My Health Insurance Company sent me a postcard offering me $100 to take the Covid vaccine. I can't believe this crap!


It is going to be an amazing and maybe a difficult thing to see leftists suddenly start to awaken. It will be easy to look at their past and condemn them today and think and say that their awakening doesn't matter because look what they did in the past. These individuals waking up is precisely the people liberty and truth need to be awake. They will reach those who we can't reach, they can influence....not all....but some. Like the Apostle Paul, who had formerly been Saul and who persecuted Christ, he was made to "see" through his blindness how wrong he had been. Support and encourage the waking people, it could be a beautiful thing.

Launching off of what another person posted yesterday, since the vaccine hasn't really been tested, could they be conducting the testing on the population? Perhaps different vaccines for different areas depending on certain circumstances?

I just happened to think of something and, please, those with more knowledge please refute. I'm wondering if the AZ Forensic Audit info release is delayed until they get the servers and logs. Otherwise, if the audit info is released, the corrupt election commission might be able to change the server info/logs to try and prove the audit wrong.


I'm just devastated by this news. I saw on his Facebook posts a few weeks ago that he had gotten a cold and he was cooking some things to feel better. And he had a test for Covid which came back negative. He said, "For not being Covid, this sure is rough." A couple of weeks later he ended up in the hospital and was given rendesivir and was doing great, was holding up signs he'd written of positivity. Then he took a turn for the worse and they had to put him on a ventilator, which is basically a death sentence. I'm stunned and confused by it all.


My thoughts have been on this fiasco for days. One thing occurred to me. I come from a military family and I worked with the military as a contractor at White Sands Missile Range, NM for many years. It seems to me that if Biden was looking for a way to cause the military to absolutely despise him (internally, of course), he couldn't have picked a more effective way. This, in turn, made me think about how we all have wondered if the military have gone "woke" (to me, never.) Over the years there have been many times when the left has imposed certain rules upon the military, certain HR training about conduct etc., and they all attend the classes, take sign their little agreements and it rolls right off their backs as far as changing them internally regarding their purpose. I believe that they are true to their oath to defend and protect the constitution and our great country. Is this also an eye-opener for certain generals?


I've read so many reports in our circles of what is going on and I'm getting so much mixed information. One says it's a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10; another says it's only a partial report and may not be done before September; now the Cyber team is sick; or the sickness story is a diversion. We are long overdue for some truth and transparency.


So, I've been thinking about the Symposium. What if the hype about the PCAPs was to get as many people watching as possible? They got all 50 states there and then showed the real vote counts for each state, right down to the onesies. If any states were apprehensive about the steal, they aren't now. Also, Dominion HAS to know what each state's real vote count was. When they saw that we have each state's true vote count exactly, it lets them know that we have the information. It also lets others know. Lindell had to get the true vote counts from somewhere. Would Dominion make a deal? Is this Art of the Deal in practice? Am I crazy hahaha


What are your guesses? Did Biden ever come back from Delaware?


For the record, let me just say that I do not believe in violence in efforts to change things in our country. It is my belief that Patriots will never attack anyone. It is my belief that the true Patriots will let any and all constitutional laws guide what our country's future is. We are hard-working, family-oriented, homebodies for the most part and we have been grotesquely misrepresented by many in the media and elsewhere. We are law-abiding, which is why we are appalled when others do not follow the law. We hope, we pray, we work, we study, we try to improve ourselves, we teach our children to be law abiding, productive members of society. Our society would be NOTHING without our day to day grinding at work and at being effective and honorable citizens. We will not be out causing any trouble. The country knows who the troublemakers are, and it ain't us! May God continue to bless America and the world.


It just occurred to me that maybe the DC cops DID commit suicide because they were told that they would be thrown under the bus for "Jan 6" by the people who REALLY organized the thing! How much you wanna bet that word is out that they are all going to get caught, and the elites will say "look, it wasn't me...it was these cops and they knew they did wrong so they killed themselves. What a shame...."


First of all, let me say that I am just asking questions. I am not saying one way or the other what is true.

  1. If the virus was created to hurt Trump supporters (older people are vastly pro-Trump) why infect the entire world?

My answer: I think the virus was created for the reason for everything: money obtained from selling the vaccine.

  1. If the virus is meant to kill a percentage of the population to decrease the world's population, how does that square with having enough working people to pay taxes and keep the entire economy and world running and making money?

  2. If the left created the virus, would the left really want a vaccine that would help save people? Would they initiate a fear campaign that the virus is dangerous to keep people from taking it all the while demanding that people take it? I think that as long as they sell it and get their money, they don't care if people get it or not. They will just virtue signal about it and get themselves on camera (Fauci) to build their brand.

The only thing I see here is a huge money-making venture, the root of all evil. I think it is to sell vaccines to the world and get huge payouts from the USA Government and other countries and someone is benefitting. Many "someones."

My church congregation, probably 400+ people have all received the vaccines and no one has become ill or died from it.

It's all so fricking confusing and no one has a straight answer about any of it.

How do we know that the reports of death and infection are the truth? There is so much information and everyone has an agenda.


This is my opinion only. I believe that if Pence had not certified the election, where would we be?

  1. We would still be trapped in the deep state, with Trump's power neutered to a certain extent. There would be NO PATH to draining the swamp.

  2. Trump does not trash Pence AT ALL! He doesn't praise him. He doesn't even mention him. Do you really think that if Trump had been counting on Pence, he wouldn't be pulverizing him at every turn since 1/6?

  3. Pence has been very quiet about Trump. Pretending to get ready for 2024.

Again, this is just my opinion.


In case any of you fellow DittoHeads want access to all of Rush's 3 hour show videos with his brilliance, humor, music, teachngs, history lessons, constitutional truths and all those musical parodies, and NOW some of his TV shows, it is on his website. I joined a few years ago, $6.99/mo and it is the best money I ever spent. Just letting RushBabies know we still have his voice.


A little TOO quiet if you ask me.


I just decided to watch a show that someone recommended to me two years ago, called Mr. Robot. I'm serious, they are talking about all the things our side is fighting. Have you seen this show? OMG! I'm in shock.


For those of you who may be putting aside some food storage, who do you like for sources? If this is not allowed, please delete. Thanks in advance.

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