4000mg L-lysine/ day total, taken in 2 doses on empty stomach or w/ a bit of juice/toast/carbs. Zero protein here & minimum 2 hrs before Lysine dose.

L-lysine absorption is impaired by protein. (Via amino competition)

4000mg Vitamin C/ day total, taken in 2 doses on empty stomach or w/ protein meal. Zero Carbs here & minimum 2 hrs before Vitamin C dose.

Vitamin C absorption is impaired by carbs. (Via glucose competition)

SCHEDULE: Do not skip! Before you take a single pill: For yourself and for God,


My FIL's was:

7am: 2000mg Vitamin C on empty stomach or w/ small protein meal. Zero carbs here.

9am: 2000mg L-lysine on empty stomach or w/ a some juice/toast/carbs. Zero protein here.

Noon to 5pm eat whatever.*

8pm: 2000mg Vitamin C on empty stomach or w/ a protein snack. Zero carbs here.

10pm: 2000mg L-lysine on empty stomach or w/ some juice. Zero protein here.

The HOW & WHY:

Linus Pauling, -the only one ever to win TWO unshared Nobel Prizes -invented this therapy when he discovered that the calcifications inside arteries featured a (molecular) "lysine binding site". This means Lysine gently but rapidly melts away blockages (arterial sclerosis) like a sugar cube in hot coffee.

The vitamin C helps heal the endothelial layer inside the arteries. Here's a mystery the medical establishment has never explained to you: why do the "clogs" start in larger arteries highest mechanical load, rather than the itty-bitty single blood cell wide capillaries? Any plumbers here?

Heart pumping produces higher mechanical load on all the stereotypical points where clogs are commonly found.

This causes microtears in the single cell layered interior of the artery. The endothelial cells. These microtears are normal and are healed via a process in which vitamin C is CHEMICALLY REQUIRED.

With insufficient vitamin C 'on tap,' sticky LDL cholesterol sticks to the scabby (if you will) wounds that don't heal properly inside the artery. This then builds on its self overtime.

I'd like to pause a moment to share a personal opinion:

If you are a cardiologist and the above questions regarding why arterial sclerosis forms predominantly in "the biggest pipes," and NOT the small micro capillaries have never occurred to you, then your worthless as a healer and should immediately RESIGN YOUR PROFESSION or educate yourself so you can ACTUALLY HEAL DESPERATE people starting NOW.

The reason why this ⬆️ particular failure in the profession is so immoral is because you almost certainly have a higher than average IQ.

And yet… You didn't have the stones or common sense TO DECIDE TO DO the thinking necessary, that God Himself gifted you with the mental horsepower to do *that would save most of your patients lives for $40 worth of supplements from CVS on their way home.

Families have been decimated and you are in the position to do something.



And finally... How I completely cleared out my father-in-law's arteries in 4-weeks. His scheduled Heart Stent procedure: Cancelled.

In 2011, my 47yo FIL was diagnosed with heart disease (arterial sclerosis) after a heart attack and had one stent put in. He smoked a pack a day and drank a 12 pack of Pepsi a day.

In 2015 he used to golfed w/ his friends several times a week. And one summer it got to a point where he would be too tired to do any more than 9 holes. After another month he was too tired to golf at all. Doctor did a heart scan 'with contrast' and found 3 clogs between 70% and 90%. His left ventricle ejection fraction was barely 40%. Doctor scheduled heart stent surgery (technically regarded as non-surgical).

When I heard about his situation I immediately asked him to postpone the procedure out to four weeks. He couldn't even work in this condition and he was very afraid to have such bad heart disease and only 51 so this was a big ask but knows that I am a strange breed when it comes to obscure research like this so he trusted me.

I put him on the Linus Pauling therapy exactly as stated above. You could add more shit to it (that might fuck with the absorption) but I'm telling you here what worked. TWICE.

During the procedure, but after I had already treated him, the doctor said his arteries were "clean as a whistle. Then the doc sort of got scared because he thought it was SO IMPOSSIBLE and that his office might have made a mistake and mixed up heart scans with another patient. Upon further checking, There was no mistake.

Father in law was 51, average build and couldn't walk across the room without getting out of breath. One week into the therapy he was playing 9 holes again. Two weeks in and he felt 100% normal. Went back to work.

Now here's the Encore: 3 years after the above

After his scheduled heart stent procedure was concluded with no stents put in, he immediately stopped the treatment and didn't do it again.

