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Sam Harris is a self-important elitist who has made his name pimping atheism and shaming believers in God. Ironically, God will have the final say.

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He's gotta be 6'10" or so. Pretty odd to see him towering over those others who are also tall people.

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Totally agree on all points. I think many of our injections may have been tools to introduce pathogens, weaken our systems, or train us to accept from birth to adulthood. As a middle aged guy, I really question my own reasons for just accepting and not questioning more.

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I remember when vaccines were made to help prevent people from getting the illness the vaccine was designed for.

What a shit show.

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I think they don't understand how things work in rural areas.

Indeed, Fuck Around and Find out.

Defenseless. Sure. Game on.

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True, of course, but in their mind all abortions are "at risk". As if killing is a right.

Somehow those in power convinced people that killing their offspring in the womb was a good idea and something to be fought for and defended.

One sick bunch, for sure.

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Admiral Mooseknuckle can't even wear a uniform properly. That is NOT a matching skirt and jacket befitting the term uniform. What a sloppy, fake-assed wanna-be trying to hide his knuckle.

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Ironically, we all make money from that private industry so it's a horrible strategy unless they just want Americans further angry at CEO types. Nobody is going to just shift to hating all of private industry and most will do what the left trained them to do....hate on the 1% even more.

What a shit show the left creates every time they try something.

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Not sure. AE1313 used to be assigned to an EA-6B, but they've been sundowned by the USN and USMC so it must now be assigned to a drone. Trying to find out which kind.

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Certainly not the ugly tree. That sucker has struck gold.

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True. Or that info will come out via Assange and the media still won't report it, the nation still won't know it, and life goes on as usual. So many have known about SR since he was suicided and nothing has changed that has caused even one arrest. To think new info will make some difference is probably being overly optimistic.

Not trying to doom, but rather to not hype up what has been available publicly for years and ignored. Most of this nation isn't interested in truth. They just want to be told by the TV how to think and feel, then go about their day. I pray you're right and I'm wrong here....that mankind awakens and realizes how much evil has been perpetrated. I truly do.

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We've only been hearing that since 2016.

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Well, yeah, when they silenced all the conservatives it's logical to then only hear from those who weren't shadowbanned or totally banned.


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Partly correct. He's the puppet. But the Democrats can't do it alone. You can rest assured the Republicans are right there with them. There aren't Democrats, Republicans and RINO's. There are politicians pretending to be on different sides. A handfull may be good people, but the majority are there for an agenda we aren't privy to, and none of them are on our side. It's plainly obvious. They bicker publicly to make us believe they either care or don't care, but the end result is still where the truth is....it's allowed to happen and nobody is stopping it.

So I think someone way smarter and more capable than Biden is really in charge, he's being used like a senile puppet, and the Republicans are in on it too while playing pretend to keep up the illusion of two parties.

Trump is the first president to make the people feel like they matter while also living up to his promises. The rest is political BS that amounts to nothing.

R=D is the real truth.

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The good news is Jim Acosta's opinion matters to only like 9 people worldwide.

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He also tested positive for being a dipshit.

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