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Just an FYI Kinder in German means Children Bueno in Spanish means Good

Hiding in plain sight.

"Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said he had foiled a US-planned "coup" and "assassination" attempt against him and his family."

"Then we discovered the work of clearly foreign intelligence services, most likely the FBI, the CIA," he went on.




Combined with the earlier allegations that the World Bank and IMF offered him a bribe of $940 million USD in the form of “Covid Relief Aid.” In exchange for $940 million USD, the World Bank and IMF demanded that the President of Belarus:

• imposed “extreme lockdown on his people”.

• force them to wear face masks.

• impose very strict curfews.

• impose a police state.

• crash the economy.

And the staged Navalny poisoning.

Putin claims opposition figure Alexey Navalny working with American intelligence. https://www.rt.com/russia/509944-putin-claims-opposition-figure-cia/ https://www.rt.com/russia/510380-fsb-video-navalny-poisoning-fake/

Russia will face 'consequences' if Navalny dies. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-56794744

My best Reddit comment score yet (media.greatawakening.win)
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already for sure want to have wins of the previous day mentioned and summarized because someone tried this but it didnt seem to pan out. maybe this wont either lol

other possibilities:

-it would be cool if i could interview a mod on what it's like to be a mod

-great awakening stories emailed in. like your personal journey if you think you have a good story to tell. i think most of them would be good to hear

-find a way to do an occasional poll/survey cause those can be entertaining and i would discuss the results briefly

-perhaps a daily red-pill link described aloud and located in a blog (or something similar) for reference.

in no way do i want this to be MY podcast so please please if you want something like this lets get some more ideas flowing! i don't like failing.

***sidenote: i kind of want to keep religion out of this, though i know that is important to many here. to that i say make your own prayer podcast! two podcasts are better than one!!

i'm really just bored out of my mind so would like to do this as a hobby if my speaking voice doesn't erk you guys

edit: well i didnt notice the horrible typo in the title but it gave me an idea at least. babylon bee stories for teh lolz


Was watching the news this morning and my local channel in Ohio reports of 2 men who die in a Tesla and was on auto-pilot. Within the last 24 hour, Elon Musk posts that when his cars are on auto pilot they are 10 times safer. Got me to check out posts for " accident and https://qposts.online/post/3518 popped up first. Got me to thinking about today's date so got my shovel out and went digging: April 19, 1995 - Oklahoma City Bombing - 168 killed April 19, 1993 - Waco Texas Massacre - 80 killed April 19, 1775 - American Revolution begins with Battle of Lexington - 1700 killed

And finally is there a significance of this date in the Satanic Calendar : "April 19th is the first day of "13 Days of Preparation", a period of time with occult significance that relates to the satanic gods of fire — the fire god BAAL or the sun god MOLECH/NIMROD, also known as SATURN (the Roman god of Satan/Devil). A major human sacrifice day, this ritual demands sacrifice by fire, with an emphasis on children." And as we know, today is closing arguments in the Chauvin trial. Do you believe in coincidence?

Changes . . .

One of my favorite things about social media is the ability to reconnect with old friends . . . seeing their families, learning about their lives, and smiling about the changes we have all gone through. I graduated from high school over forty years ago, and in another state, and yet . . . I can see and have conversations with school friends miles away, every day. It is amazing that some of my friends have changed so much, that I would have trouble recognizing them. And yet others, seem to have aged very little . . . have hardly changed at all!

I heard a new song this week called . . . "My God is still the Same." The lyrics convey that although we go through changes, our God never does. Here are a few of the words:

"Just ask the waves if they are stilled at the mention of His name. They'll say my God is still the same. Ask the walls if they still fall at the mighty sound of praise. They'll say my God is still the same. When did He break His promise? When did HIs kindness fail? Never has, never will . . . my God is still the same. When did He lose His power? When did His mercy change? Never has, never will . . . my God is still the same." Sanctus Real

At times, I do not even recognize the world we are living in now. I cannot even begin to list the changes that have occurred just in the last few years. Our relationships change; our work situations evolve; our children grow up and leave home. We change our tires, change our minds, and change our status on social media! Our hair styles (and hairlines) change; our physical abilities definitely change. We change our clothes a couple of times a day.

But isn't it wonderful and amazing to know that the God of the universe, the One who created us and sustains us, loves us and forgives us, never, never, never changes! We can rest in the knowledge that no matter what changes we go through, or the changes that take place around us, we can have faith in our God who never changes. Never has, never will. Amen!

"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever." Hebrews 13:8 (KJV)



God bless us all


Here's the answer to everyone's question. All it took was a bit of research.

Telegram has an account for @real_DonaldJTrump and Gab has an account for @realdonaldtrump.

