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I do understand what he's saying, and agree that the PEOPLE that consider themselves republican or democrat should stop demonizing each other, at least the ones that haven't gone full retard yet.

And not that we should not consider the democratic PARTY as an enemy, because they are.

But the end game for this has to be for that fucking demonic entity to be gone, there shouldn't be parties at all....

It could be so simple, individuals that want to run for office (after meeting certain criteria that makes them eligible to do so), just do.

Then they lay out their vision and plans for what they want to do in said office, and the people vote for the ones they agree with more...

At least you guys have only 2 (plus independents), down here there are like dozens of different fucking parties, I don't know how we even begin to fix this mess.

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They have, because the economic crisis was inevitable, its what their shitty fiat system was bound to cause, and they knew it.

They have been doing this for centuries, they manipulate nations economies, in a way that makes them certain to crash, then they create a crisis when its about to, not only to retain power, but to gain even more

This time they tried to grab it all, only some people did some atomic monkey wrenching to their plans, and it messed it all up

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Kek, who the eff sets a meeting for precisely 9:05

Nice find fren.

Tbh it would be pretty easy for the DS to do something like his on purpose to mess with us, just send the thing at the time of a "BOOOM" post, then mention another time stamp of a twatter related post.

But I'll take it.

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If you show this to the sheep they tell you it didn't happen because we took care of the problem by outlawing some aerosols and shit like that...

All of these retards that go along with c0Vid BS will fall right in line when they start imposing the same sort of BS because of cLImAte cHAnGe, unless something drastic happens...

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Imma depend on you fellow pedes for summaries and real time comments.

Calling in internationally would make the phone bill quite prohibitive for me I'm afraid.

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Unless someone on TV or some "Influencer" tells them, never.

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What does it matter....

Don't blindly follow anyone, not even DJT, whenever they have something to say listen, but independently think about everything critically and do the right thing

Put your trust in God.

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Juts leave it at 360p or lower, to ease on the bandwidth for em

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Ride out and meet them!!

....on a second thought let's not do that...

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Yeah, fuck the WE thing, there's no we, I have nothing to do with this moronicy

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Now that's what I'd call quality entertainment

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I was going to say that we could set up a stream, but then I saw this:

Any photographing, recording, or rebroadcasting of federal court proceedings is prohibited by law.

So no go, also:

If you believe you were a victim of Ghislaine Maxwell or have information about the allegations in the Indictment, please call 1-800-Call-FBI

kek, I'm sure letting the Gestapo know will be of great help, 30 minutes later you'll be in the back of an unmarked car with a bag over your head.

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It's very simple, DJT supports this new party, it will succeed, he doesn't and it will fail, miserably.

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Eh, heroism is a bit of a stretch... Maybe they just decided to virtue signal to a different crowd

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Haven't bought a single can of soda in 10 years at the very least, I drink water.

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Thing is as soon as they show up to take the fucking thing they consented, unless they start to actually forcibly dragging people away, to hold them down and force jab them(might still happen in some places...), this does not apply... that's why they did the way they did...

Coercion does not equate "forcible injection", still shitty, still evil, but does not apply to this case.

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