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"Hope that happens to me someday" - Odd thing to say for someone that is supposedly the rightful president, and is supposedly considering running in 2024.

Is he preparing the way for a mock assassination?

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I kinda feel the same way, though I do not hate normies. I do wish that they get what they deserve, though. But they will eventually I'm sure. Maybe try to just not care about normies, and try not to actively or passively hate them, that is unnecessary.

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I have extremely low expectations from normies.

This intrigues me. Yesterday evening I had a little bit of a breakdown because of the realisation 'Normies and me are separated in understanding by a canyon so vast it seems that it can never be crossed'. The most basic things are not understood by normies, and if you can get them to understand one little thing, it can be fully gone the next day. It's mind-boggling, exhausting and quite a slap in the face sometimes. I can get very sad and disappointed by this.

I was wondering what might be the thing that causes this. Is this gap caused by an enormous difference in intelligence? That doesn't seem to be the case, because there are many intelligent normies, and also, 100 years ago people were much more able to understand even basic truths. Hell, even 10 years ago people were more able. So I started wondering: might it be that some people like you and me have a 'gene' that makes us to a degree immune to mind control, that makes us see through the Matrix?

That would mean that if the mind control / The Matrix would be abolished/neutralized, the normies would have access to their critical thinking again. See it like this: we're all monkeys, and some monkeys have a gene that makes them immune to AIDS. When AIDS is released into the population that would make the gap between the AIDS-monkeys and the non-AIDS-monkeys enormous. But when the monkeys receive medicine or AIDS is eradicated from the population in another way, there is not much difference between the monkeys.

This could be the case. I don't know. I just hope the normies will recover, it drags me down this shit.

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Thank you for this comment and taking this seriously. It does me good. I was getting a lot of ignorant hate.

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I know you cannot ignore the divine law and not face consequences. My interpretation of divine law is just different from yours. Now, I may be WRONG in my interpretation, but I do understand, live and breathe what you're saying right now.

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Hi again, I missed this reply at the time.

the condition of being so enamored of one's own intellectual construct that you begin actually thinking that it's reality.

This is certainly something that I have tended to in the past. So it's nice to be confronted with it.

Just about every single line you have written in the last 3 comments and OP scream "I'm inordinately convinced that I see everything clearly and my own perception is virtually without flaw".

This is demonstrably false. These are taken straight from the OP:

This is all speculation and nobody has to agree with me. Just thinking.

Maybe none of this is true, but maybe it has some value to someone out there.

These are taken from the last 3 comments:

I don't say this will be the way, but it could very well be.

Maybe you're right, and my scenario would be in violation of natural law.

I am certainly aware of my own fallibility. Then again, it is true I like to state my views in a way that sounds a little too sure of myself than I actually am. That's why I include the possibility that I'm wrong, manually.


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How I read this: Trump will tweet the long awaited tweet, and will then be assassinated on a Friday (see my theory here) :( . Then we the people will rise up.

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I have seen/heard/read some other ones, and I tend to believe they are less accurate/relevant. At least for the narrative I'm discovering.

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I was referring to another one my fren. The Prophecy of the Two Presidents. It's shown and explained here: https://youtu.be/W3hPnxp6HlQ

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It is really happening now. Vaxx mandate resistance worldwide, Election fraud exposure, Red October, Durham is activated, Kim Clement prophecy where 'in the fall you will rise up'. Finally, finally.....

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Well, this seems exactly like the dogmatic and naive approach that would be taught in a standard Church. I'm sorry, fren, but you're a little rusty. Just like our society is much different than we thought and full of lies and wrong interpretations, our religions and spirituality are also in need of severe scrutiny and research.

It's a good thing not to believe in the "false light" and to identify it. What's not a good thing is the damning of everything that is different from the literal or dogmatic interpretation of the Bible and calling it false light.

This awakening is about understanding. Everyone's narrative on this website is a little different, as you may have noticed. But we are bound together by a nameless, faceless understanding that unites us all. Your comment is just knowledge of a mainstream Bible interpretation, and doesn't show much understanding of it. Keep looking.