Notice that Telegram link says:

Reserved for the 45th President of the United States

It doesn't get much clearer than that. So, what about the Gab account?

Vice ran a story in May 2020 (archived here) stating that Gab had an account reserved for 45 and it had 27k followers then, which was before Trump ever started using it. (Here is a link to that same Vice story on their site. I'm only including this link in addition to the preferred archive link because the archive.today site doesn't duplicate video, live links, etc., so this second link to the Vice site contains the active link for that Gab account, which is located at the end of the second paragraph and is the same link I posted, above.) To clarify, Vice knew about the Gab account that was reserved for DJT almost a year ago.

Therefore, these accounts are REAL.

Both the Telegram acct (can't link to that individual post, so click that link and scroll) and Gab acct have the April 16 statement seen in this link, and BOTH have a link to the NY Post story.

That should clear up any misunderstandings about the April 16 statement about PINO (President In Name Only) Biden halting the J&J vaccine and whether it really came from Trump.

It did.

Shills BTFO.

I was originally going to do this last weekend but life is full of distractions so things have happened since then and my originally thoughts had some time to bake

So lets start with Lin Wood's Q thing. Now I have said repeatedly in previous posts that I admire and trust Lin Wood. The man's passion for truth and the way he carries himself when he speaks opened me up to faith and prayer. Out of the individuals that are out in the public fight (Flynn, Powell, Lindell etc) he has been the one that, up until this past week, that hinted at it and discussed it publicly (that I am aware of). So he went hard on it there in the end and we all can interpret that differently. My view on that performance is as follows. I don't know what place he falls into in the "Save America" crew in terms of Q, as far as I know he has been the most vocal about it even it was just a brief exchange. I'm glad he did it because it helps to give Q some credibility (for me at least). And relax I am going to touch on the credibility remark down the line. Now I would agree that Flynn is playing his role very close to his chest and is not touching the topic of Q for reasons only him and the crew know but I speculate that he is doing it because its not part of his mission. His mission being to help encourage Americans to work from the ground up as far as elected officials go and vet the hell out of him...at least that's what I think and so doesn't touch the topic but Lin Wood has and did. Go Lin Wood!

Now I want to put a notice here about topics following this. A lot of things I will bring up I expect to be deflected with "think optics" type remarks, and that's cool...but we are now in the middle of April. Unless some major shit actually happens "think optics" to me is denial of reality in most cases. Going back to Lin Wood going hard on Q and Flynn largely staying away from openly discussing it, I can kind of understand why based on what I can observe about the mans past and his role today and that's enough for me for now (or I understand the "think optics" part of why he doesn't talk about Q).

So now I am going to talk about a subject that got attention and was either sticky'd or at least a very hot topic that really got some of us concerned. The US Navy Twitter modified their picture to have a mask on the bald eagle and folks were making a big deal out of it and I tend to agree. Now I have stopped wearing a mask when I go shopping at regular stores/businesses (except at checkout so I don't run the risk of a person's employment for checking out a maskless customer) because wearing a mask these days is a indication that you are compliant. People who wear masks while driving are drooling imbeciles and would eat their own shit if it "saved a life". So for the arguably most important institution in keeping people who hate us at bay, to do that sends a bad message. Now the "think optics" is "well the people in charge of where the bombs are dropped and people who run the social media are probably not the same folk.", and that's a very reasonable thing to argue...but let me tell ya that sends the wrong message to us and the right message to Xinni the Pooh. So I wanted to address that, and I think its bad, optics or not.

Also I see Canada is enjoying being compliant. Sarcasm aside I do feel bad for the folk up there as far as the enforcers of law now having to grow a conscience about what the actual fuck they are doing...at least in Ontario. "As long as it saves one life".

Also how's the Newsom recall and removal of Cuomo going? I hate to say it but Newsom will not being going anywhere without excessive physical force and Cuomo still might be on his way about but man did the stuff on him slow up.

Now here is where I am going to get to the big juicy meat of my issue with this whole thing we are hoping to happen. I should have mentioned earlier but I am not what you would consider a true Q believer...maybe more of a diet doomer probably but I think Q, for all of us, has provided a trail for us to learn how depressing and fucked up the world actually is, and I think that's powerful information. But here we go.

