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Dude (media.greatawakening.win)
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Dad update We are with you, Frog. ❤️🐸
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First off, the love from you folks is incredible.
Just like “we are the news”, I consider you frens as my family now, as I’m now an orphan. I’m deeply humbled by your responses.

After talking with Dr and my pastor, it seems his life quality will be terrible… And he’s very active. I’ve decided to let him go be with the lord and my mom. I cry as I type this. I feel sick inside.
Again, thank you all! Wish I could give you all a big hug.

Joe McCarty was WAYYYYY ahead of the Curve. (media.greatawakening.win) 🧠 MEMORY HOLE 🕳️
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Kari (media.greatawakening.win)
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I don't know if... (media.greatawakening.win)
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USAA News Article

NZ Daily Telegraph Article

NY Post Article

Apparently, the Thai royal family are not impressed with Pfizer.
Thailand may be the first nation to sue Pfizer for $Billions in damages in the world courts, but may also press for criminal charges through the world courts.

Read the attached short articles. There are MANY other articles out there about this, but you never hear about it from the U.S. MSM. If I were a Pfizer executive... I wouldn't feel comfortable vacationing in Thailand any time soon.

Please pray for my dad. 🧘Mental/Physical Health 🏋🏼‍♂️
posted ago by Usmc_vet ago by Usmc_vet

My 76 year old dad (my last living relative besides my kids) suffered a massive stroke Tuesday night. He’s now paralyzed on his left side and on life support. As much as I tried to warn him, he’s vaxxed. Booster 3 weeks ago. I have to make a decision to remove him from life support. I’m scared and sad. I don’t know what to do. I have no other family to help me through this. Just lost my husband last year, and my mom 7 months ago. I’d appreciate any prayer sent my way. I have Jesus in my life, I’ll be ok.
Thank you frens.


My boomers are generally distrustful of government, but it's taken this stupid balloon story for my dad (ex-Navy) to see how flagrantly fake the media is.

For the unitiated, if the balloon thing was real you'd never have heard about it... It's have been dealt with probably before reaching out airspace.

That Certain Look (media.greatawakening.win)
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No, it's not the lack of straight white males under 60, that's been a thing. No, I'm seeing a ton of "California Closets" commercials where your dwelling is made up of hideaway beds and desks, etc. And then I'm seeing a completely different company selling something else and the couple gets out of a...hideaway fold up bed. Setting the mental stage slaves. Stay in your small cubicles while the elites get acres and acres of land to see you coming 20 miles away.

Pu$$ies (media.greatawakening.win)
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Without question! (media.greatawakening.win) 🧠 These people are stupid!
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The shot heard around the world (media.greatawakening.win) 🐴 SHITPOST 💩
posted ago by MikeTheCubed ago by MikeTheCubed

First, here are the two posts claiming the 5% figure:



and two good links that I gleaned from the comments:



Now, assuming this 5% figure is true and that the bad batches were randomly distributed worldwide, here is the probability distribution that a person who took both clot shots and all boosters on the time scale propagandized by the government and the mockingbird media of getting a poisonous shot.

The formula for the probability distribution of 2 events is: nCrp^rq^(n-r) where n is the number of vaccine doses taken, r is the number that is poisonous, p is the probability that the batch is not poisonous which would be .95 and q is the probability that the batch is poisonous which would be .05. For those of you who are not math literate, the C is the formula for combinations.

So a person who had only one shot, the probability is nonpoisonous: 95%, poisonous 5%

From here on out, all calculations are rounded to the nearest whole percent.

A person who had two shots, the probabilities are: both nonpoisonous: 90%, 1 poisonous: 10%, both poisonous 0% (actually 0.25%)

A person who had three shots, the probabilities are: all nonpoisonous: 86%, 1 poisonous: 14%, 2 poisonous: 1%, all 3 poisonous: 0% (actually 1/80th of a %) The reason why the total is above 100% is due to rounding error.

A person who had 4 shots, the probabilities are: all nonpoisonous: 81%, 1 poisonous: 17%, 2 poisonous: 1%, 3 poisonous: 0.05%, all 4 poisonous: 1/1600 of a %

A person who had 5 shots, the probabilities are: all nonpoisonous: 77%, 1 poisonous: 20%, 2 poisonous: 2%

A person who had 6 shots, the probabilities are:
all nonpoisonous: 74%, 1 poisonous: 23%, 2 poisonous: 3%

A person who had 7 shots, the probabilities are: all nonpoisonous: 70%, 1 poisonous: 26%, 2 poisonous: 4%

A person who had 8 shots, the probabilities are:
all nonpoisonous: 66%, 1 poisonous: 28%, 2 poisonous: 5%, 3 poisonous 1%

I'll stop here since I doubt that no one has yet had 8 shots. If you look at the figures, you can see that people getting these shots are playing a game of Russian roulette with the odds increasing going against their favor. Remember though that this relies on two key assumptions made at the beginning of this post.

As you can see, a person who takes 8 shots risks a 2 out of 3 chance of NOT getting poisoned. I you presented this person with a bowl of 300 M&Ms and told them that 1 out of 3 of them was poisonous, would they reach in and take a handleful?

What got me was how the probability of getting only one poisonous shot out of many rose with each shot taken. After all, it only takes one to cause an injury or death. I'm sure that others here on GAW can add other interpretations of these numbers and I welcome them to do so. I just wanted to throw this out there are continue the discussion that was started yesterday.

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