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See you tomorrow frens, WWG1WGA! 🇺🇸


Terry McAuliffe (D and asshole) and Glenn Youngkin (R) are battling it out for the November election. This is one of only two states with statewide elections this year. In addition, there are elections for Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and 100 seats in the House of Delegates.

For a while, there was little coverage of the race. Then McAuliffe, being a complete dumbass, said that parents shouldn't tell the schools how to educate kids (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/09/va-dem-gov-candidate-terry-mcauliffe-dont-think-parents-telling-schools-teach-video/) This went, as they say, viral, and suddenly the race has nationwide attention.

Some people on this board have been saying "So what? Democrats will cheat again." If you think that, you haven't looked very hard at what is going on. Unlike other states, one voting machine company doesn't control all the voting machines. There are different voting methods for different counties.

In addition, Patriots on the ground have been hard at work tightening up election security. A lot of deadwood on the registration lists have been thrown out. There are many many Patriot poll watchers everywhere. Heat is on local governments, who run the elections. It is far easier for Patriots to put heat on local and state officials. Feds are far more insulated. A lot of loopholes have been closed, including all workers having to leave polls at the same time in at least some counties.

Also, Patriots on the ground have arranged for 99 candidates for the 100 House of Delegate seats. This has never been seen before. Some of the candidates are stronger than others, but not all are really needed.

And there's more! If you order by midnight tonight!

Democrats have the shittiest candidate since Biden. And a major Democrat scandal is rocking the state. Democrats running Loudoun county covered up the rape of a public school student by a tranny in a bathroom, leading to another rape. The first girl's father was arrested during a Loudoun County school board meeting, and all hell broke lose. (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2021/10/sickening-loudoun-county-schools-covered-rape-14-year-old-girl-prosecuted-father-protect-male-transgender-student-permitted-use-ladies-bathrooms/) I am using Gateway Pundit links because they are easy to find, but the news went everywhere in the independent press.

And what does McAuliffe do? Him and his campaign just keep acting stupid:









So, pedes, think: What if there is a Republican win in Virginia?

A whole new ball game. This would be proof that a state can overcome voter fraud. Other states can copy what Virginia did and kill off voter fraud there. And voter fraud, is, of course, the only thing keeping Democrats in business.

And Virginia becomes the next Florida. Even if Youngkin isn't necessarily another DeSantis, millions of pedes will keep him on the straight and narrow.

There is a whole Patriot underground in Virginia just like there is everywhere else. The moment of glory might be really really soon. Or not.

Then it is a lost battle and the war continues. We never never never give up.

UPDATE: See https://greatawakening.win/p/13zgbqaq7k/update-to-earlier-post-about-the/

UPDATE: https://greatawakening.win/p/13zgbrkss8/hopium-alert-patriots-just-stopp/ Patriots just stopped voter fraud in progress.

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Claim: "SPAC merging into the new Trump Social Media entity is run by CEO of China Yunhuong Holdings Ltd. which has an address in Whuan" and the implication here is that something sinister is going on.

First its good to read about what is a SPAC to understand what exactly is going on.

A special purpose acquisition company really only exists to seek out another firm that it can bring to the public markets via a merger.

A SPAC is formed by a management team, typically known as a sponsor, that often has a business background, usually with a specific skillset in a niche industry. They initially pony up a nominal amount of investor capital – usually as little as $25,000 – for which they will receive "founder shares" that often equate to a 20% interest in the SPAC.

So what is the SPAC that has been formed to bring Trump Media & Technology Group to IPO through this route? According to the SEC filing the SPAC is called Digital World Acquisition Corp (DWAC) and the Chairman and CEO is Patrick Orlando.

Who is Patrick Orlando ?

According to Yahoo Finance profile

Meet Patrick Orlando, the CEO of Digital World (which raised $300 million earlier this year and has a little less on hand) as well as two other SPACs ... Mr. Orlando is the CEO of Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp. ...

