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Lol. Wonder if something was about to happen? FF averted? Ever Given? 🤔

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Retarded. It's pretty sketchy that you're defending her given the amount of information that CONFIRMS ABSOLUTELY she is controlled opposition. Are you a shill? Are you just a dumbfuck? Why are you using this community to give this globalist cunt a voice? You can't honestly be that aloof, can you? What's your angle here dude?

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I got the gyst, no problem. Idk, it's kind of like "dude, I'm done using my brain, can you just spoonfeed it to me so I don't have to do much thinky brainy stuff?" I mean, no offense, but I got it right away. Interesting post, well done.

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Haji spice, kek

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Was just thinking this...

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Way to seed the idea that black people should give a shit about a medic shooting three WHITE convicts who were attacking him in a violent riot, you gem you, way to go 👏

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