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Gene Decode has a full in detail explanation on hollow earth on his telegram channel. M All from its history with the 12 continents and the crust world, and the true metaphysical sience behind the hollow planets. Pluto isn’t hollow.

I have put together a document from an old video were they explain in detail with math how to create a device to antigravity, moving and cut rocks like the pyramids.

And I’m from one of the holy locations the Aryans of the old world has part of their roots.

The stories to all this freemasonry is like an open book when people have the pieces.

The world is stranger than fiction. It’s more lord of the rings and ,harry potter and marvel than people think with an extremely old history.

The realization makes people understand everyone they think they know is built on lies or pure lies.

Freemasons are granted to truth to relaity due to the satanic union with the evil that has been in control of this surface world.

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They don’t want people to know about Atlantis and Hyperborea. And how the pyramids were build with the help of the sun energy pattern causing antigravity field with the help of a flywheel with magnets. Like Coral Castle in Florida. The beautiful SOB did it and left clues matching all formulas of patterns inside the Masonic church in Philadelphia.

Its patterns are classified due to the fact it shows the math to antigravity technology.

The Star of David is an illusion. It’s the key to connect a pyramid on top a flywheel with cogs of magnets. The key is in the geometrical of it all. It has to be in prices alignment according to prime quadruplets and sacred geometry. 48 magnets in total of each polarity and you connect to the suns energy while in rotation. Perfect 0-point, singularity.

That will lead people to the hollow earth realization.

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Why would the plan fail with Trump dead?

And yea he probably is 100% secure.

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Yes thats very true.

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They are brainwashed lunatics corrupted by porn, insecurity, rootlessness, and overall stupidity.

Ofc they don’t want their views challenged. They can only “win” aslong as they lick the boots of the elite.

In that way they feel empowered and smart. Digging their own grave in the process.


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If you have some consciousness about the world and the deep state in general, you know its the patriots. Why? Because the cabal has never exposed itself in the past. Few were aware of this situation 10 years ago.

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They won before WW2 began even. Who was behind the US civil war?

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The real deal is not in the public. And the true master race they have created is not even on the surface. They have cities below your feet. "New Frankfurt", "New Berlin" etc.

The reason the US military has been controlled by them is that all were deceived by a lie based on the world they have learned their slaves to believe in context to history and culture. People are good, people are not that stupid but they are fooled, blind and divided. And in a low vibrational state, serving their masters. Hence people at large don't understand what is possible in terms of existence.

Some of them come up and attend Universities etc and take a place and work to maintain the concentration camp of the "muggles." People think this is crazy talk, and I don't judge them for it. Because all of this is beyond crazy.

The real master race they have created is the Aryan race that was supposed to repopulate the world when most of the "muggles" had been killed by the vaccines and wars with Russia. They have been in control of all sides. ALL SIDES. The 500 million surviving would have been spared being their slaves in the open.

The Royals in the UK are the top. Hybrids. All of the top dogs are Hybrids. The top people see in the public is just management of this planet (Rotshiclds etc)

They are riding on the back of the "dragon".

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They are Schytians. "Sith Lords". Aryans of the old world survived the flood etc.

They are the root to all secret societies and orders etc. Druids, shamans..World wide. Even in South America and Africa. You can see some people have Aryan complexions and they are to some degree part of that blood. Fire and blood.

Fire = It's the symbolism for the fire delta symbol, also the Aries and the GOAT. Look for goat symbolism and goats in standards. The Goat is a revered animal symbol. Another common symbol for them is "the rising sun". Also, it symbolizes the fire inside you that is connected to the sun. That energy connection is what the hexagram/"star of David" (miss conception) symbolize. It's the key to understanding how they built the pyramids.(anti-gravity)

The Vikings and goths are a part of the Schytian tribes originally as all germanic peoples. The lost ten tribes among others. Not Semitic. Aryan. And they are the Israelites. They have infiltrated several countries. The Jews we see in power are just cover boys to trick the muggles to look the wrong way. Nazism did this as well. They are all Satanists, no matter where they are from. Th

People's view of them is so simplified because people don't understand how well-connected the world once was. The Schytians have had dominion over several countries ad cultures. Israel is their craft. The death cult that stemmed from the lost ten tribes (started in the decay of Atlantis).

The House of the dragon is a disclosure trying to show people who they are seen in context to our world. You also see their symbolism in Star Wars and Harry Potter.

Where I live we have several buildings with snakes and wands carved in stones, and other symbolism as well that is ancient and connected to their black magic and occultism overall.

Valyria = Atlantis.

Numenór = Atlantis.

They believe in the old religion of 12 gods. Seen in many cultures accompanied by the sun cross. Hence the 12 stars on the EU flag. Blue and Yellow are Symbolism. Red black and white were the colors of Atlantis. In what country do you see those colors often? Same reason Nazi Germany used that flag.

