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This has already been deployed by NATO.

Changing a persons beliefs, to where they no longer have free will.

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This was very much Trumpian.

However I always disagreed with him there. When together it is a lovefest of socialism.

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Doctors in surgery dont do this. What about those that wear those headgear masks. Clear plastic attached to forehead. They are not closed up. That acceptable for a covid floor. But not a stupid teacher.

Time for school board meeting asking for her firing.

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Lets meet Huma and respectfully ask her questions.

At every venue scheduled.

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You have prayer.

As well as joining with other like minded indivuals we have power. Shut down airlines? check. Make school districts squirm? check Have the employer vaccine mandates pulled back? check

You are oh so wrong.

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I must say that is a suspect letter.

Color red is smeared.

Good day is not a salutation that I have ever heard.

Paper is a bit thin.

Though if legit its because a MaplePede simple printed an email.

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Okay then.

F-ck you Biden. That isn't against the rules.

To the poor Brandon's of the world.

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I agree with your sentiment. However it is no longer early days of internet. The evils of Freemasonry are out there. The newer generation has no excuse.

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If Joe Biden steps down for whatever excuse, Heels Up Harris is prez. Does this mean the line is automatically VP the Speaker of House until a VP is permenantly installed?

I could google but why when I have smarter ppl here?

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Simply have the unvaxxed spouse stay away for the 2 weeks most of shedding occurs.

No sex, it seems to be the untalked about issue.

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I can not say what is being said at the New Mexico in Los Alamos Natl Lab...

But this mandate has caused many THOUSANDS of employees to talk of walking out in NM alone.

The 6 in Tennessee were used because its a bit more judge sanity than NM.

Thank you for posting.

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This is OP job not mine. He is showing ONE image and we are to believe.

If you want to find other proofs that is great. Do it.

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His kitchen cabinet probably consists of :

His family. Dan Scavino. Hope Hicks. The old gang.

My guess.

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Need something better than this.

Memorial by family?

Married? Status of husband how does he show up with social media.

If I was on a jury of an inquest this 'verfication' would not be proof of anything. It would be ignored because it holds no weight in balance of evidence.

Why are you contiually posting this? For the upvotes?

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In looking at findagrave.com this is different than others posted

I assert this is an insert to troll.

Not a valid proof at all as a result.

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That is not Hillary Clinton's eyes. Same woman that was with Bill at the Biden inaugaration?

Either that it is the real Hillary and she does bad eye make up.

I don't think its a masonic sign. Watch people leave hospital. I see it as a simple gesture of stress. Sad or happy.

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Andrew Torba (sp) from Gab is starting a Gab Bank for this very reason.

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David Amess killer, 25 year old Somali National.


When they never say the name or picture of assailant, you know they aren't white...

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Thank God the babies are alive. They survived murder.

Adopt one. Just like everyone else who find out there are newborns available.

What are you doing about this personally? Do the black communities themselves know that there are orphanages (per you) full of these children? I personally know of private home foster care being full of children.

I know of no orphanage, where are they?

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It DOES when comes to certain retirement benefits, federal trumps state.

There are few things that the federal government does trump state law.

Health is not one of them.

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