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    Boomers lied, US died.


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Bonobophile vs chimpanzer.

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lying fedcoats

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Side effects

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Won't you be our guinea pig, patriot?

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Even the short-term parasites grow concerned.

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'Black Lives MAGA' ( LET'S GOOoOoooo!!!
posted ago by purkiss80 ago by purkiss80

This document is a must read. It’s 22 pages and details the largest drug smuggling operation in recorded history-

Perpetrated by Bush sr, CIA director Richard Helms, Guy Rothschild(yes those rothschilds), and several other spicy names. It details secret bank accounts with billions of black budget drug money, and tells the story of General Ferrera cutting Manuel Noriegas(dictator of panama) balls off and stuffing them down his throat.

1989 FBI report written at the request of Ted Kennedy detailing a massive drug smuggling operation involving George H.W. Bush, Richard Helms, Major General Robert Ferrera, Guy Rothschild, and more. This report was leaked by Marion Horn Jr. many years later as part of his life insurance dossier when the CIA came after him.

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