughtiness, insolence, conceit

[+ also for some reason - musk (?)]

from wiki ... (♫ ♪ ♬🎵🎶 'every move you make / I'll be watching you'...')

'LifeLog was a project of the Information Processing Techniques Office of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD).

According to its bid solicitation pamphlet in 2003, it was to be "an ontology-based (sub)system that captures, stores, and makes accessible the flow of one person's experience in and interactions with the world in order to support a broad spectrum of associates/assistants and other system capabilities".

The objective of the LifeLog concept was "to be able to trace the 'threads' of an individual's life in terms of events, states, and relationships", and it has the ability to "take in all of a subject's experience, from phone numbers dialed and e-mail messages viewed to every breath taken, step made and place gone".'

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haha, it's great how you are kind of 'coloring outside the lines'. What a good way to be on a quest, with an open heart and mind.

I once had an extremely intelligent/gifted Jewish artist friend, who also loved to pray the Rosary.

He was also an Anthroposophist' (a kind of human-as-divine-template centered, esoteric philosophy akin to theosophy) - which some people at first glance might condemn on the surface. But - he also loved and followed Jesus' teachings, and especially loved celebrating Christmas!

Then there's that lama Rasaji guy from 'The Patriot and the Lama'. He calls himself a 'Taoist, metaphysical, Catholic, Christian believer'. He's profoundly trained in several marshall arts and is a Tai' Chi Gung 'master lama' - and - he totally LOVES Jesus as a Christian.

God seems to have a sense of humor about humankind's 'doctrinal orthodoxy', i.e. God 'looks at the heart' more than any mistakes in people's understanding. Well Jesus did tell his disciples, 'Those who are not against us, are with us' (as well as its paradoxical opposite(!) Leaving us to just kind of 'go figure' (?)

So maybe it's kind of like what Q says, 'Expand your thinking'. :) Toward a Great Awakening. Along with what St. Paul said: 'Test everything, retain all that's Good'.

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haha, it's great you are kind of like 'coloring outside the lines'. What a cool quest to be on, with an open mind and heart.

I once had an extremely intelligent/gifted Jewish artist friend, who also loved to pray the Rosary.

He was also an Anthroposophist' (a kind of human-as-divine-template centered, esoteric philosophy akin to theosophy) - which some people at first glance might condemn on the surface. But - he also loved and followed Jesus' teachings, and especially loved celebrating Christmas!

Then there's that lama Rasaji guy from 'The Patriot and the Lama'. He calls himself a 'Taoist, metaphysical, Catholic, Christian believer'. He's profoundly trained in several marshall arts and is a Tai' Chi Gung 'master lama' - and - he totally LOVES Jesus as a Christian.

God seems to have a sense of humor about humankind's 'doctrinal orthodoxy', i.e. God 'looks at the heart' more than any mistakes in people's understanding. Well Jesus did tell his disciples, 'Those who are not against us, are with us' (as well as its paradoxical opposite(!) Leaving us to just kind of 'go figure' (?)

So maybe it's kind of like what Q says, 'Expand your thinking'. :) Toward a Great Awakening. Along with what St. Paul said: 'Test everything, retain all that's Good'.

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Okay, this is long - but sharing for anyone possibly interested in a deeper exploration ... as, to paraphrase Shakespeare, there undoubtedly may be 'way more things in heaven and earth, than are dreamt of in our poor philosophies/understandings...'

So to add some Scriptural facets to your beautifully expressed reflections:

In the 'Marian' rosary prayers, the use of the ‘Our Father’ is self-explanatory; but following are some of the Scriptural /salvation history bases for using the ‘Hail Mary’ component. Basically it is a prayer intent and celebration of Victory:

[But first, also bear in mind that the Word of God can be more richly ‘multidimensional’ and ‘poetic’ than linear (as are the Aramaic and Hebrew languages themselves), i.e. it can embody many intrinsic meanings at once.

Like Truth hitting our limited cognitive processes, it can often be more ‘both/and’ than ‘either/or’. In Judeo-Christianity, e.g., God can be named various versions of ‘Yahweh’ (singular) but also ‘Elohim’ (plural). Or the ONE as TRINITY.

