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You asked, threatened, even offered bribes (no joke, someone PM'd me, offering me $1,000) to fix the way our WIN's search works, and, for so long, our answer has sucked. We can't. As a .WIN, we benefit from the (may peace be upon their devs) main codebase given to all the WINs by the devs. So sometimes, when search doesn't work, we can't really do anything about it.


Thanks to our in-house coding genius, u/Bubble_Bursts, we have found a way to AWESOMEIZE our .WIN's search via a convenient .JS addon script you can download into your browser that adds some rogue, unauthorized features!

The script lets you scroll forever 'till the end (no pages, which makes searching for something way easier), and, well, that's it. But that's pretty fricking awesome and saves a ton of time!

Here's how to get it:


Get TamperMonkey for your browser here.


Tampermonkey is the most popular userscript manager, with over 10 million users. It's available for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Opera Next, and Firefox.


Download the script. TamperMonkey will automatically install it. Get it here:


NOTE: If it doesn't automatically install, you will have to make the script inside the TamperMonkey's dashboard. If this proves necessary for lots of users, would one of you mind whipping up some quick instructions? I'll paste them here.

That's it! Oh. One more script is coming as soon as u/Bubble_Bursts is finished with it that will also awesomize a different feature.

Any suggestions? Please send us a DETAILED modmail.


PS - to the user that offered me $1000, please use this Bitcoin address:


(kidding, can you decode that?)



>You guys know what this represents? I dunno. Maybe it’s the calm before the storm. Could be the calm before the storm. We have the world’s great military people in this room, I will tell you that, and we are going to have a great evening. Thank you all for coming.

>What storm Mr. President?

>You’ll find you.

Q is a Military Operation. There can be no doubt about this certainty at this late stage in The Great Awakening. Those Anons among us who have been around long enough to witness the endless cascade of ‘coincidences’ and ‘happenings’ know and understand the gravity of what is occurring not only domestically, but globally around the world.

The complexity and scope of the Q plan cannot be understated. An alliance of global Militaries is the only organization with the technology, influence, manpower and funding to pull off a plan of this scale, and topple the 6000 year old Death Cult known by many names; The Cabal, The Global Deep State, The Khazarian Mafia, etc…


It has been said many times before, and will be said many times again; Q cannot do this alone. A major facet of the Q Plan to take down the Cabalists and Deep Staters is The Great Awakening. In order for humanity to confront its demons, we had to be awakened from our long slumber and brought to a point of realization of the nightmare we have been living in. We had to be brought to our precipice so that we could face our ultimatum; our moment to succumb to the will of the Cabalists and Deep Staters, or take control of our own destiny and forge our own path into the future.

Q’s entire purpose was to gather together from across the World Wide Web a community of keyboard warriors; researchers, analysts, and memesmiths. Though we wear many hats, we can all share in our collective title of Anons. We are a loose knit decentralized community of individuals who do what we do not out of an expectation of reciprocal benefits, fame, or profits, but because we love our Country, our Culture, our Ancestors, and truly wish to see the vision of Make America Great Again come to fruition.

The Great Awakening draws community engagement from events and happenings. We are not like other communities. Many of our Anons go into ghost mode when the happenings are sparse. That is perfectly okay. We are all ready at a moments notice to come back on deck when the happenings return in full force. That is the beauty of our community of researchers, analysts, and memesmiths. In many ways we mirror the Minutemen of the American Revolution. We are ready at a minute's notice to engage in the Meme War and Information War. Our community is ready and prepared to guide the normies through The Precipice, and in being prepared we are doing our job that Q awakened us for.

We are a danger to the paradigm of the Cabalists and Deep Staters precisely because we are not bound by bribes, blackmail, corporate interests, or profit motives.

The Cabal cannot bribe us.

The Cabal cannot blackmail us.

The Cabal cannot outwork us.

The Cabal cannot out fund us.

The Cabal cannot kill us (all).

We, the Anons of The Great Awakening, are why Nothing Can Stop What is Coming, because we will never cease in our love, dedication, and allegiance to the Flag of The United States of America. We are One, and Where We Go, so too shall all of humanity go in time.


The reference to QANON is a litmus test for determining the degree of individual awakening and enlightenment. Those who reference QANON do so because The Matrix told them to. Q and our vast community of Anons are decentralized, and as such we cannot be attacked directly using the classical methods and tactics of war. Because we cannot be attacked conventionally, the Cabal controlled Mainstream Media had to twist reality as they always do, and create a boogieman in the Qanon conspiracy theory. Qanon gave them an attack vector and target lock to carry out their assault.


