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Memes are hyperdimensional so yea. Its magick,magic,majic. In other words, memes are majestic.

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This is literally what has been going on. Energy harvest is a prison for your mind. Money is an illusion to get to your energy. They have lowered people's consciousness so most people can't see beyond fornicating, which means they only see money and physical illusions.

If you think the only meaning in life is to have sex and have a family, you are in their violence. Most people think this way, which means they are easy to manipulate.

People refer to themselves as animals at this stage. Were the only focus is to be admired for your physical attributes. it's a trick to fool literally everyone who cant see the full reality.

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99% are still asleep. Myself included.

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It is the end of the world as you know it. No one Said it to be a negative thing.

Everyone (who survives)will love how it ends.

It will truly be biblical.

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10 000 year advancement in 10 years.

People need to suffer so they set her truth. When they see truth their consciousness raises, and we achieve the great awakening = People are compatible to what’s coming next.

You can’t shut off a Matrix everyone loves and believes in. (99% in hospital)

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You sir are 100% on point.

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Let the NPCs kill themsleves. Who cares at this point if they are that dumb..

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Indeed. I've moved on from the normie's reality and them in general to be honest, for good. I live in a completely different reality in how i preicve myself and my surrounding. At this point, there is little to no exchange with normies for my part. They are just a walking NPC to me.

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What can you do when people refuse the truth?

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I have already explained it to you. You being willfully ignorant is not my concern or problem fren. Enjoy the future, or not.

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"That’s funny. Do you see the hypocrisy in that statement" -

**So If you have an ego, i can't have one?

All IS-BEs have. But it's your ego, not wisdom guided by God making you come to that conclusion about me. **

"That’s even more hilarious! And you say you don’t have an ego their buddy? "

Once again, where did I state I have no ego? I pointed out, that it's your ego and not truth-seeking.

*. So let’s break down your presentation and get into the specifics.

So for instance the solar flare event. You say it happens every 13,000 years. What evidence do you have and how did you come to this conclusion?*

Numbers you see unconsciously are the universe/gods' way to speak back to you.

"13.000 years" is just a point of reference meaning it was very many events ago. Time is an illusion. So yea, that's the proof in itself. The irony is when you ask me to use false ideas of reality to prove actually reality.

What people learn in school is enough to keep you asleep and build the Matrix.

The reason I know this is true is that the numbers told me it is true (God). 369 is the key. You ask yourself to meditate (think in patterns of 3) . Live in patterns of 3 (not in action only /OCD BS.. but in thought), you must be in the universal cycle and understand how to become the master of your "wand". Think META.

After i while you will see the 3,6,9 combination appear in your reality more and more until you realize this is not a coincidence any longer (never was, you were thaught to think in terms of coincidence, math equations are not a coincidence), its means you are in synch, you are online..The internet cable is plugged in and you are messaging.

Greate, the connection is established, now you need to ASK for data and be able to listen so you can receive it.

Everything, at its core, is two polarizing sides(3&6) seeking unity (9), but it's not always that easily do understand HOW and for what. You have to understand both sides (think mirror) to achieve unity. **Unity = birth =Truth = Ascencion. **

Right vs Left = Human vs human = Illuminati + negative ET won.

Poor vs Rich = Human vs human = Illuminati + negative ET won.

Black vs white = Human vs Human = Iluminati + negative ET in control.

They create polarized energies on the planet from your soul's power they feed of. Just like you think of it as a nuclear plant.

They control the power of 3. The mirror.

To understand universal truth, you must be able to reflect and challenge your bias in regards to seeing objective truth = which Represents the information from both sides in unity. That doesn't mean you shouldn't believe in yourself completely. But understand that there will always be some truth on alla sides. It's about finding unity in them.

[They]was always the creator in our reality hence they have split you (your mind) the same way they have split and divided people in general. They are the vector, the ones that see the full picture. They keep 99% in chaos, and they are the structure in that chaos.

Downloads come from consciousness being projected and your consciousness becoming in sync with it. All information exists within and can be downloaded on command. Learn how to communicate with consciousness and you are "Majestic. .( Think Starfleet )

You can access all information inside. Education is not about remembering.