Another example is the Hebrew word ‘echod’ (the Lord your God is ONE, i.e. monotheistic), which is also used for ‘composite unity’, such as ‘an echod of grapes’ (ONE cluster, bunch), or ‘all Israel rising as ONE before God (at the beginning of Nehemiah.)

It’s a bit like Q posts, which can so often have many fluid, convergent meanings :) Rather like ‘The Blind Man and the Elephant’. And Jesus habitually spoke on many levels, including seemingly in contradictions: ‘Take up your swords; lay down your swords’, ‘I’m the shepherd’ and ‘sheepgate’, etc. etc. etc.)

Since ‘they’ have ‘wanted us divided’ down throughout history - they have also skewed this richness of scripture to pit one facet of the whole truth ‘against’ another. Gabriel’s resoundingly victorious Scriptural acclamation to Mary (with its very deep roots) has been used to divide believers over Mary, and/or make the false accusation that praying to/with her means regarding her as ‘divine’.

No denomination or sect agrees 100% with any other, and there are thousands and thousands (and in just Christianity alone). And added to that, no 2 people even pray the same way, within themselves.

Should we try and put a damper on any sincere prayers, from any humans of genuine good will? Seeing as the Spirit is hopefully at work leading us all onward and upward.

And 'they' also use their knowledge of multi-level symbolism and archetypes [‘advertising’, psyops] to divide and divert us. They think people are merely emotion-driven, simplistic, literalistic simpletons.

So it’s up to us to start reclaiming all of our fuller, vastly richer heritage of 'the Truth, whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth’. Interpretation of the Tongues of God. Wherever that leads.]


For anyone to explore this a bit more - these are more facets to the spiritual meanings, intention and ‘why’ underlying the power of, e.g., the Rosary prayers - and it's nowhere near an exhaustive Scriptural list:


Luke 1:26-28

‘The angel Gabriel was sent by God … to a virgin [whose] name was Mary. He went in to her, saying: Hail, highly favored one [or ’highly graced’ one, ’full of grace’]**; The Lord is with you! Blessed are you among women…’

(Soon after, her cousin Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, not only repeated Gabriel’s exact salutation, but added to it…)


Luke 1:41-2

‘Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit; she spoke out with a loud voice and said, Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb!

[Bible Hub comments, [the words] point to an unrestrained utterance under the influence of irrepressible feeling, thoroughly true to feminine nature:

Blessed thou among women (a Hebrew superlative), and blessed the fruit of thy womb,” poetic parallelism again, answering to the exalted state of feeling. The reference to the Holy Spirit (in Luke 1:41) implies that Elizabeth spoke by prophetic inspiration.]


But ‘BLESSED ARE YOU AMONG WOMEN’ has far deeper Scriptural roots - it’s an ancient prefigurement and ‘battle cry’ of ultimate victory over evil! The imagery arising from these ‘women-as-victorious-salvation-warriors’ stories is symbolically POWERFUL and unmistakably VICTORIOUS (though the heroic actions would seem barbaric to modern people).


http://womeninscripture.com/2014/10/08/jael-most-blessed-of-women JAEL – Most Blessed of Women | Women in the Bible

(“Blessed is she among women.” A distinctive honor not just given to the Virgin Mary, but also to a little-known nomadic warrior who descended from a priestly clan in 1125 B.C.

A woman who, akin to the Virgin Mary, courageously helped save the Israelite nation despite the oppressive cultural norms for women, and chose God’s people over her own reputation’:


‘’“Then Jael took a tent peg and took a hammer in her hand, and went softly in [to the enemy General Sisera]. She drove the peg into his temple and it went down into the ground … And when they went into the tent, there lay Sisera, dead with the peg in his temple.” (Judges 4:21-22) …

(‘Note that the death of Sisera was unusual because the general of the Canaanite army lost his life by the hands of a woman, which in the culture of the Ancient Near East, was considered to be the greatest humiliation a soldier could ever experience.’)

The ‘Song of Deborah’ celebrates Jael ‘crushing the head’ of the enemy, and echoes Gabriel’s and Elizabeth’s prophetic words to Mary:


“Most blessed among women is Jael, the wife of Heber the Kenite,

Blessed is she among women in tents …

She stretched her hand to the tent peg; Her right hand to the workmen’s hammer;

She pounded Sisera, she pierced his head. She split and struck through his temple.