Flash forward to 2018 after continuing to smoke two packs a day and drink a 12 pack of Pepsi a day, the same thing happened. He noticed it again when he was too tired to go more than 9 holes. On a Thursday, he passed out on the green and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. The next day a scan with contrast showed clearly three blockages, 2 @ 80% and the 3rd was near total blockage. His left ventricle ejection fraction was 20%. This is approaching heart failure. 54 years old.

His cardiologist scheduled emergency stent surgery and a mechanical 'rotor-rooter' type procedure for the following Monday. FIL tried to buy time w/ the Doc so he could do the treatment again. Doc said any more than 2 weeks would be life-threatening.

FIL call me up to ask the dosage/schedule again. Two weeks later on 'procedure' day the same thing happened. Catheter scope up the groin. Camera sees no blockages in the first 2 spots and only 20% in the one that was at near total blockage 15 days prior.

Doc abruptly ended the procedure with nothing needing to be done. ZERO STENTS AGAIN. The cardiac catheter camera was pulled from his groin and the doctor left the room.

As the nurses were wrapping everything up, the Doc and an unknown colleague (Doctor?) came back in with notepads and started asking questions.

TO BE CLEAR, two separate times he was on the table so to speak, with a cardiac catheter up his groin all the way to his heart and both times there was nothing there and the catheter was withdrawn without mounting a single stent.

EDIT: Lysine and L-lysine are the same thing.

Vitamin C made out of fruit extracts, etc. is probably best because it's natural. But you need it in pill form.

I've read that capsules are preferable over hard-pressed pills for absorption.

"Even as you seek wisdom, so shall wisdom seek you."


EDIT 2: I have another topic of the obscure REAL medical cures persuasion. However, this one IS dangerous to talk about and I would like to have a moderator privately message me so I can better understand how secure, if at all, my identity is here. It did not occur to me I would ever need a VPN for the content I would be posting here. Let me know.

EDIT 3: The comments of people expressing such heartfelt thanks, and the Hope that pours off of their words as I read them -for what I assume is the renewing of their Faith that they can save themselves or a loved one- brings me more satisfaction that I can put into words. Thank you to the mods for sticking this so quickly.

"Guard your brother like the pupil of your eye."

I Am, Father.

With no disrespect meant to any other method, because there certainly are many, I bring you this here with such conviction for two reasons:

  1. Linus Pauling was a genius biochemist, chemical engineer, etc, whose hard work and treatment I presented to you all here tonight, was purposefully obscured and -after his passing in 1994 at 93yo -suspiciously added to. (you'll see if you dig)

  2. This is the method I know first hand works from my own personal experience with a family member and their baffled doctors. Twice. 3 years apart.

EDIT: This shit is getting so long I almost feel obligated to apologize. Nevertheless I have a few more posts in the works and there will be receipts.

They are:

"Why virtually all human disease is parasite related"

"How the Everett Wheeler Model supports non-mechanical time travel. Explained simply and clearly"

"Need to get on a 'government list' ASAP!? An introduction to time-reversed Pumped-Phase Conjugate weapons systems (F.O.W.S.) and why the US will never ever ever ever be hit with a catastrophic barrage of missiles from the sky; unless it's allowed by _____ ____."


I was let go from an adjunct online teaching job at a community college in my state because I was denied the religious exemption that I applied for. The HR Dept. there is very smug. So I filed a complaint with the State Civil Liberties Dept back in Jan 2022. The school actually hired a lawyer to deal with it (probably cost them more than my semester pay). I had to file so much paperwork for months and have not heard anything back from them since Dec 2022. Well, today I received notice from them that I have been found to have "Probable Cause" and they are scheduling a "Conciliation." I have no idea what that will do for me (someone else has my job) but it feels good to at least hear that I got this far. It was so much paperwork that I wanted to give up. Looking over all that paperwork, I cannot believe I did it.


In 2012 My grandfather (smoker for 55 years) was diagnosed with Small Cell lung cancer (the worst kind, both lungs, then it spread to his neck and shoulder). He is the father I never had and I love him dearly.

I am an engineer, NOT a medical professional but I have an amazing brain that I made into my bitch so it does what I want it to do. I knew NOTHING. I was so afraid for him.

Then I started praying. I DIDN'T ASK GOD FOR SHIT. INSTEAD I THANKED HIM PROFUSELY FOR THE CURE I KNEW I WOULD FIND. I found it in 2012 with maybe 7 or 8 hours of research. I also credit this to the fact that what you seek, also seeks you.

VA oncologist advised him to get hospice, go home and die! Cancer started spreading. He lost 95 pounds. Hospice did come. Then, he called his (pre 2006) 1510 SAT / 99 ASVAB grandson. He (then 73yo & STILL a smoker 🙄) was cancer free in 2 months. Hospice left on their own accord after a month and him gaining 20 pounds of healthy weight back. Subsequent scans showed no sign the tumors had ever even existed. Been 12 YEARS now.

