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How the fuck would this sort of demented horseshit not come to the attention of 'the authorities' sooner?

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Schwab is going to press a button and the floor under Zelensky's seat will drop out, plunging him into a tank full of starving sharks.

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I agree with you -- I wouldn't vote for Oz, and wouldn't vote for anyone just because somebody else endorsed them.

In this case, I guess it comes down to whether you're prepared to strategically gamble on Trump and co. knowing what they're doing with the big picture, or not.

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Don't know, but the article talks about Trump's vetting process and private intelligence network being pretty good, and Trump's post suggested Barnette has some background-check problems.

I'm no fan of Oz, but if Trump has gone with him, then maybe Oz has been 'strongly persuaded' to behave himself if/when elected.

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Fucking hell, these creatures are beyond help.

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Hard to argue with Trump's very simple and very pragmatic explanation for why he endorsed Oz.

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There's no way Schiff is "heartbroken" over these killings.

If anything, his little piggly-wiggly 2-inch faggot-nubbin would be quivering with excitement over the news.

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Is Biden Biden?

Is he faking or exaggerating his dementia?

Is he there to humiliate and demoralize the American psyche, or wake it up?

-- After watching all this closely for the last two years the only honest answer I can come up with is:

"Beats the shit out of me."

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Is it? The title says Covid.

Either way it's a childish thing for a Prime Minister to do.

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No big deal.

Every Ukrainian porn clip ends this way.

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Is this stupid bitch a teenager or the Prime Minister?

Did she actually just post this photo without explanation?

I can't wait to see this scrawny-necked, horse-faced tranny dangling from a fucking rope.

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It's so fucked up that women want to kill their unborn children and even when they have them they refuse to feed them naturally.

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It's gonna be awkward too, when they realize they like their bot friends better than the 40 percent who are actually real.

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Patriots are not in control. The Military is not the way. You are not watching a movie…YOU are the plan; are you ready to hold the political elite accountable?

Lol, so we have ONE WEEK to stop this?

What exactly is OUR plan????

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Eh, what's a little extra human trafficking, child rape and torture when y'all should just be "Grabbing your popcorn and enjoying the show."

Biggest miscalculation and most obscene and alienating lines in all of the Q posts above.

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I haven't been so excited since Corey Feldman's Celebrity All-Star Child Abuse Revelations Spectacular.

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