At her feet he sank, he fell, he lay still … there he fell dead.”

May all of your enemies perish like this, LORD!

But may those who love him be like the ascending sun in its strength!

Then the land enjoyed quiet for 40 years.

(Judges 5:24-27, 31)


AND, this victory over the enemy is repeated in the deuterocanonical Book of Judith: Judith 13:4-10


http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Jdt%2010:11-Jdt%2013:20&version=NABRE Jdt 10:11-Jdt 13:20 NABRE - IV. Judith Goes out to War - Bible Gateway


When all had departed [the] bedchamber, Judith stood by Holofernes’ bed and prayed silently, “O Lord, God of all might, in this hour look graciously on the work of my hands for the exaltation of Jerusalem.

Now is the time for aiding your heritage and for carrying out my design to shatter the enemies who have risen against us.”  

She went to the bedpost near the head of Holofernes, and taking his sword from it, she drew close to the bed, grasped the hair of his head, and said, “Strengthen me this day, Lord, God of Israel!

Then with all her might she struck his neck twice and cut off his head.  She rolled his body off the bed and took the canopy from its posts.

Soon afterward, she came out and handed over the head of Holofernes to her maid, 10 who put it into her food bag. Then the two went out together for prayer as they were accustomed to do.

Judith 13:17-20 >

All the people were greatly astonished. They bowed down and worshiped God, saying with one accord, “Blessed are you, our God, who today have humiliated the enemies of your people.”

Then Uzziah said to her, “Blessed are you, daughter, by the Most High God, above all the women on earth; and blessed be the Lord God, the creator of heaven and earth, who guided your blow at the head of the leader of our enemies.

Your deed of hope will never be forgotten by those who recall the might of God.

May God make this redound to your everlasting honor, rewarding you with blessings, because you risked your life when our people were being oppressed, and you averted our disaster, walking in the straight path before our God.” And all the people answered, “Amen! Amen!”


NOT TO MENTION other potential (multi-level) facets and pre-figurements, like the promise of Good over evil in Genesis 3:14-15:

‘Then the Lord God said to the serpent [evil, devil],

I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers; They [and/or ‘he’, ‘she’ & even ‘it’ in Hebrew] will strike at your head, while you strike at their heel.”

[And what if maybe all these historical questions and variations could be providential ‘facets’ and layers of God’s intended meaning/s? Maybe it’s worth considering, considering our more linear western cognition is often more ‘either/or’ - i.e., lacking the ‘excluded middle’…]


greek - Does the Latin Vulgate propagate a translation error in Genesis 3 15? - Biblical Hermeneutics Stack Exchange [well even if so, can't God 'write straight with crooked lines'?]

[Though the variant that uses “she” and “her” probably came from a copyist’s error, the idea it expresses is true. There is a sense in which Mary crushed the serpent’s head and in which she was struck at by the serpent.

She didn’t do these things directly, but indirectly, through her Son. It was Jesus who directly crushed the serpent’s head from the cross and Jesus whom the serpent directly struck on the cross. Yet Mary cooperated in these events.]

And then there’s so much more, like the 'Woman Clothed With the Sun’ giving birth in Revelations. Yes it’s the Church - but also, a profoundly multi-level symbolic utterance from a (beyond multidimensional) God who is ‘All-In-All.’

Like so much, a divine 'mystery'. To learn and grow in. So then......?

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Essentially, we are under a siege condition in lots of different ways.

Here, PowderRoomPolitics compares the vax + other assaults going on to the British blockade of Boston Harbor - and what we can possibly unite & do about individual and regional supply cutoffs to people, if necessary:


Remember How the Colonists Survived in Boston When Great Britain Closed Boston Harbor? Vaxx Mandates May Bring Us To That Point! - The Great Awakening - Where We Go One, We Go All! - by PowderRoomPolitics

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Another example from history would be the Berlin Airlift after WWII.