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Good luck living by never breaking the rules, and never doing anything that is also a little evil. Perfect goodness and perfect evil do not exist, every deed/person/thought is a mixture of the two. Of course we should all try to make this mixture as good as possible, say 99 % good 1 % evil or something like that. This is very hard to do, and most people are nowhere near that.

violating natural or heavenly law

I agree with you on this, we cannot violate heavenly law. But this law is not written in stone, nor is it written down in anything. Jesus said his laws could be seen in the trees, the birds, the heavens, the waters, etc. Natural law is a very complex thing and can be cruel or tragic sometimes. Sometimes you have to lure people a little bit, sometimes you have to lie a little bit to make a good thing happen. Hell, even writing my thoughts down is already a little bit lying, because the nature of language cannot reflect my thoughts 100 %.

Maybe you're right, and my scenario would be in violation of natural law. But I am not so sure about that. Truth is we don't know. Don't underestimate the difficulty and complexity.

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Also: I think the ‘Eternal Life’ is just the knowledge that our souls reincarnate, we stop forgetting our past lives etc. So it’s not like out bodies will live forever or something.

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We have entered the realm of the Biblical Revelations. It might also be called Great Awakening or harvest. The Earths is moving from a 3rd density environment to a 4th density environment. These densities are different densities of vibrations, and correspond to spiritual progress. The 4th density is about the learning of love or compassion, where the 3rd density is about learning to distinguish good (service to others) and evil (service to self). Research The Law of One if you want to know more about this. The ‘harvest’ is all about harvesting the 3rd density souls that are ready to ascend to 4th density. ‘To die in Christ’ in the words of the Bible. Right now, there are alteady 4th density souls in incarnation, that will build the new Earth. These are the Christians that will be raptured, and their bodies will be changed to fit the new environmental vibratory patterns (Kingdom of Heaven). Revelations also speaks about Christians that will die, but they will receive a NEW body and be blessed with eternal life and live with Christ in the Kingdom of Heaven. Christ is a metaphor for Love/Compassion. I think Jesus used himself as a symbol for love/compassion, and he prophesied that the 4th density vibratory patterns (Christ) would come back and would reign over the Kingdom of Heaven. The soul that is Jesus is not coming back, but our planetary sphere is entering a realm where are humans are becoming LIKE Jesus. This means that souls that haven’t adequately learnt 3rd density lessons (Knowledge/Distinction of Good and Evil) will have to perish in these End Times, and continue to learn 3rd density lessons on another planet, which is not Earth.

I think the people that for some reason can see through the bullshit no matter their IQ, are those ‘Christians’ (which historically just means ‘the good people’), are those souls that are alteady 4th density and those will be ‘raptured’ and build the new Earth. Interesting times.

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That it would be unconstitutional might be true, I did not think about that. Maybe that is a deal breaker.

But when you're in a war, and you can win the war by killing one of your own, instead of losing the whole war, isn't that worth it? Even if it is unconstitutional. You can't always play by the rules. Makes me think of this scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wtpOtFIEkbs&ab_channel=TheDudeAbides

Well, if the White Hats have decided to do this, it would have to be hidden from the public at least, because many people here seem to react very emotionally.

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So it would be a White Hat operation, everyone will assume it's the Cabal anyway.

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Yes, I feel it will have to take a hugely emotional event. The DS knows this trick indeed, rember the BLM riots that got triggered by a hugely emotional event for leftists and blacks? Yes, George Floyd's death.

Now, I don't think George Floyd is a hero, but I do think a hugely emotional event is necessary to find the will to change. That is just a rule of life, I see it in my own life. Nobody will make big changes unless they're on the precipice, a situation that is highly emotional. We need to muster up some ancient force from the depths of our beings, we need our whole selves to take back control. This ain't a playground. I feel like a Trump assassination would be properly suited for this end.

Remember, the future of Earth is at stake, and the plan is made by military guys. They know sacrifice is necessary sometimes. Q has said many things, but must not be taken literally. Disinformation is necessary, and the meaning of Q-posts is often hidden and multi-layered. We'll see what happens.

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That's why it could be a White Hat operation, and they would make it look like it was the Cabal..... Many Patriots can't even imagine that people other than the Cabal could do this so they won't even investigate. It could be a smart move. For great rewards, great sacrifices have to be made.

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White hats have been using black hat methodology for years, like symbolic comms via media, staging deaths (JFK Jr), False flag like events to scare the DS.... To defeat the darkness you have to embrace the darkness in yourself. What's necessary is necessary bud.

I don't say this will be the way, but it could very well be.

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