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Surface level meanings are easy to obscure, but the deeper you go the more it all converges on one ultimate meaning, which the NT and Gnostic texts both affirm without contradicting each other.

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Reducing the Gnostic tradition which spans several centuries into “its false because it’s contradicts my dogma” is pretty close minded.

Plenty of the Gnostic worldview can be rooted in the four gospels of the NT without needing the apocryphal texts.

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This is so over the top LMAO Played Cats music??? LOLOLOL

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I'd put forward that genetic malformation is not as permanent as we may believe, and that such a view may be the result of lack of understanding in current science. Epigenetics is a field of study regarding the genetic effects caused by emotional, psychological, or spiritual/conscious states.

It relies on the idea of the body as a morphologic field; that in a quantum sense your physical body is an information field, and DNA as we understand it actually acts as an antenna to 'tune' the physical organization of the body according to the coherence of the field. You can research biophotons as relevant to this as well.

In other words, now that we have escaped a captured institution of medicine, there is a huge room for medical advancement in practices and therapies that are holistic, and that the weight of 'hi-tech' research being applied in these areas may prove incredibly effective even at genetic level of expression.

Some sort of combinations of meditative/brainwave therapy, pharmacology, nutrition, and social support may go beyond what we currently imagine is possible in medicine, especially when combined with the miraculous knowledge that we have gained through the advancement of surgeries.

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This is the most definitive 'news' story I've seen yet to verify that whoever the fuck is pretending to be Joe Biden is not actually Joe Biden.

An 80 year old man falling off a bicycle would break his fucking hip.

Pelosi sure would.

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Sounds like you're successfully expanding your thinking. Somehow, someway it all is important.

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That’s the point. Of course there is no rational relationship between these. Just as there is no rational explanation as to why Rittenhouse square holds a frog statue.

“Expand your thinking.” “There are no coincidences.” “Wizards & Warlocks.”

Numerology is about seeing the right message at the perfect time. It is a language of the augurs.

These aren’t Q proofs in this thread as they are too free-associative, yes. But that doesn’t mean these “coincidences” aren’t meaningful.

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Youre making a lot of inferences here that don’t apply: namely what is meant by “devolution” and B) the fact that “doomers were right, and have muh level headed down to earth predictions that aren’t false and hopium filled.”

Youre the one dismissing evidence and insisting your predictions were right. Literally doing an exact 180 of what youre saying.

Doomers IGNORE plentiful and continuing proofs. 5/25 jack resigned. Q525 says goodbye jack. Trump just put out a letter which the third paragraph starts “Seventeen” and ends NCSWIC.

The entire Q phenomenon is based on anons being able to string together crumbs and bake bread.

When you get in here and start shitting in the bread because you want a nice baget fucking hand delivered and won’t put in the cognitive effort to piece it together, youre fucking up the whole board and being a demoralizing bitch.

Doomers aren’t making “down to earth, PROVEN accurate predictions,” — what the fuck are you even talking about? Are you bitching about the Sussman trial? We’ve all established it was a sleight of hand play to get critical evidence introduced, which is consistent with Q. In this situations doomers were also PROVEN wrong.

You see, YOU are the one being willfully ignorant to the comms. Doomers repeatedly shit in breads all over the boards and employ a MO where

They IGNORE PROOFS They IGNORE COMMS they take MSM narratives and announcements at face value

They over all and consistently push PESSIMISM AND DEMORALIZATION.

The shit is fucking annoying and forum slides. It’s honesty bullshit to read a bunch of bitching, but it’s gotten to the point we have to bitch about the bitching.

Either way, this type of behavior isn’t “healthy skepticism” — it’s DEMORALIZATION

it should be a clear rule added to the side bar that continued offenses in this regard is grounds for removal from discussion

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These are the kind of “coincidences” that anons should realize are like the fingerprint of God. This is truly a divine undertaking and there’s no room for intentional, willful dooming on the board. We all need to vent our concerns from time to time but seeing these sort of connections and alignments has gone beyond Q even into a place where the scope of what is going on is COSMIC. “Coincidences” like these are insane, there is NO ROOM FOR INTENTIONAL DEMORALIZATION on the board in face of stuff like this!

It’s like the Rittenhouse square that was found that has a frog statue in the center. This level of “coincidence” is simply put, statistically impossible.

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I’m just saying, a certain amount of “willful dooming” should be grounds to remove people from forum sliding. Or at least temporary ban.

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Youre kind of missing the point. You should conceptualize it as Trump being the head of state of an entirely separate nation, let’s called it America.

Biden is president of the United States.

However, the AMERICANS lawfully elected DJT as their head of state.

The “United States” as a legal entity was institutionally captured.

So this is basically the same as AMERICA declaring war against the United States: IE, HE USED THE TERM TREASON. Treason is a WAR crime.

Have you ever conceptualized your self as a “US citizen?” Or do you refer to yourself as an AMERICAN?

