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I don't like fetterman because he's an obvious pawn, whoever that guy is that is showing up now anyway, and I do admit the way he dresses is beyond stupid, those effen shorts...

But at the same time I always felt like "formal" attire is also beyond stupid, why the fuck should I hang a straight piece of cloth down my neck? and why exactly is that supposed to be respectful?

I never liked wearing shirts, too stiff, let alone suits... much prefer t-shirts or perhaps polo-style shirts, and jeans, maybe khakis

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It really irks me, a lot, when people post stuff like this as if it was new.

I understand the need to get hopes up a bit, since there's very little that does that these days, but I also prefer to stick to reality, at least date the thing...

It's a shame that the X poster doesn't bother sauce or date the video.

Yeah, it's a shame GAW poster didn't bother to do that also...

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At this point is almost anything under the sun, other than local mom & pop shops, and very few big companies

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I've seen the this same exact post by il donaldo trumpo(who is not DJT) about 10 times already, at the very least.

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Natural selection is always in place.

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Have you tried looking on https://www.redballoon.work/ ?

I'm not sure how good it is since it's for US only and I'm not American, but there seems to be some good paying jobs over there, in companies that, hopefully, would appreciate a patriot.

Maybe it would be a better alternative to put your business on hold and get a better paying fixed job for now anyway, at least you'd get some stability.

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Or maybe this is just them distancing big mike from barry so they can prop up this thing for president

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Introverts, loners yes, anti-social no.

I wish people would stop using that term like that, criminals, sociopaths, psychopaths are anti-social, that's the true meaning of the word, doesn't have anything to do with wanting to go to parties or not.

Also nah, I'm an introvert loner because I'm effed up, if I was smart my situation would be better.

Though perhaps that does indeed apply to truly intelligent individuals, I wouldn't know.

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ah yeah, I guess I didn't read the entire thing

So it is indeed as I thought, all they said is that it's a super scary new variant that makes old vaccines useless (as they always were) and therefore people should all take a new one, basically the same thing they did with every new BS variant

People do indeed just see what they want... and more over , they keep parroting this erroneous understating of what was said, and it just makes us all look stupid.

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The CDC thing was a bit vague

Do they mean that, as is the general perceived idea around here, vaccinated idiots are in more danger than unvaccinated? or that they are in more danger of this BS variant, in comparison to other BS variants?

Know what I mean?

Either way it's all BS

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Personally I find no reason to even have a "priest", "pastor" or whatever, the lord God is in all, you need no middleman.

At the same time of course I see no wrong in having a congregation, and taking advantage of that shared experience, and in such occasions/organizations you do need a leader, one who keeps everything centered and focused.

But whenever affectation is in play, and this guy it's an EXTREME case of affectation, then it's as big a red-flag you can possibly have imo.

A real man of God doesn't need that, because the word itself is enough to drive and impress, so they can just be themselves and talk/express normally.

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