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I want to see it with the break lights on…

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The ocean breeze of Guantanamo feels good, man.

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I’m really blown away by the general population’s propagation of the propaganda. The numbers that have been available since the beginning, both in regards to “covid” and the vaccine, have shown nothing but the truth yet they continue to consume the lies. And I’m talking about Trump supporters and people I know who believe there is a plan. I ask them why they believe this narrative when they saw firsthand how they lied and lied about Trump. The majority say it’s because they “had covid” so they know it’s real. I think it’s a placebo effect from watching and listening to the media they think they are immune to.

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What was the time difference between McCain’s death and the Q post? Could use that to determine where 6 years is from Q’s perspective…

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So, supply change doesn’t have an about section, but their address (at the bottom of the page) is in DC which is an address for this: https://www.forest-trends.org/team

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I train cadaver dogs. Those dogs are hitting on something other than the cold/flu (or just randomly sitting because they’ve learned if they sit, they get rewarded). Even if they somehow isolated the scent of covid, the dogs would still indicate in the same areas even after they “sanitize” because the scent would still be present. You can bleach a murder scene, but my dogs are still going to hit on it over a week later. Hell, a deputy came to my house after just standing near a dead body to see if my dogs would still indicate from residual scent alone. He even changed clothes, but because the scent was still on his skin and hair, it didn’t matter that he was wearing clothes that were never at the crime scene.

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Wow! That sounds nice and productive if you’re a sheep not paying attention.

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You are correct. It was only Clarence and Alito who commented on their dissent. I read through too quickly (ie. got lazy and skipped around looking for keywords). Thank you for clarifying!

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Me too. However, they still allowed the mandate for healthcare workers. Only Clarence and Alito dissented.

Edit: I can’t read. Comments below correct my dumb ass.

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It was people who don’t normally pay attention suddenly paying attention and then believing what they’re seeing is abnormal rather than just the normal routine. Try looking at a movie theater schedule for the weekend two or three weeks from now, you’ll see only 1 (maybe 2) movies available. Chain theaters release the full schedule for each weekend mid-week.

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