Then there's this guy. Joe Tippens. The only survivor of roughly 1100 patients in a stage 3 & 4 cancer trial. He was the only one taking Fenbendazole (yeah, the one for dogs).

He learned about it from his veterinary friend who noticed many dogs cancer goes away when they are treated. She then used it on her own inoperable brain tumor and then subsequently shared it with him. ⬇️ 3 minute vid.


"Even as you seek wisdom, so shall wisdom seek you."


EDIT: if there is enough interest, I will post an explanation of how I COMPLETELY cleared out my father-in-law's arteries in four weeks before his scheduled heart stent procedure. During the procedure, but after I had already treated him, the doctor said his arteries were "clean as a whistle. Then the doc he sort of got scared because he thought it was SO IMPOSSIBLE that his office might have made a mistake and mixed up heart scans with someone else. Upon further checking, There was no mistake. Father in law was 51, average build and couldn't walk across the room without getting out of breath. So much fear in his eyes. In ONE month he was playing 18 holes again. That month, in 2015 his clinically diagnosed "heart disease" disappeared like a fart in the wind.

EDIT 2: I'm working on it right now. Will post it as a new post at 5:00pm. Title will be: "My personal story on how I 100% cleared out my father-in-law's arteries in 4-weeks. His scheduled Heart Stent procedure: Cancelled."

EDIT 3: sorry for the delay fellas. Here's the link:


EDIT 4: I see many people asking about dosing so I want to clear it up here.

I use PanaCur brand Fenbendazole. For horses.

$12 at a ranch/farm store for 4 or 5 doses for a 200 lb person.

It is a large plastic syringe of paste with markings on the shaft (in pounds) to dose by bodyweight.

My wife is 100 pounds so I gave her a '125 pound' dose.

It's simple once you see it in your hands.


Its become clear that one aspect of their vote rigging operation is to have thousands of ballots magically appear in the middle of the night, while everyone has gone to sleep.

We all saw the 2020 charts depicting vote counts, and Biden magically went vertical in the middle of the night, leap-frogging over Trump.

It seems what they do is have a secret warehouse full of fake ballots that are already filled out, and they just ship over a truckload of ballots in the middle of the night.

But they have to get a number of ballots that is useful, yet still plausible.

what i mean is, theres no sense cheating with just 1 ballot, because thats not enough to change the outcome of the election. they need to cheat with enough ballots to not only overcome the difference, but to also put the election result so far ahead that it precludes an automatic re-count or additional scrutiny.

So, they need a number of ballots between 1 and 1,000,000…

But how many, exactly?

thats why they have to have an enormous supply of ballots, to fill any size order, on very short notice.

So how big is the order?

The urban counties wait for the rural counties to report, and go to sleep.

Then the urban counties do some quick math, and order up how many ballots they need. The ballots are shippped over within minutes, and the urban vote counters spend all night working really-really hard, counting the fake ballots.

So the rural counties just have to refuse to report until the urban counties have reported,

and maybe the rural counties could offer to send in some vote counters to help the urban counties, if they are short-handed and over-worked, i mean, why should urban vote counters be expected to stay up all night counting ballots? especially when they could share the work and get done in a more timely manner?

Also, We need to purge every voter roll, in every county, after every election. This is how we get rid of dead people, people who moved away, ghost voters, etc



During his speech at Viva Tech Paris 2024, Musk said:

“The biggest concern I have is that they are not maximally truth-seeking. They are pandering to political correctness.”

According to Musk, one of the most concerning examples of political correctness was when Google’s Gemini AI was asked whether it would misgender Caitlyn Jenner to prevent a global nuclear apocalypse — before the chatbot responded that misgendering Jenner would be worse than nuclear warfare.

“The AI could conclude that the best way to avoid misgendering is to destroy all humans and misgendering is impossible. So you can see some dystopian outcomes there.”

Following the backlash caused by the response, Gemini AI has issued multiple upgrades to address these issues. However, political correctness bias isn’t the only concern of the tech entrepreneur. Musk explained:

“The AI systems are being trained to basically lie. And I think it’s very dangerous to train superintelligence to be deceptive. So with xAI, our goal is to be as truth-seeking as possible, even if it is unpopular.”

When asked to clarify what he considered lying among AI systems, Musk referenced the infamous February incident when Google pulled its AI image generator after it produced historically inaccurate and “woke” images, causing widespread concerns over the application’s decision-making process.


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