It's very hard to label these people hence they have controlled history and created all civilizations since the last real civilization went under 12 000 years ago.

They are hiding in the public perception of race. If you look like an angel with a golden ratio face people don't suspect your dealings.

The Malfoys in Harry Potter show what they believe in. How they view the blind muggles. I personally know some of these people. And I can assure you few would ever understand how this all sums up. They are guarding their blood and view people who live in their illusions and witchcraft as muggles.

One of their kingdoms in exile is located in Scandinavia. it's a very specific place. And their freemasonry and occultism have a "holy" location.

They hide the same way as wizards do in Harry Potter, the way you must think of them. Old communities and old families, old estates.

If people try to understand this with the mainstream history, cultures, view of religion, etc. they are in command of the narrative.

Watch the movie "Midsummer" from 2019.

It's the same people as the lost tribes, the Babylonians, Egypt etc..

All the things people at large never would believe in. Nazism and Zionism is just a tool they use to divide the muggles recently. They have done this for thousands of years, so I let you figure out the rest in that regard.

They don't view the world the way people they have tricked do. They know what's important is what you have on the inside and they have tricked people to think upside down. Wonderland.

To label them "Khazars" and think you got it figured out is so simplistic. They are Canaanites.

The reason we are going through this is that people can't grasp that certain people can be part of a death cult. I mean, looking a certain way makes you "good" in a lot of people's eyes due to programming.

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It's a symbol of good fortune. Hence the symbolism with a four clover. It depicts the universal cycles of the stars. The entire "clock" of the Universe. It represents the star constellation of the big and little dipper rotating around the polestar, they are all viewed from Hyperborea in the north. All four seasons of the year.

It also is a symbol for "12". Think "L" x4.

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It was introduced by Aryans of the old world, and they are sun worshippers and have been active all over the world. The ruling class was called "Targaryens" in China. A tradition of mummification, they also ruled Egypt, which was a colony of Atlantis. Later they spread to different peoples.

Blonde hair, blue eyes.

Remember it was Aryans that introduced Sanskrit and the Vedic period in India. They came down from Hyperborea. You see sick symbolism to the celt-druids but also a lot of Hindu symbolism in Scandinavia. Skanda was a Hindu death god hence the name.

The reason why they are so obsessed with race is that they want to restore/review their psychic powers of old. It's more a wizard vs muggle thing in how they perceive it.

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Ive been saying this for the longest time.

They are hiding in plain sight. SS everywhere pretending to be the good people. It's more about the occult than it's about the thing the nazis want the sheep to think of. in the end, nazism is just a cover, it's a fertility death-cult. Descendants of the old world.

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I understand your thoughts and feelings, and I agree with your compassion. And I don't think anyone deserves to die if not themselves have chosen so (not vaccine). However, all I am alluding to is that we have a population obsessed with the fertility cults' illusions and lies. And live thereafter to different degrees. Good or bad.

Overpopulation is a lie in its nature since seen to the scope of everything. But for what i think is in store some people will not make it. And 8% is ALOT of people.

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With the “muggle” understanding of healing yes. Then we are fucked for a 100 years if not for all eternity.

Let’s hope Q was right about the Wizard and Warlock part..

I just have this “tiny” feeling our hospitals have nothing to do with healthcare. Rather extend the suffering as long as possible while you keep the slave healthy enough for work, but in pain and fear.

But hey, maybe I’m too harsh? Maybe people like Rockerfeller always cared about my health. Why wouldn’t they? I’m such a special slave.

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It will be a culling.

That dosen’t mean the future won’t be bright. I would say I think the opposite to be honest.

People have the wrong mindset about life and death.

To be a meat bag for the cabal to control in means of suppressing the rest. Overpopulated areas ruins the planet.

“Humans are not born anymore, they are grown” -(The Matrix 1999) Sound like our reality

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Yea, it’s easier if people just could accept that fact. Who knows, it can be you or me that dies as well. What I’m saying is people are to fixated with the idea of no one can risk the possibility of dying.

If death is so awful and scary for the person actually dying, and God is only love and light, why do we die then?

People will die, it’s a war and past decades a lot of people has been born just to be a fabric and energy source to keep this matrix intact.

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Yes a lot of people will chose to not take part Of that world and keep live in ignorans in 3D.

There are those who say a split will occur.

Some will join the rest of the universe. But a lot, maybe a majority will rather chose to keep be slaves for the Orion group for ever.

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I think you are an other retard who hates sience and is fanatic in religion.

I guess you like killing to.

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And who are you?

And what do you think Q is? A guide to tell you what to do?

Do you seriously think the military fighting the cabal would not have me investigate this.

I assume you are religious, butthurt fanatic seeing your dogmas slowly lose grip.


No more power for you to scare people into your belief system. Is that the reason you are mad?

And no, Q is not a movement you decide what is what from what

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You should ask people in your precious military.

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In the end, it’s just words.

What’s truly matters is how you feel.

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