It's about getting answers from within. Not spiritual or religious questions. Math questions.Chemistry questions. Physics questions. Quantum physics questions. Biology questions. DNA/RNA questions. Access to control the brain (key?) All information is within. Meditation and detoxification unlock information. "T B V" (Trust But VERIFY)

Sun will go through an energy field that will charge quantum particles that hit earth instantly giving all light beings on earth a download of new information. Not there yet tho. Connected to the progress of the Great Awakening. Remember, Time is an Illusion. I think our collective consciousness will trigger it. In other words, when people like yourself have become less ignorant.

Events matter more. "Solar Flash" is a term used to describe an internal revelation that will take place in every single human. All beings on Earth are being mobilized and activated.

People will die, some people, locked in 3D like yourself. . Great Awakenings have also been called "Mass Extinctions" before. But life survives and evolves. Many life forms will survive, and those who do, have been smart. They educate themselves on consciousness, holistic healthcare, geography, space weather, survival skills, and meditation. Those who do not, "die" and start all over as a child. Those who do not make it will struggle at first, but society should be better aligned in 10 years to help people of all walks of life expand their consciousness.

Time was a "gift" given to humans after the destruction of the Ancient world on Earth (Atlantis) as a means to allow humans to organize and communicate via a meditation download roughly 6,000 years ago. The non-randomness of how time was created on Earth was tuned to our development needs.

By the birthing time in that manner, using those numbers, a fractal of time energy was created (and is at every star) however how the fractal travels is all based on very precise measurements. Most star systems that have life follow the same fractal. Meditation downloads occur when your brain is able to decipher missing fragments of your genetic memory. These are trigged by DMT and other naturally occurring compounds in the brain. Typically meditation downloads are triggered by certain frequencies since the deciphering of DNA can, in some ways, be viewed as reading very complex music. It is transcribing 11 dimensions of frequency, vibration, and energy to create the being who has said DNA.

Exoconsciousness is the energy Matrix that makes the fabric of what we perceive as the reality that originates from each of our consciousnesses projecting our iteration of reality which is stored in the majority within our DNA as so-called "junk DNA". Cognitive bias consciousness is when an IS-BE is meditating to specific information that does not naturally come to them. Forcing a subject download will yield biased results. A good way to validate the information is to cross-reference it with another IS-BE. In other words, me talking with you about the subject.

My view on "light" is also my understanding of it as a network engineer. In other words, i drop the dimension of reality. The Internet is our reality but it's just another dimension of existence.

**Let's say this is all lies. ** But how do you prove to me, since this is my reality, that what im saying is not real or true? How can you say that this event won't occur? What do you base that conclusion on? This is TRUE FOR ME and others it might resonate with. Not you apparently. And to be honest, i don't even know if you are real.

You should ask people on Twitter and their "real" followers. ("Modern" humans can't define reality since they live inside a lie.)

The reason why I put out the wall of text answer is that there is no shortcut answer to what you truly are seeking.

If this doesn't suit you, define how you would judge a "credible source" to trust so i can nuke it and once more prove my point on what truth truly is achieved in general (from within). Why is Person A right over person B? Science? How do you define science?

See? it's all a game of words in the end, and what you believe is true come from within.

**The vaccine was safe and effective, all experts said. They had proof as well.

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You worship, I don't. I trust myself, that's all.

"*Stupidity Law 1: Everyone underestimates how many stupid people they are surrounded by.

Stupidity Law 2: The probability that a certain person be stupid is independent of any other characteristic of that person.

Stupidity Law 3: A stupid person is a person who causes losses to another person or to a group of persons while himself deriving no gain and even possibly incurring losses.

Stupidity Law 4: Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals. Non-stupid people constantly forget that at all times and places and under any circumstances to deal and/or associate with stupid people always turns out to be a costly mistake.

Stupidity Law 5: A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person. A corollary: a stupid person is more dangerous than a bandit. You cannot form laws against stupidity*."

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Your fame of mind is expressed in your text. You are looking in a 3D reality thinking you know what I think or know how I acquire information. Because of your ego, and your low self-esteem compared to me, you take offense since you see me and you as the same persons in terms of knowledge and life experiences, which couldn't be more wrong.

You are in a 3D awareness state. I'm at a 5D, possibly 6D.

