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It can be defeated by disabling javascript or limiting javascript by disabling JIT.

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He will announce that he saved 15% (or more) by switching to Geico.

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Jim Watkins = fag

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Hemp is great for many things, not just getting high. Alcohol is the real devil. So many crimes came from alcohol abuse. The #1 killer of people is stress, and hemp helps reduce it without making you crave it, unlike alcohol. Try it sometime in a small amount or maybe try a CBD drink. Sucks that praising the benefits of hemp makes people think I am a scumbag piece of shit like George Floyd.

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I ain't afraid of covid or anything, but my heart rate has been elevated almost this entire day. I did go on a huge hike up a steep mountain that took me 6 hours from bottom to top. This is just so weird. Maybe I should mask up again and maybe get yet another booster shot.

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I've always wanted to see a nuke in person. I wish they could set one off so that I am just inches away from the very end of the blast zone. I'll bring a frying pan with me and cook dinner with one hand by sticking the pan just a few inches into the blast zone and be 100% unharmed, all while I am taking selfies with the other hand.

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Gregg Phillips: In two weeks I am going to be dropping the bomb about alcohol.

(Two weeks later)

Gregg Phillips: People under the influence of alcohol should not operate heavy machinery.

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TruthSocial is cool and all, but GAW aggregates everything I need to read in one easy place.

If they can opensource TS and put it up as a true stand-alone apk file for android and not just a glorified webview app, I'll sign up.

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I really wanted the name Butthole, but it was already taken. I am so proud of my current alias here that I may have my legal first name changed to it.

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