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Lol pussies. Called us nazis for 6 years and now can’t take a bit of their own medicine?

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I think you are looking into his speech to much

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Erik is legit from as far as I can tell. Black water was completely taken over by the CIA and other ngos in the globalists pockets after the whole incident with them in 2007. That was a false flag to disgrace the company because ((they)) realized how much of a danger a company like black water was to their power. So they had to infiltrate it and take it over and Erik prince sold it over ten years ago. He seems pretty based though but can’t really tell. Now the company is just another wing of the CIA to do all types of sketchy black ops shit

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This is just like March 2020 all over again Lolol. Only instead of liberals being retarded it’s “conservatives” now

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Russian soldier? His kit is setup like an American

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Zelensky is a dirty Jew

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