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Pick your poison, literally.

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Mediocre before, monstrous after.

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Transcend the false dichotomy.

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Pretty damning evidence here.

The Church he superficially conquered for is the same Church that destroyed native European cultures/religions in the first few centuries after Jesus. I love Jesus, but I have no love for this Church.

I will agree that the war on Columbus Day is a war on White America -- but in all honesty, I see no reason to look up to Columbus. There are much more heroic individuals out there.

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One was a Jew enslaving and destroying natives and their cultures, the other was a hero resurrecting his own dying culture and warding off the rise of Jewish communism.

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Read his contemporaries’ letters. I fully believe in right to rule by conquest, I’m about as traditionalist as it gets. That said, we should still have a sense of respect for life, and Columbus had none.

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Trump looks FRESH here... very healthy with a regal demeanor.

May Ashli Rest In Peace if she has left us, may she stay protected if she’s still alive.

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I’m not a fan of revising history but Columbus DOES NOT deserve a holiday.

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Renaming Columbus Day Indigenous People’s Day is perhaps the one good thing that the faux Administration has done. He was a sick motherfucker, even by the standards of his day.

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It’s definitely celebrated by Satanists but there are also Satanists who claim to be Christians... a bad group of guys following something does not automatically make that something evil.

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Everything that’s not Yahweh is Molack-Saytan xddddd embrace religious extremism!

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Halloween is an ancient Celtic holiday, not Satanic.

Why do Christians conflate every non-Abrahamic religion with Satanism?

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