I think we share some responsibility in the "date fagging" that had surfaced. There were some but not many dates in Q posts ( the Hillary one comes to mind if I remember its late and I'm too lazy to verify) and we are all guilty of latching onto them i.e. …4,3,2,1. And what is worse we have had people (I'll get into them) say oh such and such is happening and we should see this here. Now don't fuck around we all were expecting some shit to go down the morning of Jan 20th. We were expecting those fucks to be taken down right then and there, it was the perfect time because they were all there. If Q was only maintained as collection for important information and delivered through and intruding author though cryptic messaging then I think it would have been fine. NOW, and in no small part due to the community, it ended up taking on this Mayan Calendar type deal and when dates came and went it deflated a lot of people. We have seen it from President Trump and Flynn "DON'T GIVE AWAY YOUR GAME PLAN!!" which if we praise people like them for not putting an important operation on the front page of a newspaper or MSM broadcast then what the hell was the point of ever talking about dates. That's why Charlie Ward/Parkes/Patriot Street Fighter and the like are disliked for that reason. That being said I do listen to Parkes because, for the mean time, he is the only one who seems to be genuine and humble but I don't think it'll last much longer for me.

To break up the topic here I want to say...again...that I think Q as a way to awaken people to realities of what goes on outside your office window and immediate neighborhood but it in no small part to us and other whom we felt credible turned into this Mayan Calendar like I said, and when the rapture dates come we look around and say...wtf why did nothing happen. Hence now I am going to get onto the weeks leading into January and Juan O Savin.

Regardless of the position on Q as it stands right now you will never talk me out of these 2 important facts. 1. The election was 100% stolen 2. China deliberately committed a non-conventional act of war with our society and our election. Like I said diet doomer.

AUTHORS NOTE I was going to include a section about the hearings and testimony given by Trumps legal team and the momentum that was generated by the RSBN broadcasts, that should have carried into getting rid of these fucks (Deep State) when the big prize was all in one place, but it really requires its own post. But to sum it up...Nov 3rd came and went...Jan 6th came and went, Jan 20th came and went. All these fixed dates and rapture dates the community manufactured came and went, soon it will be July, then November then 2022...2025 etc. If we get down the road years from now and we are in "pick your doomsday scenario" like situation I think it will because of 3 things, one of which I am going to talk about. 1. DJT was 8D DS chess to fuck us (unlikely but lets entertain). 2. The military has elements in it that are loyal to Trump and Flynn but they are not in any actual position of authority that is worth a shit as far as marching troops up the Capitol Building and pulling every rat out by their collars and be dealt with and couldn't do a thing about any of this. 3. The flip side; they were at key positions but choose to let shit happen because we are afraid to feel pain.

So let me touch on #3 before I talk about Arizona and my thought on what I think is going to amount to nothing (possibly but hold your horse). I think the reason Jan 20th happened was because we (good military folk) are afraid to feel pain. I get it military take over of governments doesn't happen in 1st world countries and if it were to happen it would set a hell of a precedent...like legalizing "By any means" for acquiring votes for federal elections. But lets be honest...we are a balkanized society and our culture is sick to the point where it feels like we don't have one and legislation is ruled by emotions. You really can't disturb the apple cart more than it has been. If it looks fucked up and it smells fucked up its fucked up. Now I understand "well if you get the big boys then the rest of the minions will scatter and then you might not get to clean up all of them. Fuck off.

As long as people have cell phones which all people do these days, the right people in the NSA can track them down no problem, and if the CIA wasn't so fucked you could do it around the world; of course the problem is un fucking those institutions which is a challenge in of itself. So what I hope is happening is that "plea deals" for "immunity" for accurate information for important maneuvers are being made. Now I say "plea deals" for "immunity" in quotes like that because, lets be real here, if you let these rats go you are not solving the problem. I hope that if this whole thing does fall into place and we turn out ok these squealers were either killed or detained or will be when this is all over otherwise you arent solving anything. Yes there will always be evil in the world, however I would like to get back to a time (which we wont but its still a world I would rather be in) when if a elected official or person of authority fucked over their constituents they burned their house down...what a time that would be.

Also a quick thought. I understand the reason, but going back to possibly of there being people in the armed forces in key positions, we never get an accounting of them. We know everything about the Russia Hoax, who, what, where all that. I would ask where are the Admiral Rodgers?? Now I get it trust me. The deep state is our neighbors, I know because I live around them and I have one under me. But I tell you what I had no idea who Flynn was until all this stuff last year with him. But that's the thing, we don't get an accounting of these people until they are being publicly destroyed…or they get killed (Scalia). So I hope there are other Admiral Rodgers out there.

