There was an anti-parasitic that starts with a P that showed promise in treating certain types of cancer, but the name escapes me.

I'm hoping one of you glorious bastards has the name. Thank you so much in advance.

Apologies if this has been discussed before, but this dark winter business... what if the vaccine offers protection against a dangerous variant they've got ready to go?

That would fuck us right up! The jabbed would easily act as incubators and spreaders, wouldn't they?


I have been around someone who has covid for going on three weeks now. She is 58 and diabetic type 2. She had been sick for 15 days, (basically slept or laid in the same spot the whole time except bathroom and a few other things) and finally decided to take some of my Ivermectin and Quercetin (she already takes zinc and vit D among other various vitamins).

She was up walking around the next day and improved for the following 5 days. Now she is back to normal.

I am not vaccinated, I didn't wear a mask, and I did not try to distance myself from her. In fact, I was kinda trying to get infected (took zero precautions, did not try to avoid or limit exposure). Still am not infected, or at least I have no symptoms. I wouldn't know, I refuse to get tested.

I feel healthy as a horse, pun certainly intended you bet your biscuits!

It is my belief that Ivermectin indeed works as both a cure and a prophylactic.


I have a couple of them, one is type 1 and the other is type 2.

Any experience out there?


Took a dose yesterday, and one today. From there, I plan on hitting every friday after work so any intenstinal distress will occur over the weekend when I am free to deal with it.

To all the normies who ask if I'm afraid of adverse reactions from taking a horse med, the answer is "Neigh, for I am a horse of course, of course!" Lol


In a world of darkness, a world where every light only illuminates itself an infinitesimally small portion therein, nothing is more divine than to allow yourself to be the vessel through which the light does shine.

Just because we were one, and small, did not mean our light was unimportant and therefore pointless. Indeed, it made that light that much more important and valuable.

Consider this: where we go one, we go all. If we go as the light, then a bunch of small lights will be made one across the world and will illuminate every previously darkened crack and crevice of this land, and indeed, all lands.

To all the ignorant masses, the sheep who do sleep soundly, this is what it means when we say where we go one, we go all.


Wondering how difficult it would be to implement a friend list feature and if it would be beneficial or detrimental.

What do you guys think?



Lol. Do a translate, you'll at least chortle