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If every pede in America decided to not pay their taxes to the IRS this year, what would happen?. Let's play this hypothetical situation out.

Full disclosure - I'm an ancap libertarian, so obviously i want to pay 0 taxes in total. But for now, I'd like to see at least income tax die conceptually in this administration. And given the state of things, i think its time to propose this to my fellow pedes as well.

IRS Staffing

The cabal wants you to believe the IRS is an all powerful enforcer. They know where you live. They know what you owe. They can arrest you if you don't. But is this real, or just fantasy?

The IRS is currently massively understaffed. They lose 5.6k staff every year and have not been able to replace them. They also have a major concern this year that nearly 1/3 of their workforce are retiring by next year.

They also have only 6,500 field agents. Read that again. For some quick stats that's 0.008% of 80m trump supporters, and 0.002% of our total population. If everyone refused to file taxes and refused to pay them, what could they actually do to us?

The Elephant in the Room

Remember the riots in 2020? Remember how the police everywhere were basically powerless against the mob? It is a little known (or rather a little accepted) fact that perceived power of the police can only exist provided the people comply with the law inherently. If you do not comply with a law en masse, there is very little the police can actually do to stop you with large numbers of officers in play.

Given the IRS is the agency responsible to collect taxes, if we all just said "umm no, i aint funding this mess" they have literally no manpower to enforce it. This is the ONLY BENEFIT of America's tax filing system, as it forces the irs to be tracking everyone and everything. And they are terrible at it.

A Word to SME Employers

Imagine how happy your employees would be to hear they are getting an effective bonus equitable to their tax witholdings for the federal government.

Imagine if you said to your emplyees "I am formally engaging in resisting income tax this year by refusing to pay, because of the travesty that is the federal government, so instead you will be receiving a x% bonus in the form of the tax witholdings we would normally take.". Would they say "no you can't do that!" or would they say "oh my god, I'm getting a massive bonus, this guy is amazing!" ?

Refusal to pay - the American tradition

Our country was founded due to unfair taxes from the crown on the colonies. Our nation was also founded without income tax. There are people who have successfully refused to pay for military spending on wars in their tax witholdings. Given the overall ineptitude of the current administration, i say we should refuse to spend anything at all on the government.

Ok but how can I do this safely if we can't get the numbers to resist?

The NWTRCC provides a wealth of info on how to engage in tax resistance. You can pick your methodology to resist based on your own risk aversion. I recommend you look into it. Refusal to pay and refusal to file are both options open to you, if you so desire and are willing to risk one of those 6.5k agents possibly knocking on your door instead of anyone else's.

And just to remind you....

  1. The IRS is now proposing to tax your potential earnings. If your house goes up in value and you could sell it? Taxed. If your stocks go up? Taxed. Are you going to sit back and pay that?
  2. Your tax money funded beaglegate.
  3. Your tax money funded the war on terror.
  4. Your tax money funded the death of patriots like Seth Rich.
  5. The IRS unfairly targeted Conservative groups for years under Obama.
  6. Your tax money helped to fund the clot shots.
  7. Your tax money funds the mandates.
  8. Your tax money funds the politicians and the civil servants who want you and me dead ASAP so we can't fight them openly when the DECLAS finally hits.
  9. Your taxes are the key to their entire empire being able to function.
  10. Rand Paul said "if we all refuse to take the jab, what could they really do? Arrest all of us?" Well, same question but apply federal taxes to it.
  11. Companies are sacking people for not getting the shot. That means you'll probably have to file for yourself entirely if you were affected this way.

This is what civil disobedience looks like. We owe the government nothing. The government owes us everything. THEY WORK FOR US, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

Take back what they owe this year to you instead of letting them steal your hard earned money. Remember, they work for us, and if they don't do a good job, why should you pay them?


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I don't know. Sure seems familiar...

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