Yes, we need to start NAMING this covert genocidal WWIII strategy - [co-opting our farmland; an armada of ships blockading essential supplies + perhaps poised to cut undersea communication cables; incapacitating the work force while destabilization key institutions; etc.] for what it is: an attempt to inflict a siege (material, psychological, spiritual) on us. It’s being used worldwide in key areas, i.e. ‘battlespaces’ against resistance.

(Or even possibly these container ships also function as Trojan Horses, full of combatants and war machines? Is this why all our U.S. military equipment was left behind in Afghanistan vs. returned to help defend people here or elsewhere?)


A siege is an attempt to societally and/or individually collapse and starve people into submission to an aggressor (here, with the treasonous collusion of covert internal ‘enemies domestic’ and those foreign…)*





  1. A prolonged military assault or a blockade of a city or fortress with the intent of conquering by force or attrition.

  2. The act or process of surrounding and attacking a fortified place in such a way as to isolate it from help and supplies, for the purpose of lessening the resistance of the defenders and thereby making capture possible.

  3. Any prolonged or persistent effort to overcome resistance.

Included in that spectrum are the biowarfare (‘poisoning the wells’/covid/vax) aspects of the siege:

  1. A series of illnesses, troubles, or annoyances besetting a person or group.
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About Q's ~'foreign entity':

They really slipped up in 2020, when this information popped up in a DuckDuckGo search (but not in the linked wiki article version), before it was quickly scrubbed:


Search: who bought drudge report at DuckDuckGo ?

Results: 4/15/20, 2:45 PM


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drudge_Report Drudge Report - Wikipedia

Drudge Report ("stylized" as DRUDGE REPORT is a China based news aggregation website run by Matt Drudge. Founded by Matt Drudge and run with the help of Charles Hurt and Daniel Halper, the site is generally regarded as a conservative publication, though its ownership and political leanings have recently in question following business model changes in mid-late 2019.


(+ hmm, re: 'Halper' - could there perhaps be any relation to Stefan ?)




List of US Companies Secretly Owned by China Tesla, Microsoft, GM, Uber… This is an amazing list, some of these you will never think about. China is buying all America…‼️ - The Great Awakening - Where We Go One, We Go All! - by purkiss80

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Something like ' sméllites ' (or sméalites, sméagolites or smélites)?

It embeds the ideas of a less than savory smell + degenerate grasping Smeagol behavior + a mock pronunciation of 'elites' + putting on snooty airs ('é').

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Robert J. Lifton, gifted Psychoanalyst of History. [add: 'Psychohistorian']

Lifton wrote some fantastic and still highly relevant books/articles about brainwashing, the multigenerational transmission of mass trauma to descendants, a huge, insightful biography of Mao, and more.

Mao should have stayed a poet.

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There's most often more than one layer, the lowest one we see (with obvious trails activity) is around 10,000'. You can often see it (and plane spraying activity) below you if you fly on a commercial flight. Or sometimes a horizon-to-horizon flat white 'cloud' (at times covering the entire country, like a giant pancake).

But much higher up is a hazy layer that doesn't allow the true blue of the sky to be seen from the ground. Pretty much, ever. Even the dark blue is blurred.

If a person looks way up into the sky, there's nearly always a kind of faintly blurry, whitish haze obscuring the natural crisp blueness. Most people born now have never really seen a natural sky.

Plus they've greatly 'refined' the kind of puffy, apple-pie-crust looking low level spraying that used to look so blatant in the late '90s. Now the trails seem to 'dissolve' into a less obvious cloudy haze much faster.

This 2011 article has more, but as you say - even back then, they were covertly being used to experimentally spread serious respiratory illnesses (!!)

So is it covid this autumn/winter?? Crimes againgst humanity.


’[Military and commercial pilots] said the trails are most often sprayed between 10,000 and 30,000 feet to be out of the way of normal flight patterns.’

chemtrails coincide with mass illness related to respiratory functions

http://www.onepagenews.com/2011/11/17/chemtrails-10-reasons-you-know-they-are-real Chemtrails/ 12 Reasons They Are Real | One Page News (2011 article)


1. chemtrails are intelligently sprayed

‘…Normal flights utilize air corridors, designated lanes in sky to exit and approach airports. Chemtrail planes categorically defy these methods of flight and routinely fly either higher or lower than standard commercial aircraft … Extremely precise T-joints, Z-joints, markers, grid formations…

2. chemtrails do not behave like water

‘… fall from sky like dust, trails remain extremely reflective entire time … ‘Contrails’ made from frozen wate, melts as it falls. Chemtrails are nano-sized metals, drift down on population and crops below.

