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3.45. THINK MIRROR. 543. ;)


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You misunderstand.

The 'cryptic shit' I'm referring to is you posting a link to a Q Drop with no context.

To repeat my question: Why do you think it's relevant now?

Or are we just posting links to random Q Drops for the hell of it now?

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Why do you think this is relevant now?

EDIT: And secondly, what the hell do you think it means?

I'm well and truly over all this cryptic shit now.

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People only ever thought this sack of sack poser was a hero because he has an eyepatch and it reminds them of Snake Plissken and Rooster Cogburn and that must make him badass.

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After criticizing Wisconsin for not cancelling these voter registrations BEFORE the election when it would have made a difference, I'm thinking it doesn't really make sense for him to then offer 'congratulations'.

Unless he is drawing attention to the word itself....



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The 'Congratulation!' at the end of this statement seems like a non sequitar.

Who is he congratulating?

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No chance in the Snatch but might feature prominently in the Clean and Jerk.

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All anyone needs to do is google photos of Biden from each year (2012, 2013, 2014 etc. up to 2020) and see the GRADUAL CHANGE as he has undergone various cosmetic procedures.

If you cherry pick a photo from 2008 or whenever and compare it to another in 2021 of course they are going to look starkly different, but not because he's a fucking clone or a double or whatever.

Who knows, he may be a clone or a double and they're certainly using CGI/Deep Fake and maybe even holograms and/or some kind of advanced prosthetics on someone else (definitely not Jim Carrey ffs!) at times, but none of this has anything to do with the fact that Biden 2021 doesn't look a whole lot like Biden 2012.

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I've never questioned whether he was a White Hat.

How far does somebody's head have to be up their own ass or his to think differently?

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That's why my last girlfriend said, too. :(

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Odds on when you show this to your IT co-workers they essentially just shrug and say: "OK, yeah, but that doesn't prove anything" or chuckle and say: "They all cheat. At least he's not Trump."

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What if there was no option but for him but to get the vaccine out when he did, the deaths and adverse reactions are being exaggerated by the bad guys, he needs to be seen promoting it to keep the pro-Vax sheeple on side, and there is an antidote waiting in the wings to reverse whatever shit is in it?

I get where you're coming from and why, but there is a lot we just don't know about what is going on behind the scenes.

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Thanks. Very interesting.

Now that I look at the meme again, though, I'm wondering if it's even intonation or inflection. Because I can read each version in exactly the same way (intonation/ inflection and emphasis) and understand the difference.

Would 'context matters' me more accurate? Because the meaning seems to rely on the visual context and not the words.

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Dead eyes. Disconnected, mirthless smile.

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Nice graphic, but I'm going to be 'that guy' and point out this has nothing to do with punctuation. It should read 'Emphasis matters' instead.

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