Q broke down the exact methodology of the MSM and their concoction of the Qanon mythos. In many ways, the creation of Qanon follows much the same pattern as the January 6th false flag. Our movement has completely baffled and stupefied the Cabal controlled Mainstream Media. For five years they floundered through hoax, after hoax, desperately seeking a story that would provide traction for their narrative. They failed time and time again to manifest this narrative. Even now with their continued use of the term Qanon, and their incessant reporting on the January 6th nothing burger of a story, they continue to fail in their ultimate goal of resolidifying their pre-2016 narrative. President Trump and the Q team thoroughly derailed their narrative, and have since dismantled their ability to construct and manifest new narratives, and to lure the sleeping masses into believing those narratives.

Our movement, The Great Awakening, has the Cabalists and Deep Staters in the media playing constant defense. Though they tell an epic tale of court battles, raids, indictments, and prosecutions, the reality is that these are mere superficial fancies with no depth or substance. How many times have we heard over the past six years that they “got Trump” only for the entire charade to be revealed as one big nothingburger? The only reason why the Mainstream Media continues their tirade of deranged ramblings is in the futile attempt to influence the 2022 and 2024 elections. They are completely outplayed. The game is over, their King in checkmate, and they are relegated to playing out the clock on their remaining days of illusory power and influence. Soon the curtain shall be pulled back for all to see, and on that day the Deep Staters and Cabalists will lose everything.


The research and analytics being published into the public awareness by Q and the dedicated Anons of The Great Awakening is impeccable. We have long since eclipsed the skill and manpower of the Mainstream Media, and the Deep Staters and Cabalists know this. The information being disseminated by The Great Awakening and our community of Anons is Gold Tier, and unmatched in the world of journalism. There is no competition. Our researchers are too dedicated, our memes too powerful, and our love of this Great Nation too great for these clowns in the MSM to even hope to compete.

If you pay close attention to the appearances of classic media personalities from the Obama and Trump era, you will have noticed that in recent months their television performances have become muted of late. They appear exhausted, uninterested, and completely played out. They appear to be merely going through the motions to collect their paycheck, now devoid of any pretense of passion or tenacity for their narrative of lies. Look closely again at how many of these personalities remain in their original positions. You will find that many have been removed, replaced, retired, or fired. A major shift in the Mainstream Media is taking place, and few have acknowledged the monumental nature of what is occurring.

We are witnessing a multifaceted all out assault upon the Mainstream Media. Q and our dedicated community of Anons have been busy constructing a decentralized network of tenacious researchers and reporters that now have supplanted the Old Guard television personalities of yesteryear. Meanwhile, I believe the Q team have also been financially attacking the media corporations. CNN was recently brought under new management, and with that new management came a complete restructuring of their network to align with corporate shareholder interests. The old adage of Get Woke Go Broke is very true, and the inverse of this principle is also very true. Those companies bold enough to ‘unwoke’ themselves have the possibility of financial redemption; a tempting and tantalizing prospect that will become all too irresistible in the coming months and years. There is very little incentive left for these media corporations to continue along their woke path. The money is clearly drying up, and the grass is clearly greener in the unwoke pastures. It will not be long now until we see a tidal shift in the media narrative as the pendulum inevitably swings its corrective course.

What does a Cabal Controlled Mainstream Media do when they know the research of the Anons of The Great Awakening is producing irrefutable information that is both highly damaging to the Cabal’s world paradigm, and being spread far and wide across the world at hitherto unseen speeds in the world of journalism? What do they do when they are financially broke, backed into a corner, and hopelessly outnumbered and outvoiced? They resort to the only play they have left in this game: the Qanon psyop.


Note the differentiation between “Q” and “Qanon” in Q post 2491. As has been aforementioned, the Cabalists and Deep Staters in the Mainstream Media have constructed a boogieman in the Qanon conspiracy theory. They did so as the only vector of attack they could manifest to come after Q and the Anons of our Great Awakening community. A direct attack on Q would equate to an acknowledgement of the validity of Q as a Military Operation. I believe there will soon come a day when the Anon is dropped from Q, and the media does indeed begin referencing Q in earnest. This may be out of desperation as we approach The Precipice, or it may indeed be by design of the Q team. Regardless of how it comes about, look for this shift in the narrative reguarding Q and our community of Anons. Already we can see President Trump himself ramping up his connections to Q in his recent posts on Truth Social. He is building public awareness around Q very slowly and methodically in preparation for the next phase of this plan.


