Reiner Fuellmich left the highly visible and influential Corona Investigative Committee under controversial circumstances, having been accused by founder Viviane Fischer of stealing €1.35 million. Fuellmich responded to the allegation by Fischer Sept. 21, 2022.

. . . The field of paleogenomics, where we want to learn about ancient peoples and individuals such as Copper age Europeans, heavily relies on PCA. PCA is used to create a genetic map that positions the unknown sample alongside known reference samples. Thus far, the unknown samples have been assumed to be related to whichever reference population they overlap or lie closest to on the map.

However, Elhaik discovered that the unknown sample could be made to lie close to virtually any reference population just by changing the numbers and types of the reference samples (see illustration), generating practically endless historical versions, all mathematically “correct,” but only one may be biologically correct.

In the study, Elhaik has examined the twelve most common population genetic applications of PCA. He has used both simulated and real genetic data to show just how flexible PCA results can be. According to Elhaik, this flexibility means that conclusions based on PCA cannot be trusted since any change to the reference or test samples will produce different results.

Between 32,000 and 216,000 scientific articles in genetics alone have employed PCA for exploring and visualizing similarities and differences between individuals and populations and based their conclusions on these results.

“I believe these results must be re-evaluated,” says Elhaik.

This is not your standard health documentary. No one has been brave enough to go head-to-head with the big pharmaceutical executives.

Just wondering, since that seems to be the extended Ventusky forecast (and they have never been wrong in my experience) and the path and dynamics just look weird for a hurricane. It basically loses all rotational energy and turns into a TD but once it hits the Atlantic again it reintensifies into a cat 4 in about 8 hours. What is going on down there?!

Deutsche Welle's new code of conduct marks the latest Israel-related crackdown on free speech in German public life....(They are afraid, very afraid....)

6,000 jobs + 21,000 "indirect" jobs are said to be on the way when the plant opens. Fabulous! Maybe they can retrofit the plant to make gas and diesel models when the gov't subsidy and propaganda push dies a well-deserved natural death.

Live Stream Radio Sputnik (
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Seeing through the Corona Investigative Committee scandal that everyone is so shocked about - it has been part of a global coup!


Be advised many of these are very graphic (if abstract enough in detail to not be considered pornographic etc). There is simply no way (as apparently some in the "art world" have asserted, basically she's just a kook type of thing) that someone came up with this stuff without witnessing it firsthand. And, as VC points out, it's obviously some kind of place for this with many children, not just abuse by an uncle or something. Truly horrific.

Report with background and lots of explanation of symbols (where applicable) etc:

Complete gallery - note, this includes screenshots of Noble's Facebook page where she actually answers questions about the alters that painted the paintings as well as the paintings themselves:

May justice be brought to every last one of these horrible people. Lesser specimens of humanity would be difficult to fathom....

Oh, and note, for some things on VC there's now a paywall type thing - these ones seem to load fine with Tor.

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