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Biden is a doofus, Dan Andrews* is a doofus.

Biden is a tyrant, Dan Andrews is a tyrant.

Biden is destroying his country, Dan Andrews is destroying his state.

Biden is pushing mandates that cause death, Dan Andrews is pushing mandates that cause death.

Biden is a fake president, Dan Andrews is passing legislation that will make him Dictator for life.

I win!

*Dan Andrews = Premier (Head of Government) of Victoria, Australia

shamelessly stolen from tdw. excuse me if we've already had enough eyes on this thing. that seems unlikely, given the content.


“My wife was severely neurologically injured by a single COVID vaccine. Because protocol requires two doses, she was dropped from the trial. Her reaction is not described in the released clinical trial report. 266 participants are described as having an adverse event leading to discontinuation."...

In other words, anyone who dropped out of the clinical trial due to a serious adverse event from the first shot was simply not included in the data reported to the FDA❓

The "science" can't be that corrupt, right❓


Couple of financial providers in US & UK have started pulling the terminals over cyberattack concerns....

The DHS, FBI and MI6 began conducting an investigation into PAX after a major US payment processor found that PAX terminals were being used both as a malware "dropper" & as "command & control" locations for staging attacks & collecting info, and started asking questions...