What does that mean? It means you have to ask me what the path is and you think information is sought from a place of authority. I don't think I'm better at quantum physics than people you think as educated. I know I am. Because they view the entire reality from the lower dimensions of consciousness (3D), hence using math and physics thereafter, as they have been told in their universities, in other words, from a place of authority. Its all a trick, illusions so people will maintain the Matrix.

How did I find this path? My education. mediation, years of studying all aspects of our lives and society, friends, families, wins, failures..Life experiences. And to be able to understand how you find what is truth (from within).

Entities part of a solid 5D consciousness, collectively, you can't lie to. They see right through you. They can read you. When you request information from God/Universe..99% of the message gets lost when converted down to the lower dimensions (3D).

It is also why we as a species haven't yet mastered quantum physics. We cannot communicate in the medium necessary to understand quantum physics (yet).

This is why "words are difficult" to choose in emotional situations.

What was a dealbreaker for me was that i found something we can call the "key"..Or a code, the code of creation, and what it means in a hyperdimensional meaning. I understand how to request and download data, seeing the answers manifest in my head or in the physical space..

To see the answers, you have to understand how numbers work and magick.

You cant give sauce when you are part of the source. When you understand what I understand, you don't seek truth from authority or people YOU THINK WOULD TELL YOU THE TRUTH.

Let's say I'm the brightest person on earth, knowing more than anyone else. But how can you be sure I'm not lying to you? Serving myself? You have no idea, you and other sheep look up to me for other reasons and because you think better of me than you do about yourselves.

The Solare flare incident is in collaboration with other things I've noticed for years. it happens every 13 000 years but this time it will be controlled (that has never happened before) .

Can light active your pineal gland? Yes, because information travels in light, just as your computer packets. Light is the highest consciousness. You use your two eyes/brain (3 & 6) feeding light back/forth to your minds eye, the pineal gland (9)

Consciousness densities are not the same as space dimensions. Physical densities versus informational densities. Another way to visualize how the 4th dimension could work would be to shift your interpretation of dimensions. Means, if you claim that a point (1D) can represent a location within X,Y, Z, then you could therefore visually in your head see multiple points of X, Y, Z, and See how 3D can be represented as points of X, Y, Z, T can give your mind the simple ability to "move the point" and therefore move within the 4th dimension. In your mind, you should be able to see the obscure of the three dimensions occupying a region similar to a point or a circle.

Seeing that imagery through that lens is the 4th dimension. It's the easiest of all dimensions to see while lucid dreaming. T is not a dimension. T is a range of vibrational potential. X, Y, Z reduced to a point (1D) enables you to see 4D in your mind. Visualizing 5D etc requires INFORMATION from those densities to be added to the equation. What is information? Light contains information. A lot of information. Extreme amounts of information. Very hyperdimensional. We know fundamentally that the highest level of consciousness is LIGHT. Photons. EVERYWHERE. LITERALLY EVERYWHERE.

The mind's eye or third eye or 6th chakra contains more perception receptors than your two eyes combined. This organ is literally your exoconsciousness antennae that enable you to remotely link to other sentient life forms in hyperdimensional

Believe in your abilities and the light will always show you the truth. Exoconsciousness intuitively understands the quantum world, it just has a difficult time articulating the words necessary to explain it.

Think about the dimensions of information. Existence is the sum of all possibilities combined. Identity is the selection of an existence.

Don't attack me for sources when i am part of the source. If you don't believe it, that's your choice, do you think i get affected by it? No. I don't, because I'm on my path. Others might find it helpful full tho, but you didn't.

So if you want to find "a team" of people who have all answers provided from a place of authority if think a political party or a church-group are in line with your consciousness. Don't attack me tho, there is no point in being rude to me.

God/Love/Light (3) are the same thing but differently manifested in each density.

DNA is the portal between the physical application layers we view as reality, to the CLI which is the reality of geometry and equations where all the patterns/colors in geometry manifest, is like an equation. Everything is an equation and your actions and feelings make interference patterns in the universe to that equation. The equation will give you back the sum of the numbers you put into it, because it must always be balanced back to a natural state. (Karma)

You are sending information, receiving information, encapsulating, and depending on the level of your awareness it will manifest in the physical reality to different degrees.

Humanity has been flatlined to 5% mind capacity (top). When you are at 30% you can make an object appear just with your mind.