3. chemtrails follow a schedule

‘seasonal …2010 stopped May 15th started September 15th. 2011, stopping May 25th, starting October 1st. [not] Mother nature Since the initial publication summe increased marginally, winter increased drastically…. increase in trails over populated areas. Yet, it increases daily.’

4. chemtrails are not affected by weather temperatures

5. chemtrails are full of toxic chemicals not found in clouds

… Aluminum Oxide and Barium Oxide globally. Contrails frozen water particles.

6. chemtrails expand into giant structures, something contrails don’t

‘… expand to volumetric levels hundreds of times their original size unlike contrails that fade in a matter of seconds. Chemtrails can convert a sunny blue sky from horizon to horizon into an overcast day of falling debris.’

7. chemtrails are passively validated as a shield for global warming

‘… hilarious nonsense claim involves the total lack of spraying when the northern hemisphere is closest to the Sun, better known as Summer! no campaign to cool the world.’

8. chemtrails coincide with mass illness related to respiratory functions During October 1st 2011 when the spraying restarted in Southern California, the amount of strep throat cases skyrocketed. Clinics filled with patients reporting puss covered throats that felt like razor blades. Respiratory illness and reports of asthma attacks increased instantly. The common cold took foot before temperatures fell.

We believe that chemtrails might be held until winter to hide the fact that everyone gets ill in direct correlation with their spraying. Regardless, we check with local clinics and monitor the explosion rates directly. You should do the same. As of 2012, the mass media introduced a new catchphrase “summer cold” to cover for the fact that trails are now sprayed throughout the summer months, thus making the population perpetually sick.

9. chemtrails are sprayed over higher populated areas

10. chemtrails are part of existing geoengineering programs blueprints

'US' government sponsors … “geoengineering” programs. [ranging] from weather manipulation to depopulation programs. They hold conferences in mainstream convention halls around the country, and admit every aspect of the program save one, that they’ve turned the program on…

11. chemtrail planes violate air traffic within minutes

'After speaking with both military and commercial pilots about chemtrails, we were clearly told “It’s not us.” They said the trails are most often sprayed between 10,000 and 30,000 feet to be out of the way of normal flight patterns.

The smoking gun they suggested we look into was that no commercial or military airways share perpendicular flight patterns within minutes. This is demonstrated thousands of times daily when chemtrail spraying planes create giant X, T, and Z patterns in the sky.'

12. Germany admits to citizens they are spraying chemical trails

'... first admitted it was a “test” military weapon designed to block satellite penetration of enemy intelligence agencies; second rebranded as “test” weather manipulation … Copies of the news broadcasts have been removed from YouTube to conceal the admissions.'

suggest that you forward this article to as many people as you humanly can. Suggest they look up, take pictures, and post them to the internet. When we pull the trigger on these traitors, it will be best to have as much evidence to prosecute them as possible.

Also see our article on the Complete Story of Chemtrails.

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This guy looks terrific, this information is from his 2020 run for Congress:

(and maybe that election could use a forensic audit too...?)



BELIEFS - Billy Prempeh For Congress

Hi, I am Billy, I am running for US Congress in NJ 9th District. I am a US Air Force Veteran, First-Generation American, Millennial, Conservative Republican, and an American Freedom Fighter.


Below is a list of issues that Billy supports and will work hard to promote on behalf of the citizens of New Jersey:


Immigration reform

Protecting the rights of the unborn

Secure the border

Rebuild our infrastructure and Inner Cities

Fighting against human trafficking

Protecting 2nd amendment rights

Jobs, Taxes, & Regulation

School choice

Term limits for congress

Support for homeless veterans

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umm, maybe hold off a bit?

There could be some....... unanticipated, ah, side effects :


New Haircuts - This is how I'm wearing my hair / hairdo (What a mane!)

