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Speaking of potatoes. They're depression proof. During the first and second world wars, Eastern Europeans created so many potato dishes we know today. They're cheap AF, simple, versatile and they last forever. Stock up.

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Bro, 95% of the content creators in the "truth movement" are nothing more than FANTASTICAL claims slinging thier promo code. What did you expect? The rest, which is very little, are cold hard research and well put together posts across this board. I get your frustrations. I do. A lot of us here do.

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Roberts is gay. Everyone on the Hill knows this. It's an open secret. Not to mention that they probably have blackmail videos of that dude that can work both ways.

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Just stop busting nuts inside man damn. Problem solved

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WW2. WW1 was a family feud and they even threw it on your face in The King's Man which was the prequel and pretty decent. WW2 never ended. The Nazis never surrendered. They just came here via Operation Paperclip and embedded themselves in all aspects and mechanisms of the American system. The rest went to Argentina and Antarctica and continued development of their anti-gravitic technology and "broke away". Many researches claim they went on to create a breakaway civilization. Go watch some interviews of Dr. Joseph P. Farrell before YouTube deletes them all. The guy is a WW2 genius. Look into Catherine Austin Fitts and how she discovered a second and now third sets of books and how our black budget is somewhere around $80 trillion dollars. Think about what an underground system of finance can do with that kind of money.

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Damn. I'm so sorry for your loss bro.

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I lost my wife of 17 years to metastatic breast cancer in 2019. She was someone of notoriety in the fight against cancer with her own fund and family in government. Through my years of extremist red-pilling and conspiracy research, we always spoke about how the elites have cures for everything under lock and key and the cures are not as complicated as cancer research makes them out to be. Don't be surprised if the cures for most of today's diseases are solutions that were buried decades ago. These people are crazy AF and are depopulating humanity. For those of you in the know: Disclosure will happen and it will take humanity to the stars and beyond.