OOOHH before I forget. Mike Lindell. I love the man and his products. I own them and plan to buy more here shortly. Fuck off with "Trump will be back in August". And if I'm wrong I'll eat my pillow (see what I did there). But seriously don't be like Juan O Savin and Charlie Ward

Arizona...Codemonkey has been surpassingly active on telegram talking about it and I agree. All eyes on Maricopa. Now the reason I think it will amount to nothing is because no sitting authority gives a shit. Jovan Pulizter is an incredible human, when I saw his testimony in Georgia I shit myself he is the ideal person to audit every single thing that went wrong with the election from a civilian sector. But his findings that will validate everything we know and have known will likely be ignored from authorities who can take it up the latter because no one wants to be accountable and feel pain...just let the election go. Codemonkey breaks it down well if the Maricopa audit goes over, which I should also mention that it sounds like (and there better be) butthole tight security and any interference better be dealt with. But if it goes over this is what he thinks (spoiler I agree) "If this occurs in just a couple more states, then is is possible the he (Trump) will have officially won enough electoral votes to be the winner of the office of the presidency. Since congress has already constitutionally confirmed Biden as president , there is a potential of entering into a constitutional crisis of which the Supreme Court would be required to examine evidence and preside over. What the Supreme Court ultimately decides to do in such a scenario is anybody's guess, but don't be surprised if the word "MOOT" is their reply if/when this issue eventually arrives at their desk." DING DING DING. But who knows. We are strung along by time and only time will tell...but I think he is right and I stand by what I think is the likely outcome.

Now I am at the end. If you read the whole thing I thank you. Everything I talked about I want to boil it down to one thing. Governments don't live together, people live together. Donald Trump is only one man, a man we look up to and trust, but if he doesn't have the support of the correct people in the correct places in the only government institution that has not failed us yet, then he is powerless to assume the proper seat of authority he was robbed of. So my message to you is this. Q is great to unplug you from the matrix, Trump is the best person on this earth to lead us out of darkness. But the only person whom you can trust is yourself, and those whom you have felt have earned it. If Trump is powerless he cannot protect you. State and local police are very questionable, the military might not in the end be on our side. Do not misunderstand my thoughts, I want to be wrong about all this...but time is ticking and look at where we are, where we are going, and what we came from. Its a long shot but do not be surprised if we face a land invasion from China, and do not be surprised if we get to the point where police backed by SWAT and FBI are going around communities confiscating firearms from law abiding citizens, it wont end well but don't be surprised. The best person you can trust is yourself and put your faith in God. I would suggest buying body armor if you haven't. AR500. Spartan Armor. etc It won't make you immortal but its better than having a t-shirt. Look out for yourself and those you care about. If I am wrong about where we might be going, GOOD then this was just a waste of words, and unfortunately your time.

But thank you for reading WWG1WGA.

Airforce “into the storm” site? (www.airforce.com) 📖 Research Wanted 📖
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if you want something done, get it done your damned self! i was upset i couldnt post the brighteon link to my facebook friends because zuck blocks ALL brighteon links so i got a free program and captured and uploaded the video myself. SERIOUSLY SHARE IT. i havent been around for 4 years of Q so i am a decent judge of what normies are going to be more likely to watch. https://www.bitchute.com/video/Vf2RAiDJcWZN/

a sticky would be great. just sayin

The Proper Terminology is "Eunuch" ℹ️ ⚔️ Information Warfare ⚔️ ℹ️
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The proper terminology for a dickless man is "eunuch".

It is NOT "transgender woman". There's nothing "womanly" there. No ovaries, no uterus, and still plenty of X chromosome to tilt the balance.

  1. Bill Maher blasts Dems for anti-science covid policies, gets audience to applaud Gov. DeSantis https://www.dailywire.com/news/watch-bill-maher-hits-democrats-for-anti-science-covid-19-beliefs-gets-audience-to-applaud-ron-desantis

  2. BLM activist asks when supporters are willing to get blood on their hands https://www.breitbart.com/law-and-order/2021/04/16/watch-blm-activist-asks-when-people-ready-to-get-blood-on-their-hands/

  3. Kevin McCarthy demands action against Maxine Waters for inciting violence https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/04/18/kevin-mccarthy-presses-nancy-pelosi-action-maxine-waters-inciting-violence/

  4. Woke NBA is approaching record low ratings https://www.breitbart.com/sports/2021/04/18/panic-time-nba-fast-approaching-historic-ratings-lows/

  5. NY elementary school principal arrested for sexually abusing 9 male students https://www.breitbart.com/education/2021/04/17/new-york-elementary-school-principal-accused-of-sexually-abusing-nine-male-students/

  6. Kamala has gone 26 days without visiting border since being tabbed as border czar https://www.foxnews.com/politics/kamala-harris-no-press-conference-border-crisis and yes, it’s this same Kamala who said this in 2018 https://twitter.com/KamalaHarris/status/1144707220258656256

  7. Latest Antifa chant, “no prison, no walls, no USA at all” https://twitter.com/DineshDSouza/status/1383959761201242119

See you tomorrow.

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