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[ADD] It's a kind of brainwashing or like mass hypnosis, essentially wiping people's reasoning minds by making them more confused, blank and amenable to suggestion from 'authorities in the know'. Kind of akin to Erickson's Confusion Technique, using multiple sensory information channels (TV screens crawling with non-related details) to put viewers into a passive hypnotic state.


Who is Vladislav Surkov?. The many faces and farces of Putin’s most notorious operative. - by Whitney Milam | Medium

‘… [a new short story] “Without Sky” took place in the future, and was narrated by a child whose parents were killed in “the first non-linear war”. This war, the narrator explains, was different from all the wars that came before:

In the primitive wars of the nineteenth, twentieth, and other middle centuries, the fight was usually between two sides: two nations or two temporary alliances. But now, four coalitions collided, and it wasn’t two against two, or three against one. It was all against all.

In Surkov’s vision of ‘non-linear’ warattacks both on and off the battlefield, involving both state and non-state actors, from terrorists and insurgents to hackers and propagandists — the goal was not to win, but to use the “process” of war itself to destabilize public perception: “confusing the way, obscuring the truth.”

Surviving non-linear war leaves the young narrator of “Without Sky” with a damaged consciousness, only able to see the world in two dimensions: black or white, good or bad, true or false.

The story ends with him preparing to revolt with his fellow “simple two-dimensionals” against “the complex and sly, against those who do not answer ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ who know some third word, many, many third words, empty, deceptive… They are the house of Satan.”

Surkov — master of the complex and sly; postmodern deconstructor of binaries like ‘war’ or ‘peace’; spinner of the Kremlin’s dark web of deceptions — was as self-aware as ever...'

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Not sure about that one.

But - also check out any possible contraindications, if you want (this link is for IVM for humans - but they may apply to your horse as well(??)

Like maybe, give them IVM treatment at a different time than HCQ.


Ivermectin - RARE Possible Contraindications_Cautions, re Hydroxychloraquine, Alcohol, Animals, Children & more? - The Great Awakening - Where We Go One, We Go All!

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With medicines based on molds (penicillin, e.g.), bacteria can develop a tolerance to them.

However IVM is based on byproducts of a bacterium. Not sure if that would also cause some resistance to its effects over time? Or not. Possibly something to double check into?

from acs . org:

Discovery of Ivermectin: Preventing Blindness and Heartworm

The story is so improbable it defies belief: A soil sample from Japan prevents suffering in Africa. It starts when a scientist discovers a lowly bacterium in soil near a golf course outside Tokyo.

A team of scientists in the U.S. finds that the bacterium produces compounds that interfere with the activity of nematode worms. It is developed into a drug that wards off parasites in countless pets and farm animals, averting billions of dollars in losses worldwide.

Extraordinarily, the drug also prevents or treats human parasitic diseases that would otherwise cause blindness and other severe symptoms in hundreds of millions of people in many of the poorest countries on Earth...

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A tiny baby pony!!! Only 200 lbs, how cute!

With My Little Pony's 'durvet' brand version, each 'notch' was for 50 lbs. So if differing brands have similar notch spaces(?), your adorbs miniature pony would use 4 notches. Unless brands differ.

But a half dose for your pony the first day, will also ease them in & get them used to it. Though it seems really gentle.

However not veterinary medicine advice or anything.

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Don't have time to research/follow this further, but 4660 is a reference:


Sep 10, 2020 9:30:17 PM EDT

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: dd7b12 No. 10597520

Sep 10, 2020 9:27:54 PM EDT

Anonymous ID: 051ee0 No. 10597460

Sep 10, 2020 9:25:24 PM EDT

Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6 ID: dd7b12 No. 10597394

['non-quotation mark' spacer added for readability] >>10597334

More advanced.

Consider 'black corner BOX 20%' insert top-bottom left/right.

Sniffer cannot distinguish at this time.




[spacer] >>10597394

1 or 2?

[spacer] >>10597460

1 is sufficient @ 20% of total.



Also e.g., in 2146-2148 it references memes that 'NON_NSA TECH CANNOT READ/FILTER':


Sep 10, 2018 7:23:00 PM EDT

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 8b50ae No. 2965895











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