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Which ethno-religion represents 4 out of 6 people on the right?

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One makes money for big pharma and one takes money away. Guess which is mandated and which will be banned?

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The Weimar Rothschild controlled bank

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He hated the private central banking cartel too

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They were citizens of Israel.

Q even says israel is the primary target.

Along with israeli families - Rothschild and Soros

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Dumping climate change is smart… but not realizing nuclear is the solution to “climate change” is the retarded part.

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Remind me who was dancing in the streets on 9/11 to document it?

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Retard Swedes… dumps climate agenda… and then proceeds to use the single most climate friendly energy (nuclear)

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Did all the child actor whistleblowers not tell you this 20 years ago? Mel Gibson not clear enough when he said “the blood of children”?

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Who controls the media?

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Great reset , 15 minute cities. It’s all the same plan every time

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And let’s be honest, those NPCs will happily die for their beliefs

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Yes but not the oligarchs who opposed creation of the fed

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And then every time there’s a MSM story contradicting the thing you said…. “thought you might find this story interesting 😏”

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Double plot twist: Orwell wrote the events of the future as a guide to the luciferians because he was one.

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Soros replaced family Y by ratting them out to nazis

Family Y is [unknown]

Ww2 was to “stop Hitler”

Hitler was a puppet

His handler was [unknown]

The real purpose of the war was to return Germany to a private central bank

GS was 14 years old

Soros family is Hungarian khazars

Since the fall of N Germany, a private central bank has been installed in Germany

A Merkel is the chancellor of Germany (at the time of this drop)

She is the daughter of Hitler

The oligarchs who were stopping the creation of the US federal reserve died on the titanic

Titanic sank 1912

It is relevant because it was one year before the formation of the federal reserve

Titanic was purposely sunk

The rich oligarchs were supposed to have a lifeboat

The oligarchs who opposed the federal reserve did not make it to the life boats

This is relevant because there was no one left to oppose the formation of the federal reserve

We know who was on the lifeboats by those who survived

We identified bodies with dental records

The tickets were purchased in 1911.

Benjamin Guggenheim, Isa Strauss (actual name Isidor Straus), and John Jacob Astor were invited.

The FED is the private central bank of the United states - the federal reserve

The fed controls the US money supply.

The fed is controlled by the private central banking families (Rothschild, Warburg, etc).

President Woodrow Wilson approved the formation of the fed.

Titanic is depicted as a love story to prevent critical thinking about the conspiracy and to make the rich oligarch the bad man.

Oligarch Caledon "Cal" Hockley survives in the movie.

It’s relevant because the oligarchs died in real life.

Brainwashing is making people believe something that isn’t true.

A psyop is an intel operation designed to brainwash people.

Hindenburg crashed in an accident.

The Hindenburg was actually crashed on purpose.

The 36 who died is public record.

Unknown relevance

Sheep are animals (and humans) that follow the narrative

The private central banking families control the narrative

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Jesus whipped jews defiling the temple. Righteous anger against satan is the same as loving thy neighbour.

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