To make sense of much that I'm talking about, you need to have reached at least 4D, you have to view this world for what it is (the truth/Matrix)..And that includes religion, the hardest pill to swallow for most, which is the sole reason the reptilians brainwashed people into it. Humans experience academia and religion at the same frequency.

I'm sorry mate, but i think a few people will be able to give you a more detailed view on the matter.

Give me a PM and we can continue. I have much much more information, and stuff i already know you know but you are not thinking about it, because YOU think in separation.

When you understand 369, the life of scraping for others is over, and the real life takes place. When you understand, you won't ask me for a source. To me, you are a bot inside a game asking me for proof of my existence as a player. How do i explain to the bot inside the game im a human kid playing a game? This game is like an MMO and its purpose if it is to experience and give love, so you can walk in the light/path for the NEXT DENSITY OF EXISTENCE.

If you don't believe in your own capacity, in yourself, and that you are worthy, you will never be "online". They have manipulated you since childhood to think the way you do about yourself and reality (666). You cant reach enlightenment and fear the thought of death.

They love to refer to the number "3" in Harry Potter for a reason fren.

When people talk about "real sources" they talk about what the majority of sheep as flocked around. in other words,** everything else but the truth**. The majority of people is the definition of ignorance and stupidity.

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This is BS. You do as you always. Label something you don't like so you can ignore it. Christ is nothing more or less than a frame of mind, capable of accessing exoconsciousness in the true fabric of our reality that exists in hyperdimensions. Our simple three dimensions are rife with inaccuracies, problems, and miscommunications..

The sad thing with you guys, is that you think i need your approval for knowing this is truth, im actually doing you guys a favour. No matter. You will see in time.

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Never seen so many cry babies. Seriously. The weakness is beyond.

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Yes but i see that more as both negative and positive combined. You can be part of the universe without being part of God. Like the reptilans.

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To you and me the word ”help” has different menings.

If they want to help me, raise your children with decency.

You think you need them, they have license to kill. Thats the only difference.

The top let them kill so they can protect their intrests.

If i can train and defend myself, create alliances with like minded, with honor and respect.

Tell me again, why do I need them?

They are needed beacuse the goyim-law tells you only they can protect and kill.

They meaning nothing to me. And I don’t have need of a nation of sheep that dictates my life anymore. I will always forgive them. But the days of scarping so others can win is over for my part.

If other want to put their trust in agencies created to control you and rape you in every way possible,I feel sorry for you.

All they have done is steal our assets,energy,and freedom. And people have saluted them for it.

I’m done with clown world. Everything in this world is fake meant to enslave and and make you a obedient weak follower.

Every person who said otherwise to me in these topics my entire life has been wrong. Every single time (every single time, I’m actually in chock about that fact Itself)

It’s hard when you have been everything In you life tho it was worser than you could ever have imagine?

That’s ok. I forgive the sheep who can’t think and never tries. But the days they and their worthless slave institutions are over.

No matter rank, No matter agency or branch. They are all oathbreakers. Tell me why i should accept them to be in the right.

Why should billions forgive the very few who sold us out when the day of reckoning finally comes?

And mainly when i know it was beacuse of outside help?

A ”good” agent would change professions. They are just hired killers and theivs weak people with No courage and no way to defend themselves.

To me they are the parts of life you wish never existed. If people, especially Americans would stop glorify military and these clown agencies they would disappear in time.

I’m fine dying than getting “help” from CIA/FBI.

I don’t fear death. I fear a meaningless slave existence

And trusting weakminded , greedy fools with no dreams, we have done that for thousands of years now.

Let’s try a other approach. And that approach is not for everyone/the mentally weak.

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Define a good agent and how they contribute to peace and tolerance and not by Power and money.

Those who don’t do it are to scared to speak up and to scared to go all in themselves. (Understandable)They look away, accepting the check, beacuse of love for their family, and they feel powerless.

However their children gets a free ride on blood money, might also look down on this societys less fortune, and later become reptilian assets themselves.

My greatest issue..We’re was all those so called good forces for all these years? We are talking millions of people overall.

I also understand that you come to your deepest senses and apologies when you realize you soon have the entire worlds wrath over you.

I forgive all of them. But the days of agencies and agents are done. They are clowns and one good act doesn’t define what they have been.

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