Perhaps more interesting is Mr. Orlando’s role as CEO of Yunhong International (ticker: ZGYH), another SPAC where he is CEO. Yunhong International is located in an office building in Wuhan, China, according to SEC filings. That same address is shared by Yunhong Group, which sells an array of supplements such as “Natural Brain Booster Capsule” and “Bitter Gourd Peptides”.

So what exactly is this Yunhong International ? This SEC filing tells you that it was actually another SPAC which was created to take the company called Giga Energy to public just like DWAC is doing with Trump.

Where is Giga Energy located? According to this article on Nasdaq

Formerly known as Ares Motor Works, Giga Energy aims to accelerate transition of commercial and industrial vehicles to zero emissions and plans to be headquartered in Hangzhou, China.

Interestingly, this SPAC deal failed. If anyone wants to worry about something, find out why this SPAC deal fell through, and was it due to fault of Patrick Orlando

So in summary, Trump is working with Patrick Orlando, who is a guy who has done 3 SPACs, one of them to take a company in China public, and the corresponding SPAC is registered in Wuhan. He is also CEO of another SPAC Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp, which is has its HQ in Miami Florida.

It would be interesting to dig whether Trump and Patrick have other connections, or why Trump decided to go with this guy with limited experience (I am guessing he is trying to avoid any Deep State actors) and this is something other Anons can continue digging, but my conclusion:

Patrick Orlando's SPAC being headquartered in Wuhan, China is benign since they wanted to merge with Giga Energy that was targeting China. Trump has NO connection to these companies as far as I can tell.

However, it would be good to remember that this SPAC of Patrick's fell through and never merged with Giga Energy.

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To get caught up on what is happening with the governor's race in Virginia, read my earlier post:


Okay, now get out your popcorn.

Virginia Patriots have people planted all over the place within elections to watch for voter fraud. One Patriot in Democrat-controlled Fairfax County spotted it happening: Virginia law requires that mail-in ballots are only sent out if the application has the last four digits of the social security number, but employees of the Office of Elections were ignoring this law and ready to send out mail-in ballots like candy. They were planning to send out 339 mail-in ballots to "voters" with no partial social security number on the application.

A Patriot in the office saw this and reported it to the Virginia voter fraud hotline (I'm not sure what it is--I looked but didn't find it easily). This report went to a team of lawyers who filed a lawsuit yesterday (https://publicinterestlegal.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Complaint_20211020_0001Fairfaxed.pdf). An article about what happened is here: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2021/10/20/public-interest-legal-foundation-files-lawsuit-over-illegal-absentee-ballots-in-fairfax-county-in-advance-of-va-gubernatorial-election/

This is after the nine Democrats on the county board faced blowback when they voted to send a letter to Governor Blackface saying he should not require a witness signature on ballots (https://www.insidenova.com/headlines/fairfax-board-asks-northam-to-waive-witness-requirement-for-absentee-ballots/article_b84ee54a-2763-11ec-a19c-e7c27f4e8ad7.html). This created a shitstorm that should keep the no-witness thing from happening.

The pre-crime mode is working, folks. If Virginia Patriots win next month, the methods developed can be used throughout the country.

Let's go Brandon!


She said there are hardly any patients in the hospital with Covid but over half the ICU patients are vaccinated patients that have had strokes, head bleeding and sepsis. She said this was not normal and she has been a nurse for over 20 years. She said she thinks the Covid vaccine is causing it. She said there are also an unusually high number of heart attacks.

Anyone who has family that are nurses, ask questions, get the truth from the horses mouth, this shit is real and it needs to be heard. We need to scan every hospital in the USA. WWG1WGA!


She was admitted to the ICU tonight with covid and bacterial pneumonia in her lungs. They are going to try regeneron and they have her on a ventilator. Her oxygen went up from 70 to 80 after going on the vent. Please say a prayer for her and give her strength. She is the nicest lady in the world!

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