Just as the media constructed their Qanon boogieman in order to tactically assault The Great Awakening in an attempt to stave off its occurrence worldwide, so too should Anons consider the advantage of an inverse strategy. Whether we like it or not, direct references to Q and Q postings are not always going to be an effective method of Red Pilling the normies going forward. This is not only the case because of the suppression of Q related content on mainstream platforms, but also due to the well-played Qanon psy-op. How then do we combat this media psy-op and effectively disarm the MSM? We focus on our research, and our content, and we cease all references to Q beyond the bounds of The Great Awakening community. Sometimes the best way to Red Pill the masses is through subtlety.

A year ago I wrote a post titled Q is LARP in which I posited a theory that we are all actors in this illusory world that some call The Matrix. Until the curtains fall, we are all maintaining our rolls on this great global stage, not unlike Shakespearean actors.

To quote what I wrote previously…

As Agent Smith told Neo in The Matrix; We are living out two lives. We act as they (normies) do because we must while the Cabal's Matrix is still in place. This does not mean that we sleep, or that we stop offering red pills. When Morpheus met with Neo for the first time, he did so as a LARPer. Morpheus could not tell Neo the truth of his reality until Neo made the choice himself. The absolute truth would break many people. Even we who consider ourselves awake do not fully comprehend what it yet means to leave the Cabal's Matrix, as we are still a part of that system so long as it exists.

LARP != Fake

LARPing can be very effective.


The media cannot attack that which has no name and no face. Our job as Anons was never to idolize Q. Our job as Anons is to become tactical keyboard warriors, and to disseminate truth across the internet wherever we go, however we can. Camouflage is a vital piece of tactical equipment that the Military makes great use of. In war, it is never wise to draw unwanted attention to oneself on the battlefield. This can be mirrored in digital warfare. By publicly referencing Q, and pointing to the Q postings, we are unwittingly drawing attention away from where the focus should be; the research, information and analytics.

Our greatest strategic advantage is in the cataclysmic nature of the research we have conducted. The stories we have at our disposal are groundbreaking. They have the potential to completely change the paradigm of the world. As tempting as it may be to draw attention back to the Q postings, and to cite them as sources for our information, it is far more beneficial to let our research stand on its own merits, and in so doing, disarm the Cabalists and Deepstaters in the Mainstream Media as they desperately clamor to validate their Qanon conspiracy theory boogie man.

This is what makes Patel Patriots Devolution series so invaluable to The Great Awakening. It was not until very recently that Patel Patriot began looking into Q postings in earnest. His Devolution series began as a research project completely divorced from the Q postings. The incredible, though not surprising result was that his findings mirrored and echoed everything that Q wrote about in their myriad of postings. This is evidence that the research and documentation we have collected can indeed stand on its own, without the need to constantly reference Q.


While the Mainstream Media continues to parade their Qanon boogieman in public, we Anons of The Great Awakening must continue to fight the Information War with subtlety and grace as we navigate the myriad of media glow-ops and psy-ops. As they say, “it ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings.” Or in our case, **”It ain’t over ‘til the precipice arrives.”

While the hour grows late in this War on the Cabal, we must never forget that, though many battles have been won and lost, the war still rages on. Even though President Trump has begun a more bold embrace of Q on Truth Social, we must maintain our composure as we continue to strategically Red Pill the masses.

>Carry on, my wayward son. There'll be peace when you are done. Lay your weary head to rest. Don't you cry no more.





As some of you have seen, I was divorced early this year. I was left by my liberal wife because of my support for Trump and MAGA. She was awful to me but I was trying to keep it together for kids. The kids never saw the vile shit she said or did.

Well, I'm happy to say that I've found a lady who had the same problem with her Ex Husband.

She isn't as awake as me but she hasn't disagreed with anything I tell her about how the world works. She talks like one of us! It think she just never put it together that all the bad shit in the world is pushed and created by the Cabal. Well she didn't know about the Cabal but she has gone on and on about the Deep State.

She is amazing! Speaks 7 languages, has worked in more countries than I've been too, and brings home just about what I do. (The Ex never wanted to work, work on herself, or understand the world.)

She tells me how amazing, smart, funny, sexy, and hard working I am. The Ex would just tell me everything I have done or accomplished was luck and white privilege. It feels amazing to seen for who and what I've become!

It was love at first sight, like in the movies. We both have never felt this way.

I just wanted to tell some people that would understand what I've been through and what it means in my life to have found a MAGA Lady that treats me right.

I feel blessed to have found her. God bless America, and God bless my MAGA Lady! WWG1WGA!

Thanks for listening fren!

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