Trump is head of the American state via the social contract of REAL FLESH AND BLOOD PEOPLE WHO VOTED HIM IN

Biden is the head of the United States as a result of a ton of dead legal entities casting “ballots”

One has the true social contract of the living people

Another has a bunch of paperwork

They’re not the same nation

Ie: who gives a fuck what the US courts say or the bullshit rulings they issue. When the AMERICANS recapture their institutions it’s not going to be through the mechanism of the legal entities that is the “United States”

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No, I want doomers who INSIST on pessimism to be banned, because they are not productive to discussion. When Trump literally signs off with NCSWIC and people get up in the thread with “myh expectations of drastic overnight change” and start detracting from the CLEAR Q proofs present in comms, it’s time to hit the ban. After all the HUNDREDS OF PROOFS you’ve seen if you are on the forum bitching it up about timetables, yes, it’s time to free up the comment feed for persons who are capable of ON TOPIC DISCUSSION.

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Was Samuel Adams the Admiral of the Navy when the Boston Tea Party was organized?

What I’m saying to you is that government is just a tool. It’s a reflection of the real power which are PEOPLE.

I want you to think about Game of Thrones. Does the whole story just stop in the first episode because the king is murdered and the crown usurped? Does the other side of the struggle just disappear because the other claimed the “formal” control? Or does the story continue to unwind for another 8 seasons as these two factions act out a war, even though, formally , the Lannister’s seize the crown in the very beginning ?

Come on. Politics and struggle doesn’t just vanish because one side says “we are the winners.”

Trump is very clearly demonstrating right now he is leading a faction - a SIGNIFICANT faction, which most likely does constitute itself of real, “hard power” - ie nuclear access - that is clearly writing out: the other side has committed treason against the lawfully elected government and captured our political institutions.

It isn’t academic to understand what this means.

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It means the democrats own the legal entity that is formally the “US gov” — it does not mean that said gov has not fractured into factions vying for power within a vacuum.

Politics is the first principle. Within our governance, we handle political forces (factions) as registered parties.

What happens when legally registered parties fail due to institutional capture? Does the first principle of political struggle cease because the formal delegations of this struggle have failed in representative duties?

No, and war is proof of this. Political struggle is the prima facie - not a derivative. When formal political processes fail, war ensues.

So what does it mean that Trump is clearly and publicly announcing that formal political parties have failed to address political concerns?

It means, by logical definition, that this political conflict is a war.

And he clearly, presciently, BLATANTLY, announces charges of treason, within a document clearly detailing the break down of codified political discourse: ie, a formalized declaration of war.

Trump is very clearly announcing he is mobilized within a larger, hardened faction which is articulating in no uncertain terms that they consider the nation at war with a treasonous enemy.

This document is exactly as the title & OP describes.

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Really? A twelve page letter detailing how the election was outright stolen & that there is institutional capture within our local & state court systems didn’t give you the idea that there is a hardened contingent within our Republic that is engaged in civil war with another one?

Honestly if you are in these comments posting takes like this after having read an open letter that directly accuses the democrats of treason, is headed by ‘President Donald J Trump’ - contains the clear cut quote “we won on November 3rd,” - and ends with NCSWIC paraphrased, I petition for you to be banned. At this point it’s clear that dooming is a sort of addiction among the pessimistic here and you’re either better off getting booted and being a lurker to prompt you to focus on pulling your own life together, or youre a deliberate shill.

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This letter begins prominently with ‘Seventeen’ and ends bluntly: ‘but we can’t be stopped.’

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I think the most encouraging aspect of the entire Biden admin is the fact that if they knew who & what was fully responsible for the Q phenomenon they would’ve doxed, unmasked and paraded a patsy, real or imagined, to be the martyr.

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The thing is though, is that Trump did cross the Rubicon.

Historically speaking, Julius Caesar was one of the greatest military minds to ever be born. He began his career as a foot soldier and ended it as the Emperor.

When he crossed the Rubicon river, he actually marched past Rome in pursuit of Pompey, which was completely unexpected on part of the Senate which had harangued him for treason.

It actually took several years between the crossing of the Rubicon and when Caesar finally arrived in Rome, as he pursued Pompey all the way to Egypt, and was briefly distracted by an affair with Cleopatra.

All in all, this was the greatest head feint in all of human history, as Caesar temporarily allowed Rome to exist in near total anarchy without a government while he conclusively decided the civil war with Pompey.

The parallel with Trump and our modern times is nothing short of symphonic. We are seeing an almost perfect overture between the orchestra of history which played out in Rome, and the melody as it expresses itself again in our modern world.

After all, America is the spiritual and symbolic manifestation of Rome within the modern world. It's easy to see that had Trump initiated civil war, our entire society would have transitioned into an Imperial state, just as happened before. This time we may see something entirely new form instead: a worldwide Republic.

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